Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Internal Conflict....

I have an internal conflict...I hate decisions and this one is a biggy!

I have just finished my masters work and am waiting to find out of my portfolio has been approved. In the meantime, I must decided if I want to graduate in a hotel in Texas in January, or wait and graduate in Bloomington, Indiana. The Indiana graduation will most likely be at Indiana University, which would be very cool.

Now for the conflict. I am supposed to go to China this summer. There are two weeks I can chose from. Week one returns the day before I would need to be in Indiana. The second week leaves two days before, therefore I would be in China.
So, do I race myself crazy to get from China to Indiana in July or do I graduate in Texas, or do I skip China and go to Indiana? What a mess.

It may seem trival to some, but graduating at a hotel just bothers me. I feel like it cheapens my degree, even though I know how much work I put into it. But than again, I really want to go to China and may not ever get the chance again.

What to do, what to do!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Not so many years ago...

After completing the last post I began thinking about my plans for the day and realized that on this date, not so many years ago, the United States of America took a tremendous blow as terrorists attacked our great country. We have come back the a vengence, we are strong and for the most part united. It sadens me when I think about the importance of our country standing as one and then I hear people accusing others of not acting in a timely enough fashion to various things.

We need to stop blaming and take responsibility for our actions and for what happens. It isn't anyones fault we were attacked, could it have been prevented? Maybe...but it wasn't, let's move one. Could things have been done better in New Orleans? Maybe...but they weren't, let's move one. We need to stay united as a country. We are after all the UNITED States of America. If we stand united we are strong and mights. When we fights amongst ourselves and blame and namecall we open ourselfs to disaster.

Please everyone, support all who need the support, the government who is trying to act in everyone's best interest, for the soldiers who are fighting to help those who can't help themselves, and for our neighbors that they are well, safe and generous in their support when needed.

It's underway...

The new school year is underway, and things are going along at break neck speed already. The first auditions of the year are on Thursday. I selected a relatively small show because I am still working on building th program and students aren't used to my rigorous rehearsal schedules, well, it looks like I might have over 50 kids audition for a cast of 9. I told them I would select a second show and we would do two fall plays (yes, I am crazy).

Outside of the school things are going great, went and saw Big Bad Voodoo Daddy last night, what a great show! If you haven't ever seen them live, or heard their music get out there and check it out. I think the best part was that you can tell they are really having a good time. I love watching peopel who love to perform.

On a somber note, please offer your prays, good karma and general well-wished to the surviors of Huricane Katrina. As we all know so many people lost everything, but they aren't the only ones...many animals had to be left behind, send thoughts for them also. If you can send money to one of the many organizations helping, if you can't afford money, manybe there are somethigns in your closet that you don't need that you can donate. Be kind and generous, remember most of us are lucky enough to not have been effected.