Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Why is it that I can't ever find the CD I am looking for?

Why is it that I finally pick out music for my show and every CD that will work is out of print?

Why is it that the crappiest movies have their CDs available (and I do mean crap) while I can't find the really good stuff?

It looks like The Crucible won't have any preshow or intermission music because I can't find anything that sounds remotely like what I want. I want the movie soundtrack by George Fenton, which is amazing. But it's out of print! I can buy it used if I can wait 6 days...oh wait the show opens in 2!

Any suggestions? I'm on the hunt!

Sunday, October 29, 2006


When did cell phones become the most complicated invention on the planet?

I finally upgraded and got a new phone, Samsung, I love it...but it took me two days to figure out how to change the ringtone. That was with using the book.

While I'm at it, when did the basic ringtones start to completely suck! Suck to the point where you will spend $2.50 to have a ringtone you can stand to listen to when you get a phone call.

Okay, enough complaining...Crucible opens on Thursday. Once again, you in the area, you want to see the show, let me know, I have connections...I can hook you up.

I watched the movie this day, twice! I discovered that the commentary for this is actually worth listening to. But I will talk more about that in a later entry. All I will say is...Why didn't I think about from that angle!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

why are people dumb?

I don't understand why people are so dumb...

1. I asked students to fix our bench for Crucible. One of the side braces had come loose. I said, take a couple of screws and screw them in to the sides to hold it together.

These students decided that the entire bench needed to come apart and be fixed because the kids who had put it together before had used carpenter's glue only. I know that because I am the one who told them to do it. In theatre we use glue for everything.

Keep in mind only one brace needed to be fixed. They took the bench apart without talking to me first. They did not finish putting the bench back together by the end of the 5 hour rehearsal so they just moved all the pieces back stage (not I said back stage, implying the fact the pieces were in MY theatre).

2. During rehearsal last night I noticed the bench wasn't on stage and the kids who were working on it were sitting in the audience. I asked where the bench was which prompted an schoolwide hunt for the bench.

Apparently they had placed the bench near these huge boxes, boxes I had been asking the custodians for a month to get out of my space.

They boxes are now gone, and so is my bench. Our only assumption can be that THE CUSTODIANS THREW MY BENCH AWAY!!!!!!

I can't replace this bench. It was donated and I don't know where it was purchased. It was the perfect bench for this show. I don't have time to even look for another bench.

I am on the verg of killing someone!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

what a day!

I continue to work through tech week as well as continue to wonder where in the world my tech crew went. I get a ton of kids who sign up and then they all disappear on me. I need to find an incentive, some motivation, some form of threat to keep them on the crew.

Yesterday was a freakin' long day. I jumped in my car at 6:00 am to hit the store before I got to school. Although for themost part I have given up caffine, I needed some yesterday - Pumpkin Latte was calling my name. I was at school by 6:30 and ready to copy the world, except BOTH copiers went down, again! I was so mad I almost shed some tears.

I explained to my drama kids that I just might have a melt down if they don't start to help with things. They want everything, great shows, competitions, festivals, talent shows, drama club, Thespian Society, but I just can't do it all. They think I am magic and can pull all the stuff we need for everything out of my butt. I hate to break it to them, I don't have magic butt, I don't pull props and scenery out of my ass!

They say they understand and are willing to help. We'll see when the next show comes up (two weeks after Crucible closes by the way).

Anyway, back to the long day. After a 4 hour rehearsal I hung around to make my copies, plus some for later. I worked a 14 hour day and am hoping to ge to school by 6:30 again today. It's department meetings today, so I won't have my morning planning time, which really sucks.

Did you notice there isn't a comlete through line in this entire entry? My brain does not have room in it for a through line! My dixie plate runneth over and bends in the middle!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

hell week is here...

It has arrived the last 8 days before a show opens and we are working like maniacs to get it ready. I am still missing a few set pieces, most of the props and the kids don't know all their lines, but hell or high water opening night will come November 2.

The kids are really excited, but I had to explain to them that I couldn't do EVERYTHING for the show and that they needed to help a bit more. I can't do all the shopping for props and such anymore, I just don't have the energy. (the English classes are killing me)

The posters go to the print shop on Monday, a week late, which is what happens when you ask a student to do the artwork. Which is wonderful, but man did it take her a long time to draw a dead tree. I'll post the picture later, she did a great job.

Costumes arrive on Monday, so that will be chaos, fun, but chaos. Then hopefully the kids will be super motivated for the final rush, at least that is the way it usually works.

On a fun note, if you live in the Fullerton area and can catch Seussical, it's great! Although I actually think it might close today.

The new Tennessee Williams opens next Friday, I think it's called Spring Storm. It's supposed to be really good. Apparently they found the play in Williams' papers in the 1990s and it's only been produced a handful of times. I know the girl playing the lead, she's great (we actually did a show together years ago). I am planning on going, I'll post an update after I see the show. But I can tell you CSUF does great work!

Have a fantabulous weekend (what's left of it), I'm off to great ready to see Sweet Charity tonight at the Pantages.

Friday, October 20, 2006


Clothing designer Nicole Miller is launching a size of clothes tentatively called "subzero". Yep, you read that right, subzero. It's designed for those teeny, tiny, waif things. I couldn't believe it when I read the article. Don't we have enough problems with body image and eating disorders in this world (especially this country).

I had a cousin who is a recovered anorexic, and know for a fact this is the LAST thing those girls need to see.

The waiste size on these plants...23 1/2 inches.

Miller stays the clothes are for naturally small women, not those way tall, way tiny, underweight model types. But you know that these clothes are going to be the status symbol of the anorexic.

It just makes me very sad that as a society we have created a sense that if you aren't a mini-sized person you are fat. I had a guy tell me once that at 5'7" 150 was too fat. I was wearing a size 8 at the time. I was devestated by that comment. I had NEVER been told I was fat.

Here is a link to the article if you want to read it. And nobody needs to be a subzero, we are all wonderful just the way we are!


Thursday, October 12, 2006

this, that and the other...

It's been awhile. Here's a random update.

1. I feel better. The cough still lingers a bit. I'd go to the doctor, but Kaiser STILL hasn't entered me in it's system. You'd think with insurance that took effect on October 1 I would be able to see a doctor sometime around, say, OCTOBER 12!!!! But, nope, not me.

2. Herb is doing well. Although she seems a bit lathargic to me.

3. The Crucible opens in 2 1/2 weeks. Any one want to come? Should be good. Saturday is the big tech day...build, paint, build, paint...it's loads of fun. Ever try to keep 50 helium baloons off the ceiling at one time? That is what my Saturday will be like.

4. I am so overwhelmed with work and such that I feel like my head will explode! Worse than that... no one gets it! I am so overwhelmed I yelled profanities at my cast because they didn't bring my keys back to me in my classroom and I had to track them down. Now that is pretty stressed. I don't think I could appologize enough. I just snapped, and I don't like being that person. They were cute...they said everyone snaps and understood my frustration. I promised to never swear at them again (keep in mind I used to swear like a sailor).

5. On a happy note...my sweetie showed up with this bag on Wednesday...

This is what I found inside...

Yes, I ate one before I took the picture. For those of you not cupcake savey, I guess Sprinkles is like gourmet cupcakes. And let me tell you , they are pretty darn good.

What did I do to deserve these wonderful little delights....I had a birthday! I had a birthday without a cake. I mentioned I didn't get a cake to him on Saturday after we did the family birthday thing. Then on Monday I made my own cupcakes, only the box labeled "Yellow Cake" had white cake mix instead. You must understand, my FAVORITE cake is yellow cake with chocolate icing. Even making my own I didn't get what I wanted.

So, to make me feel better M went out of his way to buy me fancy cupcakes. I think he's a keeper. What do you think?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

all I want...

is to sleep through the night. I can not continue waking up every hour coughing. Nothing is working. It is 2:00 am and I am getting dressed and heading to the pharmacy to find something that will ease my cough. I need to get some sleep. Not even the perscription cough syrup is working. I don't know how much longer I can take this.