Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

With the new year I have lots to be thankful for...

1. My wonderful new husband. I know marriage is tough, I recognize that I am not really a marriage kind of gal (a little to independent I guess), but M gets it and gives me lots of space when I need it and lots of support when I need that.

2. My family. Everyone is healthy and safe, even if some of them aren't making the best decisions (or at least not dealing with them in the most appropriate way), they are working through things and are happy with their choices.

3. My new extended family. M's family has welcomed me in with open arms. Despite the fact that M's ex tried to sabotage things in the beginning (yes, tried to turn his family against him and me very early on in our relationship).

4. My health issues are serious, but manageable, and not as serious as we first thought. That really is something to be thankful for. I will take the 12 pills a day over what the alternative would have been.

I have several things that need to be meditated over (or prayed over if that is what you go in for)...

1. My B-I-L M3 is in Iraq. This is his third tour. The first two he came home with only minor injuries (of his own doing because he can be stupid, come on he's a boy). Even though I am not his biggest fan, I do want him to come home safe.

2. B and her issues. I need to disengage from the situation for my sanity. But I do hope for her's she is able to work through her issues and that her mom will help her.

I also have several goals I plan on working toward in the new year...

1. Cut our credit debt by 1/4
2. Better utilize my time
3. Read more
4. Learn to knit with more than one stitch
5. Spend more time with friends and family
6. Spend more time in the gym
7. Audition for at least one show
8. Take more pictures
9. Redesign my garden yard
10. Make our honeymoon trip to Italy happen (this is a biggie and may hamper #1)

What are you thankful for in 2008? What are your goals?

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Sophia said...

You knit and I'll crochet! Love your gratitude list and your to do list! Good luck! Happy 2008!