Saturday, September 08, 2007


Have you ever noticed that organic, free-range eggs are almost three times more expensive than regular eggs? Why is that?

It is so bad that I have actually stopped buying them unless I am at the farmer's market.

I have noticed that everything organic is more expensive. I would really like to go completely organic and natural, but with it almost tripling the cost of groceries I just can't do it. Even if I really want to. How sad is that?

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sunny said...

I am feeling your pain! It's true that organic does cost more as a general rule.

This is something I've been transitioning toward for the last several years. I'm paying a bit more, but for me it's worth it because I'm cutting back in other areas, and the food tastes so much better. I've also learned gradually through trial and error how to find deals by getting the generic brands.

What I've found is that it helps to choose your battles. Rather than trying to buy everything organic, start with the things that matter most. For instance I always buy organic apples, strawberries and spinach because those are the items that tend to retain the most pesticides when they are grown conventionally. Peanut butter is also high in pesticides so I always choose organic.

Here's a link to a "top 10 foods to eat organically" that has been going around for a while. I googled it and found it...

Do you live near a Whole Foods Market? The store's "house brand," 365, is not that expensive. I get the organic frozen dinners to take to work and they are only $2.99 each, which is about what a Lean Cuisine costs. They have mac-and-cheese, lasagna, spaghetti, etc. Also the organic rice is dirt cheap, $2 or $3 for a big bag. They have big jars of organic pasta sauce for $2.50, etc. The bags of organic linguine are $2 or so. You can make a huge spaghetti dinner with organic beef for less than $10 and get five meals out of it.

Whole Foods also offers store tours on how to shop frugally and stay within budget. I may be going to one at my local store this Thursday.

Good luck!

Good luck!