Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

With the new year I have lots to be thankful for...

1. My wonderful new husband. I know marriage is tough, I recognize that I am not really a marriage kind of gal (a little to independent I guess), but M gets it and gives me lots of space when I need it and lots of support when I need that.

2. My family. Everyone is healthy and safe, even if some of them aren't making the best decisions (or at least not dealing with them in the most appropriate way), they are working through things and are happy with their choices.

3. My new extended family. M's family has welcomed me in with open arms. Despite the fact that M's ex tried to sabotage things in the beginning (yes, tried to turn his family against him and me very early on in our relationship).

4. My health issues are serious, but manageable, and not as serious as we first thought. That really is something to be thankful for. I will take the 12 pills a day over what the alternative would have been.

I have several things that need to be meditated over (or prayed over if that is what you go in for)...

1. My B-I-L M3 is in Iraq. This is his third tour. The first two he came home with only minor injuries (of his own doing because he can be stupid, come on he's a boy). Even though I am not his biggest fan, I do want him to come home safe.

2. B and her issues. I need to disengage from the situation for my sanity. But I do hope for her's she is able to work through her issues and that her mom will help her.

I also have several goals I plan on working toward in the new year...

1. Cut our credit debt by 1/4
2. Better utilize my time
3. Read more
4. Learn to knit with more than one stitch
5. Spend more time with friends and family
6. Spend more time in the gym
7. Audition for at least one show
8. Take more pictures
9. Redesign my garden yard
10. Make our honeymoon trip to Italy happen (this is a biggie and may hamper #1)

What are you thankful for in 2008? What are your goals?

Not enough hours...

in the day to get everything done. I just realized it has been a month since I have last posted something, I haven't been keeping up with the majority of the wonderful blogs I have discovered (this is mainly because the school server has decided to block my blogroll so I can't see the blogs). So much has been going on.

The holidays have been pretty eventful around here. M and I hosted Christmas Eve dinner for his sister's family (who just relocated to CA from OR), and my family, plus we had both B and L with us this year. So, with a full house M decided he wanted to smoke a turkey (and I forgot to take pictures). I was a bit worried, something about cooking a piece of meat for 14 hours makes me nervous. IT TURNED OUT WONDERFUL!!!!!!

M's mom arrived the day after Christmas and will stay with use until 1/3. L was with us until yesterday, when she flew back to UT. B was with us until 12/29. I won't go into detail, but things aren't getting any better with B, in fact things hit an all time low during the visit. I really wish I would start to see some improvement in her relationship with M, but because of me I don't think that will ever happen. Not that I am doing anything to prevent it, I just exist and that is enough to make her so mad she lets it effect her relationship with her dad. It is very sad and made worse because her mom likes it this way. As long as B is mad at her dad, mom gets her way.

My health issues haven't improved, but I am on a ton of meds which are supposed to help. I go back in 3 months to check and see if anything has improved. I can only hope.

Now it's back to work, I have tons to do before I can even think about getting ready to go out tonight.

Have a wonderful New Year's Eve whatever your celebrations will include. Be safe! I know we will.

Friday, November 30, 2007

oh my goodness...

way too much going on.

1. Painting the great room. The room is huge and I am doing most of the work by myself. I am almost half way done. When we bought the house the first thing we wanted to do was paint but ended up in escrow hell and had to move super fast. Now, 6 months later I'm finally getting the chance to get it down. We are going from blue and pink (yuck!) to a couple really nice shades of brown. I'll post pictures as soon as it's done.

2. Decorating. I need to get it done and want it done this weekend. Enough said.

3. Medical mumbo jumbo. I have to have a medical test done on Monday. I have been having some gastrointestinal problems and the doctor wants to figure out exectly what is going on. I won't go into all the completely disgusting details, lets just say that doctor's are gross.

4. Christmas Shopping. I managed to get most of it finished. Got to love Black Friday. I finish that day every year.

5. New York. I leave for the Big Apple on Tuesday. I am very excited about the trip although a little nervous about the flight (see item 3). What is even better, the stage hand strike is over, which means the shows are running again!

6. Auditions. I was supposed to go on an audition on Sunday night. This plan has been derailed by item 3. The prep for the procedure begins Sunday afternoon. I am keeping my options open and will see how I feel at that time, but it's not looking good.

So that is my life in a nutshell. Now it's back to painting.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I survived!

It's over, done, finished, and best of all is survived and I'm not sick!

The show went off wonderfully. The audience really enjoyed the production and the kids were amazing. As wonderful as it all was I have one incident that has tainted the experience and has made it very difficult for me to ever cast a particular kid again.

Evidently there was a mild verbal altercation between him and two of the girls in the cast as they came back to the school for their call time. They started out making some slightly racial jokes back and forth (I don't really get that) and then all of a sudden he just flipped out on them. From the accounts I have heard he was participating in the joking, it wasn't like they started to include him and he was immediately offended.

They bickered back and forth for two hours and let it come to a head 2 minuted before the show was supposed to start. Literally, I was talking with audience memebers and my stage manager comes running up to me and says that I am needed immediately backstage. On the way he told me what was going on. I laid into the kids first about how this was stupid, that they had a show to do and they needed to get over it and give the audience what they came for, a great performance. Then I started calming them down. I was angry first because they needed to understand the gravity of the situation and what they were doing. This was on Friday.

Come Saturday I thought everything was fine when during intermission the SM cames to me again with a paniced look, it was starting again, only this time it was pretty much just the boy. He was getting in people's faces again and he shoved one of the freshmen girls (yes, we refer to them as a collective). I went back stage and just walked from group to group and told them the exact same thing, I didn't want to hear their side, that nobody was to be getting into anybodies face, that they needed to suck it up and get through the next hour and after that I didn't care if they ever talked to each other again.

After the show I talked with my AP who came to the performance and told her what was going on. After the Thanksgiving holiday she wants to talk to the girls who where involved and then she will meet with the boy. We are all concerned that it might escalate from him shoving someone into him actually hitting someone. And they are backstage by themselves, I may have to station a parent backstage from this point on.

This kid has pretty much sealed with fate for future productions. He is pretty much "drama" in every production he does (and not in the good way). I would rather not work with him and have a good experience then have kids quit the program because he makes them miserable and they can't work with him.

ARGH! The joy of working with teenagers.

Next on the school schedule: The Silly Project. My advanced students are creating a performance piece for the new Mentally Handicapped (MH) program kids. There are 11 MH kids now on our campus. The project is based on a project we watched a documentary about (Yellow Brick Road). We are going to get these kids on stage and see what they can do. We will be inviting a couple of classes , parents, administration and people from the district. It should prove to be a whole bunch of fun.

On the Home schedule: The rest of the day is devoted to recovering my house. It has just gone all bad with me being at school so much and M has actually had the nerve to tell me I have a lot of stuff to put away. I told him I knew and called him Mr. Obvious. So, while he is working today, I'm cleaning, doing laundry and looking for all the holiday stuff in preparation for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Now, it's time to get some work done.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

change of service...

that's what I'm considering. I am developing a complete disdain for blogger. I'm not happy with an incident that occurred when I changed to a gmail account. Google automatically made that account my user name, I don't want that account linked to this blog at all. There are just some things I like to keep in separate areas of my life.

I know that sounds silly, but it's the way I like it.

So, what I would like to ask...those of you who use other blog services, what do you like? What would you recommend? Is there a service where I could just transfer my current blog content over? Or is it just gone forever?

Thanks a bunch!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


That's what I'm doing, drowning. I have come to the conclusion that I will never catch up, I will never be prepared and I will NOT feel like I am being successful this year.

I have 4 preps (for those of you who don't teach, that means I teach for different classes), one I haven't had to teach in at least 10 years. I have a student teacher, which actually makes things harder. Everyone keeps saying "but you have a student teacher to help". What they don't understand is that the word "STUDENT" means they don't know what they are doing yet. They are just that, a student and are learning and do need my attention from time to time. (I'm still trying to figure out why they would give the likes of me a student teacher).

I really feel like this might end up being the last year I teach. I am just not liking the feelings of "I suck", "I don't know what I'm doing", "I don't have any support" and the mentality that I can handle everything. I used to be able to do that, but somewhere along the line I have lost that ability. I can no longer handle it all! I'm just not that good anymore.

I am so busy I can't even find the time to get into the gym, hell, I can't find the time to work out in my living room. I try, but in the last two days I have developed a nasty cough, can't do anything even mildly related to working out when I have a coughing fit every two minutes.

So, with all that said and feeling like I truly do suck eggs in the job I used to love...I am off to get ready to head to school and have another low self-esteem filled day.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Ay me!

I live in amazment each year at how incredibly busy I am during the school year. I am smack in the middle of rehearsal for Midsummer, have a one-act opening next week, need to decide what the kids are doing second quarter and need to get my tech kids building platforms and stairs like crazy. (M has been trying to talk me into a truck for months, today I wish he had succeeded, I need to buy lumber!)

It's breast cancer awarness month! Are you aware? Some of you may remember my brief adventure with dying my hair pink for the Avon walk? Well guess what! I'm going to be pink for the entire month of October. It's been almost two weeks, I love it and never want to go back. The color is "hot hot pink" by Manic Panic. It ROCKS!!!!! (Even if it does look a bit like Lacey from Rock of Love) And in case your interested, I signed up for the walk again next year! Let the fundraising begin!!!!

M is spending most of the month in Vegas working on various shows. It's very strange to only be married 3 months and have him leave town for so long. Although, I have discovered that being married really doesn't suit my attitude. I have been pretty gumpy lately. I absolutely LOVE M. There is something about being married that just sets me off. So, we have decided that I will just pretend that we aren't married and things haven't changed that dramatically and see if my attitude gets adjusted to one we both like better.

A word on procrastination...I'm the queen! As I talk about the length of my to-do lists I sit and write a blog that nobody will read or care about, but it makes me feel better. I should be grading the bazillion papers that are on my desk waiting to be graded and returned, only I don't feel like it. I'm tired and I just don't want to do it. I guess I could grade a few and then go home and sit on the sofa and procrastinate on the stuff that needs to be done there...

Monday, September 24, 2007

theatre in review

This weekend was fab. I got to see lots of theatre, during the school year 2 plays in a weekend is a lot!

So, here's what I saw...

Saturday night M took me on a hot date to the Gala Opening of the Camino Real Playhouse's production of

It was a really fun time. Riff Raff was amazing. If you haven't had the opportunity to see the live stage version of this cult movie classic...then get off your duff and get to the theatre. It really is a lot of fun.

Then on Sunday we had tickets to

while the show was enjoyable, it just lacked the spark that live performance usually has. I am hopeful that it was because it was closing night and not that it had been a bad run.

Upcoming shows on my social calendar include...

We also have tickets to Spamalot, but I couldn't find a good graphic.

I love theatre!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

remembering what it is all about...

After a 9 1/2 year battle with breast cancer a dear friend has passed. It is so very sad, we got the email on Monday. D was only 44. She is just one of the many, many reasons I am so commited to the breast cancer cause.

She and her husband, K, where the perfect couple. He even went as far as selling his share in the company he helped start when they were told they should get their affairs in order because treatment wasn't working. He wanted to spend all the time he could with D. They were fun, enjoyed not only each others company but brought so many people into that loving circle.

D offered me so much hope and support when my mom was diagnosed and going through treatment. At that point D had finished her second fight with cancer. She remained strong through all three of battles.

This last time the doctors had discovered cancer in her chest cavity. She had gone in when she just didn't feel right after one of her workouts (she was a tri-athelet). She never gave up, even when they told her treatment wasn't working. She continued treatment until it was just making her too sick to enjoy her life. At that point she decided to stop treatment and have a quality of life with her husband and two children (the youngest is a junior in college). They took wonderful trips and really enjoyed each other while they had the time.

The last time I saw D was in June at a wedding. She looked great and we talked about seeing each other at my wedding and her wanting to meet my mom because she knew her story. They missed the wedding because D wasn't doing well. I never got a chance to visit with her again.

I am sad that I didn't get to know her better. I am glad I had the opportunity to get to know her as well as I did. She really is an inspiration for me, to remember to not give up no matter how bad it gets, to love those around me with my full heart and let those people know I love them.

I guess the point I really want to get across is let those you love know that you love them. Love them like there is no tomorrow, because there might not be.

Please keep K and the kids in your thoughts and prayers as they say formal goodbyes at the funeral tomorrow. Pray that they remember the good times and put the bad behind them.

And to you, my bloggy friends, I love you and send you all good thoughts and wishes.

Saturday, September 08, 2007


Have you ever noticed that organic, free-range eggs are almost three times more expensive than regular eggs? Why is that?

It is so bad that I have actually stopped buying them unless I am at the farmer's market.

I have noticed that everything organic is more expensive. I would really like to go completely organic and natural, but with it almost tripling the cost of groceries I just can't do it. Even if I really want to. How sad is that?

Friday, August 31, 2007

one week down...

We're back, we're chugging along and all is going well. So far I am loving my students, then again it's only been two days.

My classes are not so big (pretty sad when you consider under 40 not so big). I have a really big Theatre 1 class and 22 in Advanced Theatre. That is the biggest that class has been since I came to this school 4 years ago. I guess the program is growing a bit.

I have picked up a new class with the ROP program. I am teaching Theatre Tech. It is going to be so much fun.

Productions lined up so far include A Midsummer Night's Dream for the school's fall production.
Then in my Advanced class the kids will be directing one-acts while I direct The Suessifcation of Romeo and Juliet with the. That will be my modeling show for how to direct a play. After that there has been a request for a murder mystery play by the advanced students.

And here is the big news...I told the VD that I won't be working on the musical this year. I am done working with him (I didn't tell him that part). I told him it was just too much stress and I want to take care of my health this year. He seemed to understand, didn't seem upset and said he doesn't know if he's going to do one or not. Should be interesting. The Drama kids have started telling me that if I'm not doing it, they aren't doing it. I will be directing a spring play instead.

My new lighting and sound system come in starting next week. I am so excited I can hardly contain myself. Imagine doing a play with real audio, cool lighting and all kinds of fun stuff. The kids are walking on air about this.

This is going to be an awesome year. One full of positive thinking and postive happenings. I REFUSE to let anything get me down this year. I know I said that last year and actually did pretty well until we hit the musical. This year there is nothing standing in my way.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Although I have lived in California my entire life and my family camped for our vacations while growing up I had NEVER been to Yosemite. In fact, I'm note sure I had ever been mountain camping. We usually camped near water, lakes, rivers, beach, that type of stuff.

M on the other hand grew up going to Yosemite. It's his favorite place to go. So, that is where we spent our first vacation as a married couple.

If you have never been, get online and book a trip! It is a most amazing place.

This is the first view you get of Half Dome as you start to enter the valley. You can actually hike to the top of it. We didn't. Niether one of us is in that kind of shape. But I plan on doing it before it die. Apparently it's only 16 miles round trip, the problem comes into the nature of the trip. It's up hill, or mountain I should say, and the last bit, in which you actually climb the dome is done with pull ropes. We talked to people who did it and it sounds SO cool. That is my next big goal.

Bridalvail falls. We actually climbed in to this area. There is a vista point and from there you can climb boulders to get closer to the falls. I am so glad I did that. It was beautiful. I didn't go as far as M and the kids did. I'm a wimp like that. I had never been bouldering before. M was just happy I did it.

I got to see a bear! This was the best! There were only a couple of things I really wanted to do in Yosemite and one of them was to raft the river. Well, the river was down by the time we went so the rafting was closed. Getting to see a bear completely made up for that. She was in an apple tree in the Curry Village parking lot. Apparently she had been hanging out there all day. I watched her for about an hour. And took tons of pictures. I won't bore you will all of them. Just the one. (Unless you want more, I would be more than happy to share) I was probably only 30-40 feet away from her. The rangers did a good job keeping people a safe distance away while letting us get close enough to get some good pictures and really enjoy the actual wildlife in the park.

I also saw lots of deer and tons and tons fo squirels.

Our closest encounter with wildlife happened our second night in the park. M and I were in our cabin, M had been up late reading the final Harry Potter book. It was hot so we had left the door open until about 12:30. After M finally went to bed, door shut and everything, we hear this scratching noise. I sit up bolt straight in bed, he jumps up and turns on the light, the noise stops. Neither one of us has any idea what it might be. We did know that squirels had been trying to enter our cabin during the day when we were in there with the door open. We thought maybe one got stuck, but couldn't find it.

We turn off the light and try to go back to sleep. A few minutes later we hear the scratching again. Same thing, he turns on the light, I sit up and the noise stops. By this point I say "I'm scared" and he replys with "So am I". (that's my big strong man for you)

We turn off the light and I stay sitting up. I'm going to figure out what this monster that is stalking us really is. I listen intently, finally the scratching starts again. He turns on the light, I carefully get out of bed as to not upset the thing that seems to be scratching in the trashcan. I slowly move the can by the door, poke it with my shoe and look around like the thing could have gotten out of the can without me seeing it.

I wander around the room for a few minutes. Then take the bag out of the can, maybe the monster will be traped in the bag. I open the door to put it outside, bears be damned I wasn't walking to a trashcan with a monster in my hand, when I catch a glint in the can itself. I look closer and find a little, bitty field mouse. Some how this little guy had gotten in the trashcan, under the bag and was stuck. I put the can outside the door, tipped it over and the little guy ran for his life.

Man, we felt pretty silly about it the next day. But damn it, It could have been a bear in the cabin! Well, it could have been!

Monday, August 06, 2007

just a vent...

The weekend of my wedding I found out that my dad and his wife are splitting up. Actually I didn't find out the weekend of the wedding, I actually found out a few days after. But it all really came down right before the wedding.

My dad hasn't actually talked to me about it. My sister's husband told me what was going on. Apparently my dad has engaged in a bit of an indiscretion, to put it nicely. Pretty much the same thing he did before he left my mom. C (his wife) has told him he has to be the one to tell me and my sisters and apparently I am the only one he hasn't talked to.

He called me today to try to set up a time to come and talk to me and M about what is going on. He knows that I know bits and pieces, but not the whole story.

I am avoiding the call back for the time being. I just don't know what to say to him. I really like C and plan on keeping her in my life. In fact I like her much more than I like my dad, especially after this stunt. I know that people make mistakes, that they screw up, they make poor choices, I've done it. But to continue down the same path again and again, it just doesn't make sense.

Friday, August 03, 2007

coming to an end...

Summer is quickly coming to an end. I can't believe I go back to school in just a few weeks. I am so not ready (am I ever?).

There is so much I want to get done before that first staff day but don't think it's going to happen. This summer has just been crazy busy. With the wedding, Yosemite (pictures to come later), a trip to Oregon in a couple of weeks and then on to Colorado to see my new niece.

Thank you to those of you who wished me luck on the auditions. I ended up not going. I decided that I was just too busy. Not to metion none of the shows sounded like much fun to me. I will continue to watch the audition notices for something that sounds like fun and tackle that later.

Saturday, July 28, 2007


I am thinking about auditioning for a series of one-act plays today at a local theatre. I had considered the possibility months ago when they first sent out the notice, without dates. Then the final notice was emailed and I was to be out of town, in Yosemite (more on the trip later), so I didn't even think about it again. Then Thursday when I arrived home I found another email from the theatre that they were having a round 2 of auditions. Today.

I have downloaded sides, I have read the play descriptions and still can't decided if any of them look worth my time. They are all original plays, but they also all sound dumb, with the exception of one or two.

So, with my mind not totally made up I may be heading to an audition in about 4 hours. Wish me "break a leg."

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Picture Time!

Here they are...Pictures from the wedding day.

The car was completely jammed full of stuff for the wedding. M drives an Acura, so it was a challenge to get everything from Anaheim to Temecula. But with his master packing skills we were able to do it.

Because we where having a wedding at winery we decided that the centerpieces needed to be simple, in fact the tables are the only things we decorated. We pretty much let the winery shine.
Here M is filling the wine bottles that we used as vases.

I'm putting the Gerbera Daisies into the bottles with a little bit of greenery.

We were very lucky that the winery owner was willing to give me empties every time I went to the winery, otherwise I would have had to drink 30 bottles of wine to get enough for the tables and the bars.
It's hard to see but the lables on the bottles look like they are actual wine lables, they have our names and the date where the wine type and vintage would be. We scaned a Longshadow lable and then taylored it to our wedding. They turned out really well. In fact the owner kept several to put in the tasting room with flowers in them. I can't wait to go the winery and see them.

The main winery sign, this is where people entered the lawn area.

The location looked just perfect.
We didn't do a traditional wedding ceremony. Instead of having an aisle we just had everyone gather around for the ceremony. It was nice to be surrounded by family and friends instead of feeling like we were on stage.
We didn't have any attendants, but M's girls happened to pick dresses that were very similar to each other, and with the flowers we gave them, they looked like Jr. Bridesmaids.
The lady we found to officiate the ceremony was wonderful. If you are in this area looking for someone to do a wedding I would totally recommend her. She does weddings because she loves being a part of the happiest day of people's lives.

A good friend of ours took this picture while the photographer was doing pictures, I love it. Even if it is a little blurry.
The cupcakes were a hit. Frosted in Long Beach/Belmont Shores did an amazing job. Red Velvet cake with cream cheese iceing. How can you beat that.
This was taken near the end of the night, I had a mouth full of cake and they didn't let me swallow before snapping the shot.

So, there you have it. Our wedding in a nutshell. When I get the CD from the photographer I'll post some more.
The owner of the winery actually told us that this was one of his favorite weddings done at the winery, because we kept it so simple. We didn't try to go over the top with stuff and used the beauty of the winery to our advantage.
It was just amazing.

Monday, July 16, 2007

It's Official!

I'M MARRIED!!!! We are both so happy (it's almost disgusting). I will post pictures tomorrow, we just got home and now I need to change and head out to Disneyland to meet family. I would really rather stay home, open gifts and hang out, but you know how it is when family comes in from out of town.

Let me just tell you this much about the was perfect. Absolutly nothing went wrong and everyone had a great time.

Thank you for the well wishes and happy thoughts.

Friday, July 13, 2007

final countdown...

The next time you hear from me I will be a married woman. We leave tomorrow morning at 7:00am for Temecula. We have to pick up the flowers from the wholesaler. I still have lots to do, M has already gone to bed. I spent the day shopping with my good friend, L, for her birthday. I should have stayed home and done my stuff, but I wanted to see L and I was making myself crazy trying to get everything done. Now I have the quiet of everyone either gone or sleeping to finish.

My biggest stress right now is forgetting something that should go. Followed very closely with how am I going to wear my hair and will I gain weight in the next two days and not be able to fit in my dress. Because let me tell you, it is SNUG!

Anyway, off to check my list again and look for all my cute hairbobs that have never materialized since the move. I need to find 1, just 1, dragonfly bobbypin. I know I have one in the right color, I just can't find the darn thing.

Have a good one and make sure to send me happy thoughts at 6:30pm pst on Sunday.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

6 days...

Less than a week, here's the most recent "To Do" list...

1. Wine tags - they have been created and laminated. Now they just need to be cut out from the laminating stuff, punched and ribbon ties added. We bought this repositionable laminate that is supposed to fully set in 24 hours. As of hour 18 I could still pull the stuff apart. Which means when I cut them appart they won't be fully sealed. If I have to go buy the permanent stuff and redo them I am not going to be happy.

2. Programs - I am creating a program sheet. Just a one pager that tells everyone what time things are happening and gives a few directions. For example we aren't having a guest book, we are having a guest photo album, I may have mentioned this before. Anyway, I have people who will take their photo and then the guests will fill out a little message card which will go under their picture in the album. But if we don't give them the directions to do this we might miss someone.

3. Guest book - I have to mount the handmade paper on cardstock so it will hold up better when people write on it.

4. Wine lables- I still need to print these. The girl at Staples said that if we bought the giant sticker sheets she could copy onto them for us. When we went back to pick them up we were informed that we could not do that. So we took my jump drive and left, leaving the two other print jobs we had done sitting there unpaid for. (which means I have to have those done someplace else)

5. Accessories - I must decide on the jewles I will wear for the big event. I may post some pictures for opinions.

6. Hair - Decide if I am going to do my own or trust some strage person to do it the day of. I know this is something that should have been done months ago, but I really thought I could do my own up-d0. I have discovered I can't, I am up-do deficient. Any suggestions to this one?

7. Pack - I will be staying in Temecula for two days. Need to pack my clothes.

8. Organize Wedding Central - Our library is currently Wedding Central, I need to move it from there into the entry way and organize it for the trip down on Saturday.

9. Timeline - I need to finalize the timeline and get that out to everyone who needs it.

Okay, I think that is everything that needs to get done before I leave on Saturday morning. I have to be in Temecula to meet the wholesale florist who is coming in special for me to pick up my centerpiece flowers. We will then drop them off at the winery and I will assemble the centerpieces on Sunday after brunch. Other than my pamering that will happen that weekend, that is everything.

And if one more person from M's family asks me if I'm going to see Harry Potter with them I may have to slap someone. As much as I want to see the new movie I think I have some more important things going on. I can't believe that they have even had the nerve to ask.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

7 days...

There are 7 days until the wedding! I can't believe it, it has come up so fast. And what I really can't believe is that today it was spung on me that M's ex-wife (D) will be staying in Temecula as well. Because she wants to be there to get B ready for the wedding. Not that there won't be TONS of family there to take care of it. My theory, she wants to be there so she can screw things up for me and M. I could not believe what I was hearing when B made the comment on wanting to take her dress home so her mom could figure out how to do her hair. When asked how that was going to happen, we were told that her mom was going to be down there anyway and wanted to get her for a couple of hours. She wants to get her so she can get B all worked up and upset right before the wedding.


What's worse...M is going to let her get away with it. Because even if he tells her we don't want her anywhere near the wedding, she is going to fight to do it and he will give in to her, because he doesn't want to deal with her. It kills me.

I will never bond with this child because of her mother. Her mother doesn't want B to like me. She doesn't want B to get over the divorce, she wants to create a codependent disfunctional child. And there isn't anything I can do about and nothing M will do.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

what another post?

Okay, I just posted, but I couldn't let this one slip by.

I just read an article on the Simpson's movie promotion being done in conjunction with 7-11. It's actually really cute, several 7-11s have been made into Kwik-E-marts for the next month, selling things such as squishies and KrustyO's. Now, here is the cool part...7-11 decided not to sell Duff Beer (Homer's favorite) because the movie is rated PG-13.

The head of marketing felt that while yes they could sell it, but why. They decided to just promote the good clean fun of it.

I thought that was pretty cool. They could have sold tons of Duff Beer, but instead decided that they would rather not because of the effect on the younger audience they will be drawing in because of the Simpson's "stuff".

This struck me so hard, that they didn't put the money first, that I sent an email to 7-11 to commend them on the decision and I have decided that I will be buying squishies and KrustyO's for the next month (the duration of the promotion).

Pretty cool, huh?

when is it enough?

I live in a beautiful new home with M. I used to live in an adorable little townhouse, which I now rent to M's former roommate, R.

It was hard for me to move because I was very close to my neighbors. D and I shared a common wall between our units, we used to hang out in V&G's garage. We were all friends.

Now, R is in the townhouse. He has met D once. She had been to his house once to complain about the volume of the music. She has emailed me twice about the volume of the music. The first time M went over and talked to him, this time I sent an email to him asking him to keep it down. To his defense I also asked D for more information regarding level of the sound and the times that it is too loud. But it shoulds like it is pretty much all thetime.

Here is my dilema...when do I tell him he may have to move because of this issue. He has lived there for 2 months and I have gotten 2 complaints and the neighbor has gone over once.

M and I actually argue more about this than anything. He defends R in the not turning down the music until he is asked and I side with D on she shouldn't have to go over everytime it's too loud, he should remember at what level it was when the complaint came. Mark it on the dial for goodness sake!

I don't know what to do. When do I start looking for a new renter? How do I get it through to M that D is in the right by contacting me and she shouldn't have to go to R's house everytime it was loud. I used to play my music pretty loud and she never complained about me or to me.

Ah! The perils of being a landlord.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

kind of scarey...

Rising Seas Threaten to ...

A new study of the potential sand losses to North Carolina beaches reports that a 1-foot rise in sea level in the next 25 to 75 years (which is at the lower end of the range predicted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) would cause the coast to move inland by 2,000 to 10,000 feet and could cost an estimated $223 million in lost recreational value by 2080 to beach-goers in that state alone.

Predicting exactly how much beaches will shrink is impossible because beach erosion rates are highly variable, even between points that are only a few miles apart. The make-up of each beach's sand, the absence or presence of jetties and other man-made structures meant to retain sand, and offshore topography (which influences wave formation), all affect erosion rates. But even with all the uncertainty, scientists say the future of our beloved sandy havens doesn’t look good. “We have no way of predicting what sea level rise will do to erosion rates, except to say that they will increase,” said Duke University geologist Orrin Pilkey, who was not involved in the new study.

Forces of Erosion Hurricanes pose a particular threat to beaches because the floods of ocean water they can push onshore, called storm surge, can wash away large amounts of sand. Typically the sand returns to the beaches (so there’s plenty available to build that sandcastle or bury your dad). But if global warming intensifies hurricanes as some have predicted (either by increasing their frequency or the strength of individual storms), it may also impair beaches’ ability to recover. For North Carolina’s beaches, the report says, even if hurricanes strike with their current frequency and intensity, sea level rise will make the effects of the storms worse. Sea level rise is another ominous potential eroding force, at least for beaches that are highly developed. When seas rise, undeveloped beaches can simply shift further inland, but because roads, buildings and other man-made structures act as a barrier, the sand at developed beaches cannot migrate backward. Effectively, relentless waves will wear away the sand and these beaches will shrink until there’s simply no sand left for sunbathing or seaside strolls. “We create the [beach erosion] problem,” Pilkey said.

Frightening Forecast for Earth

In April, scientists laid out a troubling timeline of the planet's future.
In fact, Pilkey says, the building of jetties and sea walls may be doing the most damage for now, because while they preserve a small portion of the shoreline near the structure, they actually result in more coastal erosion further from the structure than would have occurred naturally. “I suspect that may be more important than sea level rise,” he told LiveScience, but that trend will eventually change later, with global warming’s forces surpassing the impact of sea walls and jetties. For West Coast U.S. beaches, erosion from sea level rise and storms is less of a threat than on the East Coast, because the "left" coastline tends to be higher and steeper, but that doesn’t mean beach-goers there are in the clear. One of the main sources of sand for these beaches is river transport, but dams built along western rivers block this sand, which causes the beaches to erode. More Crowded Beaches

With beaches slowly vanishing from the coasts, vacationers might have to find some other way to entertain themselves and soak up the sun in the summer in the coming decades. “I’m predicting that they [will take] fewer beach trips,” said lead author of the North Carolina study John Whitehead of Appalachian State University in North Carolina. The report was funded by the National Commission on Energy Policy, a bipartisan, non-profit group of energy experts. By surveying beach-goers, Whitehead found that people prefer wider beaches, which provide more room for throwing Frisbees and eating sandy sandwiches. By determining how far people will drive to these roomier beaches and calculating the cost of those drives, Whitehead estimated the millions of dollars that would be lost to vacationers. And for those for whom the allure of a vacation at the beach is simply irresistible, few options will be left, as the only beaches to survive would likely be the ones that are undeveloped now. “People would have more limited beach options,” sociologist Maureen Harrington of Griffith University in Australia said in an email interview. “[They] would have to go to beaches that are able to migrate, that are not urbanized ... so these beaches would be more crowded.”

(c) 1999-2007 Imaginova Corp. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wedding Checklist Update

I have been franticlly working on the wedding checklist that I posted a few days ago.

Here is the update...

1. Wine tags - I bought the paper and ribbon to make them. Now I just have to schedule the wine tag making party.

2. M&Ms - Ordered! M took care of this one for me. We still need to order the bowls from the rental company.

3. Guest book - I have the paper for this, I just need to cut it down to size and find pens that will write well on the handmade paper.

5. B and L's clothes - Haven't even thought about when to do this. Hopefully next week.

6. Flowers - I talked to a wholesale florist on Wednesday. I can get real flowers for the exact same price of the silks from them. The only problem is they aren't open on the weekend and I don't have anyplace to store them for 2 days. I am waiting for a phone call to let me know if I can pick them up on Saturday morning, while the owner is in the office working on the books. If I don't hear back tomorrow then I will call them.

7. Wine Lables - Still to need to touch up the wine lable and talk to the neighbor.

Now for things I forgot I still need to do...

8. Champagne - The winery doesn't make a champagne, but said we can bring in enough for a toast, 1 bottle per table. As a tribute to my mom's fiance who passed away last July (it will be exactly a year the day before the wedding) we are ordering his favorite champagne. We aren't going to say anything about it, we are just going to do it and people who knew him will know. I am hoping this doesn't upset my mom.

9. Wine bottles - I have 20 wine bottles that I have to soak and remove lables so I can put the centerpiece lables on.

10. Final count - I have to begin to call my guests to find out if they are coming to the wedding. I thought the online RSVP would be great! And in a way it has been. I can export the guest list and find out who is coming and who isn't. The problem seems to be that people are too freakin' lazy to get on their computers and do it. Then there are the people who are too dumb to figure out how and just email me (which is actually better than those who just tell us at really random times that they are either coming or not coming, we just tell them to go to the website and do the RSVP).

11. C-listers - We are now in the process of beginning to invite our C-listers. We have to pay for 100 people anyway, so we might as well invite those who really want to come. As long as we get closer to the 100 than we are right now I'll be happy.

As we get closer to the wedding I keep thinking of things I need to get done. And I leave to go camping for a week on Monday. I won't be able to get anything done during that week. So this weekend has to be super productive for me.

Wish me luck, because I know this list of 11 things isn't everything.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I don't run. Anybody will tell you that my moto is that if you see me running you might want to run the same way because danger is coming.

I belong to a weightloss site and several of the girls have been talking about the Couch to 5K plan. I looked it up just so I would know what in the world they were talking about. It actually sounded like something I could do. Because as much as I say I don't run, I like the idea of running. I like the idea of being one of those people down by the beach running. (I feel the same way about cycling).

So, with this new plan, and liking the idea of running, I went to the gym, got my butt on a treadmill and did the run/walk method for week one of the Couch to 5K plan. It wasn't bad. I did it, I didn't have to stop running during any of the 60 sec segments. I think I might actually be able to stick with this one.

Now, the negative ankles hurt. Not like they have been injured, but like they are asking what the hell they did to me to be punished like that.

I don't plan on giving up. Who knows, I might actually run a 5K sometime.

Monday, June 18, 2007

so much, so little

I have a "To Do" list a mile long and less than a month to get it done. Yes, I'm talking about wedding planning. Everything is coming together, slowly but surely, and with a little bite to the pocketbook.

I keep hearing about people having to take out seconds on their homes to pay for weddings. I can not imagine doing that. I am freaking out at going over my $8000 budget because he ended up having to pay for a photographer (who I get to meet on Thursday). What are some of these people thinking.

It is pretty much the small details that need to be taken care of. I need to touch base with vendors and decide on some small reception type things. Remember my wedding is pretty much a reception with a wedding tossed in the middle.

Here is just a little bit of a run down on what still needs to be done:

1. Wine tags - the wedding is at a winery so almost everyone will have a wine glass. Instead of buying the wine tags I saw online, which were shapped like wedding bells, my mom and I are going to make 200 dragonfly wine tags. For those of you who don't know, I LOVE dragonflies. I really only need about 120, but might as well make some extra. We are going to die cut them with my Sisix machine and then emboss some silver on them, punch a hole and add some black ribbon. We will have silver sharpies there for people to write their names on them.

2. M&Ms - we have to order the custome M&Ms. We decided not to do favors. No sense in giving people something that will just end up in a landfill. We are going to rent bowls and have bowls of M&Ms on each table, that way people can have a little something sweet. Oh, that reminds me, we have to rent the bowls.

3. Guest book - we are doing a photo album guest book. I have two students coming to the wedding who will be in charge of making sure they take everyone's picture. To go with the pictures we will have 4x6 handmade paper for the guests to write us a message. The message will be inserted in the album under the picture. Much more interesting than a book with everyone's signatures.

4. M's clothes - we have got to buy a suit for that man. He didn't want to do it while we were in escrow (I don't blame him, I didn't want to do anything while we were in escrow), now he wants to lose some weight. The wedding is less than a month away...he needs to get off the stick.

5. B and L's clothes - we need to find dresses for the girls. L has a backup dress, which I would like her to wear, I think it is totally cute, but she wants to shop, so that is fine with me. B will be a little harder, she can't make a decision to save her life. Her mother does everything for her. Should be interesting.

6. Flowers - at first we were going to go with silk flowers, now I am thinking I might want real ones. I do know that we are doing Gerbera Daisies (my favorite). The flowers will be for the centerpieces and on the wine bars. We are doing vases out of wine bottles.

7. Wine Lables - I have designed a wine lable for the centerpieces. I am not totally happy with it, but I know some graphic designers who I am going to ask to help me spiff it up. Then my new neighbor who works for a graphic designer said she would print them for us. I feel strange going to her house and asking her about it again, but she offered, right?

I actually think that might be all of the big stuff! WOW!!!!! I think I have it down to only 7 big things that need to be done. There are lots of small things, but not a lot of big things. This is great!

So, now I am off to get some small things done.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

no more students!

I'm done! No more students for 2 months!!!!! I have finished grades now I just have to finish cleaning my classroom and sign out tomorrow morning.

Then I will be focused on nothing but the wedding for the next 31 days. Yep, you read that right. The wedding is in 31 days. I cna't believe it has come up so fast.

So much to do!!! Not enough time!!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I'm marrying a wise man

On Saturday M found out that his cousin will not be able to photograph our wedding. This left a huge whole that I would have had to fill. HAD I ACTUALLY KNOWN I DIDN'T HAVE PHOTOGRAPHER.

I found out last night that the cousin could not be there. M went out and found and booked a photographer all by himself. He knew that this might have been the one thing that would send me over the edge in terms of stress.

Everybody I have told this to is so impressed by that action. I am impressed by that action, since I have been the one to do everything so far.

M really is a great catch. I am so lucky to have him in my life (even if he does come with bagage for days).

Everything else for the wedding is coming together. I will get to hit it full force next week. Tomorrow is my last day with students and Friday is the last day for the summer. YAY!!!!! I think I'll make it.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

it's been a long time...

It has been so long since I have checked in, so much has happened.

I have trying to finish unpacking. Those of you who have ever moved know what I'm talking about.

The musical closed. It went really well. I am very proud of the kids and pleased with the outcome. We have the MACY Awards tomorrow, so we will see what the judges thought of the performance. I do not think I will be working on the musical again next year. But those of you who read know that story.

I finally got the wedding invitations out. They only went out 3 weeks late. Lucky for me, we are doing online RSVP, so I don't have to wait for the little cards to come back in.

I still don't have a wireless card in my desktop so I am unable to check in with all of you. I miss my bloggy friends. I am hoping to get M to take care of that this weekend.

I hope you are all doing well. Up sometime soon...a full and complete wedding update (I know you are all dieing to know all the details).

Friday, May 18, 2007

I hate that woman...

M's ex is back to making my life miserable.

We have moved into our new home. We are getting ready for a wedding in just under two months. We will be living together for the rest of our lives. And yet next weekend I am going to have to move into a hotel because M's daughter B will be staying the weekend.

Now, I understand the divorce paperwork says we can't live together when he has her, but he offered to stay at the other end of the house in the guest room. But that isn't good enough. I have to stay in a hotel.

She was actually shocked when he said that it would cost her $300 for me to do that. She just assumed I would imposition someone in my family by asking to stay with them. Which I am sure they wouldn't mind, but it is the principal of it. I have a home! Why in the world must I feel homeless. So she found a hotel for $100 a night. Which is what I am willing to pay, so I will be looking for rooms in the $200 range. I figure if I have to stay in a hotel it's going to hurt her, right in the pocketbook.

I know it seems petty and vindictive, but she makes my life a living hell. B isn't getting over the divorce (5 years now) because mom is an enabler. Mom isn't over the divorce so the child can't get over it. I know that the reason B gets so upset over some of the stuff she gets upset about is because she senses mom wants her to be upset over this. The kid can't even make a simple decision, like what kind of ice cream to order (there were only 4 flavors), without someone helping her. I thought we were going to give her an heart attack when we asked her to pick out some possible colors for the bedroom here.

She was upset because M asked how she felt if I came to open house with him. She actually cried when she got home. Mom was on the phone with M today complaining about it. I can't even go anyway, I have an awards ceremony at the school, so it really was a mute point, but she couldn't let it go.

What makes me feel worse is I really don't think M understands how much this stuff upsets me. I tell him how mad it makes me. But I don't think he really gets just how much it hurts. I try being nice the B, I try backing off, nothing works, the kid just isn't going to like me because mom has told her lies about me and her dad, mom doesn't want her to like me. She feels like she is betraying mom if she likes me. I really am on the edge of just giving up. I mean when I got out with M and B I feel like I am the third wheel, not that we are a family of sorts and I don't think this is ever going to change.

And it makes me sad.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

and the curtain rises...

for yet another musical. Bye Bye Birdie opens in a meer 2 hours 20 minutes. I am very excited to have this show behind me.

I have decided that I won't be working on the musical next year (unless, of course, the dread VD says he's not doing it first). I can't work with someone who doesn't think I know what I'm doing.

Anyway, the kids have worked hard and should be very proud of what they have accompished. I know I'm proud of them!

They are my constant reminder of why I really do love my job.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I am mostly in the the new house, although I am living out of boxes, I can't find things I need like my checkbook, the iron, stuff like that. I have been wearing nothing but jeans and t-shirts for weeks because I can't iron anything.

I haven't cooked in two weeks. I want real food for a change. I have been getting home so late from school because of rehearsal I've been eating take out almost every night.

I am about ready to kill the vocal director for my show. We got into it during rehearsal last night because he says there is too much light coming from behind him and the kids can't see his mouth when he directs them (note: he's mouthing the words to them). He wanted me to come up with an instant fix for this. I didn't know what to do, I understand his problem I have 8 lights for the entire show there isn't a thing I can do. I offered to try desklamps pointed at his face, but that wasn't good enough. I guess he thinks I am magic and can pull equipment and hang positions out of my butt. He actually came back to where I was sitting and was going on and on about this. I said I understood but didn't know what he expected me to to do, I have 8 lights for the show.

This went back and forth for a couple of minutes before he said "I understand you understand, that's not the point". What is the fucking point! You didn't do your job and make sure the kids know the music so you have to over conduct for a musical. This isn't a choir concert, they shouldn't have to look at you for cues, they should know them. I shouldn't have to worry about lighting your face because you need the kids to see you mouth the words to them. And I shouldn't have to argue with you about it when I say there are only 8 lights for the show. Give me a few minutes to think of a solution and we won't have any problems.

I really think that he thinks that my job is to make him look good. That the show is about him and what he can do. He said it is a collaboration, he has been to one rehearsal a week until the last 3 weeks. He hasn't helped build a single piece of scenery, yet complains at me that there aren't certain things on the set, or that things are working a certain way.

ARGH!!!!!! I want to slap this man. But I won't, and I probably won't work on the musical next year. That would be a lot less stress on my plate.

Anyway...I hope you are all doing well. I am so disconcected from all of you right now. I don't have my blogroll completely up to date so I can't do my usual reading and my blog list got deleted from my laptop. I will have to wait until this weekend and get my desktop set up.

Take care! and wish me luck!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

wiped out!

I am so tired! We moved most of my stuff out of my townhouse wednesday and the big stuff out of M's rental. There is still a lot that has to happen at the townhouse for it to be ready for my renter and it all has to happen by Sunday! Did I mention my show opens this a week?

The Master Suite, we will be painting, but other than that it is a fantastic room....

An entire wall of built-ins, that's
pretty cool, huh?

We could have a party in this shower!

This is the Great Room....We will be changing the color...quickly!

This is the window seat in my craft room...yes! I get my own craft room. I am so excited. (okay, I can't find the picture of the craft room, but I thought you might enjoy knowing I have a windoe seat!)

Guest Room - can't wait to paint this one!

This is the tree in the garden side of the backyead. I love this side of the yard. It is very English Garden.

Note: this post was started several days ago, and then the madness that is moving began. I have been moving things in a car for the entire day (M left for Nashville for work this morning). There is still stuff at the townhouse. I can't believe that! I have way too much stuff and I'm not exactly sure how that happened.

Anway, I hope you enjoyed the pictures...further updates on the move to come later. I'm very tired and want to go by the townhouse in the morning and do another car load before work. That way my tenant (who I know, that goodness) won't have to deal with as much of my stuff for the next week. When M and I finish taking it all out.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

just a quickie...

WE GOT KEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pictures to follow later today.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

a little of this, that and the other

Barring any more craziness M and I should get keys to the house this afternoon. We can't wait, the champagne has been in the fridge for 3 weeks. Once we get the keys the maddness really begins. We have to move me while I direct a musical that is 6 days from opening and before M leaves for Nashville for work.

My garage door broke, again! I have to miss rehearsal tomorrow for the repair company to come and and fix it. I demanded the home warranty company send someone different this time. Last time I specifically asked the repair guy if I needed a new door to prevent this from happening again and he said no. Well, this is the fourth time th exact same thing has happened in two years, what do you think?

One of my assistant principals doesn't trust my judgement, and I hate the use the girl card (I've done it a lot in the past month) but I really do think it's because we are dealing with tools, technology and all things usually considered man. Here's what happened...M and I were working with the kids to get ready for the musical on Saturday, M went up on the scaffolding to set the lights and it was discovered that the batton (big metal pipe that holds the lights) was coming out of the drywall. We took all the lights down, for safety - one good shake from the earth and the whole thing could have come crashing down. When I explained the situation to the AP he had the nerve to look at me like this was my fault! He also made me explain to him how we got up there and how we got the lights down. It took every fiber in my body not to reach out and slap him upside the head while stating the fact that I have a degree in this, I do this all the time, and that the kids in my program will go up on ladders and use power tools and they will not die! Stupid man!

On a very exciting note...I found my dress for the wedding. I don't think M has found the blog yet so I have posted a picture. I also found the perfect shoes, but haven't taken a picture of them yet...maybe later. Now I just have to lose some more weight! What do you think? (It's a terrible picture, but I love the dress!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I've been tagged...

Wow, this is a new one for me, I've never been tagged. I am supposed to list seven random facts about me...

1. I love to read. I always have, always will. I will read anything, books, magazines, the back of cereal boxes. I have more books sitting around waiting to be read than any one person should. I am actually on bookstore restriction, I'm not allowed in unless it is a book emergency.

2. I HATE gum. I can't stand it. It's disgusting, it's made from the same stuff they make tires out of. Not to mention the fact that most people can't chew it with their mouths closed. That smacking sound it enough to drive me batty. (it really ranks up there with eating sounds, which I also can't stand). But I love mints!

3. I hate living in Orange County. There is nothing unique here. Disneyland is trying to take over the world (not that I don't love the Mouse, but there is a line). You can very rarely find cool places to go (although I must tell you about Memphis in Costa Mesa). I not so lovingly refer to the OC as the world's largest strip mall, because that is pretty much all you can find. Three new ones just went in in a 3 mile radius of my house, and not a single cool restaurant or shop in the bunch.

4. I love TV. I don't have many shows I am completely addicted to, but the ones I love, I really, really love. Right now on the top of the list Criminal Minds (I went to college with girl who plays Garcia), Grey's Anatomy and the ABC Monday night comedy shows.

5. I am passionate about theatre. I love reading about it, seeing it, creating it. Most of all creating! I love directing, acting, technical work. It is the one thing in which I will completely immerse myself. My students can see it, they don't always get it, but they see it. Doing theatre full-time is the only reason I would leave teaching.

6. I love loud, hard rock and roll. The louder the better. My students can't believe this and are often shocked when they hear about the concerts I attend. I actually won bonus points with one kid because I went and saw Motley Cru and Areosmith. My favorite band is the Violent Femmes, and I will drop almost anything to see them live.

7. I don't understand "html". I can't figure it out. I try and I get frustrated. That is why you will never see actual links on my blog, but you will see "url"s. Not to mention I really really don't have the time to sit down and figure out how to do it.

Now...who's next...

Katherine at
Bug at
h&b at

Saturday, April 21, 2007


It's finally Saturday, I should be moving into my new house...but no! We won't have keys until Monday. It has gotten so bad that Mortgage guy is paying all kinds of stuff out of his pocket for us. Which seems only fair, if it wasn't for him and his company we would have been in the house two weeks ago. Monday, maybe?

Anyway, it's Saturday, I get to spend the day painting and building scenery for the musical. I met with the VD and the principal yesterday. I don't feel that everything got resolved. But, I don't feel like it is weighing so heavily on me. I am just glad that I was able to get some of it off my chest. I still don't like him very much, and I really don't like the way he wants me to run things, or the fact he wants more of a say in things he knows nothing about, but I have to let things go. If I don't let them go I will explode (and my dear, dear Harvey Johnson (character name) is very worried about the exploding drama teacher).

So, it's Saturday, I think I may finish wedding invitations tonight (I dug them out of a packing box). They need to go out in a couple of weeks. they aren't finished, almost but not yet.

Enjoy your Saturday! I know I will mine.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

coming to a head...

I think the saga of the VD is finally going to come to an end.

At open house I had a couple of his "special" singers ask me when they were supposed to come to rehearsal, I thought they ment tech, he said they would talk about it later. Didn't say anything else to me about it.

Today he announced to the cast that he was putting 8 singers in, he was the VD and it was his decision to make. Funny I thought I was the director?

Tomorrow I will have a meeting with him and the principal. Hopefully I can be strong, because we all know I am the world's biggest baby when it comes to confrontation (I know some ladies I would like to be a lot like right now).

I have my list of talking points, which will be revised for tomorrow. And I actually think I am ready for this...Maybe.

I know the kids are up to something, writing a letter or something along those lines. I told the one spearheading the whole thing that I would prefer not to know what is going on. He's afraid he may be included somethings that he isn't supposed to know. (It happens when you are close to kids, when they spend almost every school moment in your presence, they are bound to hear somethings they shouldn't, or you're bound to say something you shouldn't have). I am worried about that. But I really am trying to not get in the middle.

When all is said and done the man will still be an ass. He has insulted me to much that I never want to work with him again. Like a good friend of mine said, "I love him, but he really pisses me off." Although, I'm not so sure I love him, or even like him anymore.

It's nice knowing the kids are on my side, but they shouldn't have to pick sides. I also know there are parents on my side. Who really don't like the way he talks to the kids. He makes them feel bad about they ability.

Okay, I'm ranting again. I must stop. I getting myself all worked up.

Good thought...We signed loan docs yesterday! I have been so busy I haven't had a chance to put in that update! We are hoping to fund tomorrow and get keys tomorrow night. But we also aren't holding our breath. But...we ARE almost a month late. We had to begin the dual app process before Mortgage guy actually produced a loan. But that's okay (not really, but anyway) we have signed and now we wait.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

what is it about men?

Why is it that I feel like every man I talk to is treating me like a "girl"? They act like I don't know what I'm doing, like I can't get things done, and worst of all that because they don't know what's going on it's my fault.

Example 1 - Vocal Director guy - This man is an idiot. We open in 3 weeks (okay 3 1/2 but who's counting). He has had 1 rehearsal a week with the exception of this week, where he had 2. I ask why the piano player hasn't been to rehearsals, except 1, when I/we are paying him more money. VD emails me back that last year we promised to pay 800 and I only paid 300.....then why the hell didn't someone say something to me! I had it in the budget, it just means I put the wrong amount in the envelope (which I am sure had 800 in it). I told him I can't fix what I don't know. I also told him the rehearsal schedule hasn't changed since it went out in February, because he claims he doesn't know what I'm doing. I really, really, really hate this man. And I try not to hate people.

Example 2 - Mortgage guy - He still hasn't come through with a loan. He keeps telling me that he can do this thing where the seller will stay at the table because he won't be able to sell the house to anyone else anyway. I don't want to deal with that kind of court crap, I just want to buy my house and live happily ever after. At the rate this man is going I will be living in a cardboard box. He has single handedly driven me back to the point where I am having daily anxiety attacks. He calls me at the end of the day almost every day to tell me that I need to submit some other document. Now, usually I am at work still when he does this, the issue comes from the fact that all businesses I need to deal with are closed by the time I leave the school, therefore I can't get them to do the things I need. And when I ask a simple question I don't need to know the whole history of why this thing is happening, I just need to know the answer to the question and then to get off the phone before I pull him through the phone lines by his vocal cords!

Example 3 - District Director of Maintenance - this man won't let me order my new lighting and sound system because we are attaching things to the wall and ceiling. He needs to talk to the company I am having do the work to find out exactly how they are doing this. Now, keep in mind I didn't go down to Home Depot and hire a bunch of day laborers, I went to a reputable staging company. A company that does this stuff professionally. A company that knows a hell of a lot more than Director guy does. I don't think he realizes that when I said I have a show opening in 3 weeks I mean I have a show OPENING IN 3 WEEKS AND NO LIGHTS!!!!!!!! Apparently these people think I am magic and can pull a fully staged-fully lighted-fully mic'd show out of my ass. As I tell my kids...I'M NOT MAGIC!!!!!!!

Okay, enough venting...on a happy note H&M finally opened close to me. I can finally spend my gift card, buy lots of cute stuff. Only I am in no mood to shop (blame the stupid men!).

Friday, April 13, 2007


I got the phone call yesterday. We have an approval, with some contingencies...but they seem to be minor stuff. We should be able to order docs today! I have my dual app all ready to go, incase I don't get the call that they've ordered them for us. I am not going to let this go past today without docs being ordered. It is just lame that they are dragging their feet so much.

I'm not making this up, you couldn't get a better loan risk than I am. I have killer credit scores! Debt to income ratio is really low! I know where the problem lies...and M is so glad he divorced her!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

big sigh...

I still don't have a new house. In fact we are very close to losing the new house and a considerable sum of money.

Mortgage guy just isn't coming through for us. And on top of that he isn't giving any indication that he can't get the job done so we know if we need to move on.

Real Estate Agent guy has me doing a dual app with another lender independently. I don't know if that is stinky of me, but I don't want to lose the house or the deposit. The seller is getting a little worried about us at this point. I am looking like a bad risk to him and that is pissing me off. If ever there was a good person to lend money to, it's me. I pay back my loans, on time!

So, the day I took off to care for my frazzled mental faculties will be spent filling out a loan app, finding all the documentation New Loan guy needs and trying to send that off.

Real Estate guy said he would tell Mortgage guy we dual app'ed next week. That way Mortgage guy keeps working on our file. M and I are actually hoping we hear something today.

In fact I have put M in charge of talking to people for the next few days. My brain is fried and I can't keep all the house stuff straight any more.

So, my friends, send me good karma and lots of mojo to deal with what is quickly turing into a real estate fiasco.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

copy cat, copy cat

Sophomores are so dumb. I just graded a paper, or should I say googled a research paper. Every single entry (they had to research 10 topics and write one paragraph on each) was copied directly from the internet.

First tip off...she didn't notate the sources, just put "book", "internet", etc.

Second tip off...links. Links print in blue!

Third tip off...words like "succession", "nomads", discontinuous"

Once again I state Sophomores are idiots!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Things I need to do today... UPDATED

1. Sign loan docs. Not going to happen. The underwriter is seriously in the middle of heavy PMS. She won't release the docs and keeps asking for stupid crap. Like, for example, how many months a year I get paid, what difference does it make, I still make the same amount. Oh, and when did my raise take effect. In September, when school started. I was asked if I ment September of last year...DUH!!! And I'll get another one next September!

2. Call my real estate agent to see if I can get into the house to take pictures. Not getting in. The seller is mad at me, okay actually probably more mad at the lender, but still mad. I was told it would be best to just stay away. In fact he signed an addendum to the escrow stuff to extend, but I have to pay $28 per day to cover interest on his mortgage. Mortgage guy is going to pay it for me, mainly because he knows I'm PISSED! Although I have calmed down.

3. Grade research papers. Yes, I am avoiding this. But it will happen.

4. Finish packing the living room. Doing this one soon.

5. Start packing the craft room. Yep, almost all the scrapbooking stuff is in boxes.

6. Clean the garage, to half can be goodwill and half can be move. Yes! I have started this.

7. Figure out when to bring in movers. (yeah, did you hear because of mortgage guy I now have to hire movers) I can't do this, I don't know when I will be signing loan docs so I don't know when I will fund so I don't know when I will be moving.

8. Decide on paint colors for the great room and the master bedroom. This way I can start to paint the moment I get in the house (you will understand when you see the colors of 3 of the rooms). Just don't even want to think about this one right now.

9. Buy a cashier's check for escrow. Nope, need to wait until I have loan docs.

10. Buy supplies to make green beans for Easter. Not that I am interested in going now. I really don't to have everyone asking about the new house after the loan doc fiasco. Don't feel like it, I'll go tomorrow.

11. Did I mention I really really want to sign my loan docs.ARGH!

Thursday, April 05, 2007


Mortgage guy did not come through for me. As of today, the day we are supposed to have closed escrow I still don't have loan docs. We won't fund until Monday, won't record until Monday (and that's if we are lucky) and won't get keys until Tuesday (that's if we're lucky).

I told him that I go back to work on Monday. I got back to work hard on Monday, my show opens in 4 weeks and we are so far from ready it kills me. I begin working my 14 hour days on Monday. M leaves for Vegas for a week on Thursday. Now, I have to move by myself and get the townhouse ready for the renter by meself and this is all screwed up because mortgage guy didn't do what he was supposed to.

My real estate agent told me if I didn't have loan docs by Monday I wouldn't close. I told mortgage guy this, who told me it wasn't true. Well, apparently it is.

People keep telling me that it will close when it closes and there isn't anything I can do about it. Yet, they don't seem to understand that I will be moving between the hours of 7:00pm and 5:00am because between the hours of 7:00am and 7:00pm I will be at the school teaching classes and directing a play. I don't have time for people to screw up on timelines.

I am already so stressed I am having a meltdown and will be worthless the entire weekend. So much for a happy easter.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Somebody needs to get their act together before I end up killing someone!

I am trying to deal with everything with grace and tact (I'm trying to take a lesson from someone whom I greatly admire), but I am loosing it!

I got the stuff off to mortgage guy this morning. Everything except the document that shows where the downpayment for the house is coming from. I was all over the website for the mortgage company, no place on the site had a statement showing the draw on the equity line.

So, I email mortage guy and tell him this information. I email at about 7:30 in the morning.

I call mortgage guy at 2:00 pm and ask him if he has everything, he says yes. I begin to relax expecting a call anytime to sign loan docs.

I call mortgage guy back at 3:30 because when I called at 2:00 I had students hammering lids on paint cans and couldn't focus. This second phone call is to see what our time line looks like. I am then informed that he in fact doesn't have everything.

He has just looked at the email that states that I didn't have the document with the equity draw.

Now, if you are mortgage person trying to close a loan the day before escrow is supposed to close don't you think you would read EVERY email the client sent very carefully. Espcially when you are awaiting documents. He didn't read that email until after I talked to him at 2:00! Then was testy with me when I called him on the fact that he told me had everything when I talked to him at 2:00.

We are not going to close tomorrow. I am going to get angry "demand to perform" things from the seller and there isn't anything I can do about it. We probably won't close until next week. Next week when I have gone back to work and back to rehearsals. Next week when M leaves for yet another show in Vegas.

I'm telling you, all I want to do right now is curl up in a ball and cry.

I want to track down the seller and tell him I am doing everything I possibly can to get this closed on time and that it is the mortgage/lender who is holding things up.

I really, really just want to close escrow and be done with this!