Sunday, July 01, 2007

what another post?

Okay, I just posted, but I couldn't let this one slip by.

I just read an article on the Simpson's movie promotion being done in conjunction with 7-11. It's actually really cute, several 7-11s have been made into Kwik-E-marts for the next month, selling things such as squishies and KrustyO's. Now, here is the cool part...7-11 decided not to sell Duff Beer (Homer's favorite) because the movie is rated PG-13.

The head of marketing felt that while yes they could sell it, but why. They decided to just promote the good clean fun of it.

I thought that was pretty cool. They could have sold tons of Duff Beer, but instead decided that they would rather not because of the effect on the younger audience they will be drawing in because of the Simpson's "stuff".

This struck me so hard, that they didn't put the money first, that I sent an email to 7-11 to commend them on the decision and I have decided that I will be buying squishies and KrustyO's for the next month (the duration of the promotion).

Pretty cool, huh?

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