Friday, May 29, 2009


13 days to go!

The kids are getting antsy, I'm getting tired and everyone is getting lazy. I can't wait until we're done.

Aside from that my life is running a break neck speed as always.

Here are a few lists and then I'm off to grade papers while my students silent read for a bit.

Things I am trying to do
1. Plan a family summer vacation. If only the "ex" would give us the dates that B will be with us. I am pretty sure she withhold's this information so she can maintain control over M's life. I mean he divorced her, she doesn't have the ultimate power any more, she has to do something to control his life.
2. Plan a trip to New Mexico in August for a wedding
3. Find a job so we won't go bankrupt over the summer.
4. Schedule dog training for the pups.
5. Get caught up on grading papers before school lets out.

Places I want to try visit this summer
1. Phoenix - to see my grandmother again
2. New Mexico - for a wedding
3. Carpenteria State Beach - for some relaxation

Projects I want to complete this summer
1. Finish scanning the 30-some-odd years of family photos and get them back to my mom's house.
2. Scan the historical photo albums I borrowed years ago from my grandmother so she can have them back.
3. Get my "secret" garden back in shape. It's not really a secret, but that's the feeling I want to create.
4. Finish the quilt my grandmother gave me to the topper to.
5. Make a baby afghan for my cousin who is going to have a baby.

Things I want to add to my bucket list
1. An African Safari
2. Go down in a shark cage
3. Act in a professional production of something

And now I am to run, got to teach, got to try and mold the youth of today into the production adults of tomorrow we hope they will be.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Count Down...

more days of students!

Parents don't fool yourselves, teachers look forward to summer vacation just as much as your kids do. It's not that we don't love our jobs or love the kids, it is the shear fact that they wear us down by June.

I for one have several I would love to give a swift kick in the pants as they leave me for parts unknown. But, then there are the ones who I love and care for as if they were my own. They are ones that make it all worth it.

Like JC, who has been in my program for 4 years, worked long, tireless hours for me and has made every attempt to make my life in this job easier.

And JD who in her sweet (yet sometimes neurotic) ways always makes me smile. I have taken this one in under my wing and have vowed to make sure she is okay no matter what. She has a rough home life (no abuse, just a case of local poverty going on here). At one point M and I were days away from seeing what paperwork would be involved for me to have living with us.

And little AR, she isn't as active as I would like, but she is a joy to have around and always has a smile for everyone.

And sweet, sweet CV, who came in to my theatrical life just last year and took the department and my heart by storm. She is a tiny dynamo of talent and is going to blow everyone away as she goes off to college to pursue an career in musical theatre.

And AM, my highly motivated, highly talented techie girl. I don't know how 90% of the set work is going to get accomplished next year without her. She would do anything to create an awesome set (including painting 3 ginormous canvas backdrops).

As happy as I am for this group to be graduating, I am going to miss this bunch immensely. They are my hope for the future, my sanity, my students...

My kids.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Why do rules change?

I often wonder about this. I have worked at my school for 5 years and in the district for 10, and the rules are constantly changing. I understand the concept that sometimes rules need to change, but don't tell me that something has always been a rule when I have never been asked to do it.

I have run into this situation numerous times this year. All regarding paperwork. This year I have been told I am supposed to submit my show posters, program and tickets for approval because they are seen by the public. I have to submit my insurance to drive students (which I actually knew but haven't done in years, and have continued to drive students with the administration's knowledge).

I am compulsive rule follower, I like to follow rules, I like structure. But don't tell me things have always been a certain way when they haven't. Don't treat me like the scum of the earth and scold and reprimand when you haven't enforced the rules that have been broken. Don't be reactive, be proactive. It is actually to the point of being ridiculous.