Sunday, July 08, 2007

6 days...

Less than a week, here's the most recent "To Do" list...

1. Wine tags - they have been created and laminated. Now they just need to be cut out from the laminating stuff, punched and ribbon ties added. We bought this repositionable laminate that is supposed to fully set in 24 hours. As of hour 18 I could still pull the stuff apart. Which means when I cut them appart they won't be fully sealed. If I have to go buy the permanent stuff and redo them I am not going to be happy.

2. Programs - I am creating a program sheet. Just a one pager that tells everyone what time things are happening and gives a few directions. For example we aren't having a guest book, we are having a guest photo album, I may have mentioned this before. Anyway, I have people who will take their photo and then the guests will fill out a little message card which will go under their picture in the album. But if we don't give them the directions to do this we might miss someone.

3. Guest book - I have to mount the handmade paper on cardstock so it will hold up better when people write on it.

4. Wine lables- I still need to print these. The girl at Staples said that if we bought the giant sticker sheets she could copy onto them for us. When we went back to pick them up we were informed that we could not do that. So we took my jump drive and left, leaving the two other print jobs we had done sitting there unpaid for. (which means I have to have those done someplace else)

5. Accessories - I must decide on the jewles I will wear for the big event. I may post some pictures for opinions.

6. Hair - Decide if I am going to do my own or trust some strage person to do it the day of. I know this is something that should have been done months ago, but I really thought I could do my own up-d0. I have discovered I can't, I am up-do deficient. Any suggestions to this one?

7. Pack - I will be staying in Temecula for two days. Need to pack my clothes.

8. Organize Wedding Central - Our library is currently Wedding Central, I need to move it from there into the entry way and organize it for the trip down on Saturday.

9. Timeline - I need to finalize the timeline and get that out to everyone who needs it.

Okay, I think that is everything that needs to get done before I leave on Saturday morning. I have to be in Temecula to meet the wholesale florist who is coming in special for me to pick up my centerpiece flowers. We will then drop them off at the winery and I will assemble the centerpieces on Sunday after brunch. Other than my pamering that will happen that weekend, that is everything.

And if one more person from M's family asks me if I'm going to see Harry Potter with them I may have to slap someone. As much as I want to see the new movie I think I have some more important things going on. I can't believe that they have even had the nerve to ask.

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