Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year

As the New Year rolls around we all set goals and challenges for ourselves. I usually don't reach those goals, probably because I don't write them down and look at them from time to time. So, to prevent that from happening for yet another year...


1. Drop the 50 lbs I have been trying to drop for the past year.
2. Commit to being more healthy.
3. Take an acting class.
4. Audition for something.
5. Complete a bigger knitting project (bigger than a scarf).
6. Lower my debt by no less than 50%.

Okay, I think that will do it for now. Nothing too dauunting, but everything very challenging.

Have a good New Year everyone. Be healthy, happy and strong.

Friday, December 30, 2005


On Christmas a syst was discovered on my sweet Stoli's eyelid. I finally make the vet appointment and took him to have it checked. And now I am going to have to have it removed. Apparently if the dog has a syst on his eyelid it can cause eye infection, and we wouldn't want that.

I don't mind taking care of things like this for the dog, but he just had major surgery in August to remove a tumor from his shoulder (it was nothing, except an $800 bill). I was looking forward to being out of debit in 2006, and now I have to pay to have major surgery on the dog again. Because this one is on his eye, it could cost anywhere up to $1000. Now I see why my neighbors keep telling me to get pet insurance. This is crazy.

I guess I shouldn't complain that least Stoli is healthy, other than a syst on his eye.

Thursday, December 29, 2005


This Christmas I learned a valuable lesson...never say you want something in front of a ten-year-old. While in a pet store with Michael and his girls I made the rather large mistake of saying I wanted a reptile...I am now the proud owner of a lepard gecko named Herb.

Now, I really don't have a problem with owning Herb, he's a baby and rather cute. My problem is the cage of crickets that now live in my kitchen. We all have the critters that we dislike...mine happen to include crickets, and Herb being the picky eater that he is won't eat the freeze-dried crickets, he wants the live ones. The live ones which have to be coated in a special vitamine powder before he eats them. This is all rather gross to me. I think the kid at Petco thought it was pretty funny how wigged out I was at buying bugs.

This is Herb...isn't he cute. In this picture he is sitting on my 8-year-0ld niece's hand, so it is a pretty good indication of how small he is; only about two inches. He should only get to be about eight inches long and live for about 30 years according to the book the pet store gave me.

So, there you go, the new addition to my home, bugs and all.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The end of yet another year...

As I begin to look back on the last year I am amazed at how little I actually remember, a true sign that my life moves much too fast and I am not stopping to enjoy it. As a goal for myself, I commit to enjoying life more, taking the time to relize I am enjoying it. I often race race race, and forget to stop and look.

This Christmas season has proven to been absolutely grand! Stephanie and the kids coming into town to surprise Mom was probably the highlight for me. I don't like not seeing my baby sister, or her babies throughout the year. She sends lots of photos, but it just isn't the same. The surprise went off without a hitch for the most part...both Michael and I managed to miss the "money" shot when it came to taking the pictures, my camera got flipped into movie mode and we don't know what happened with the video camera. Although having the pictures would have been great (what a scrapbook layout that would have been), the memories are what are truely important.

The surprises and joy continued as Rocky and Mom became engaged...she said she wouldn't remarry. I am so happy she has found someone she wants to spend her life with. She and Rocky have so much in common and share a wonderfully special love. Rocky has set some rules down for her though...she has to retire in 5 years with him (she's very upset by this, as you can imagine :) ).

Other things that made this Christmas great...Robert and Jenn came in from Colorado and surprised everyone, even Stephanie who lives in the same general area in Colorado. We also found out Shawna and Scott are expected baby number 3. Hailey and Lauren seem happy to be getting a baby brother or sister.

I hope everyone had a holiday as special as the one had here.

I wish you all a joyous New Year filled with magic and wonder.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Christmas Crafts

I do this to myself every year...I promise to make things for give aways, for people who want to buy the things I make, to give as gifts...then I don't have the time to get it all done and end up staying up until the wee hours finishing.

This year it is a variety of stained glass items. Suncatchers, snowflakes, you name it. Tonight I will embark on a glassing adventure of the likes you have never seen.

Now don't get me wrong, I love doing this. It is one of my joys in life (being creative). But why do I always wait until the last minute to get the darn stuff done! Wish me luck...The fun begins at 4:00 pm and will continue until I finish!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Ready for a good read...

Here are a few books you might enjoy

The Harry Potter series
Series of Unfortunate Events (just start at the beginning and go)
Anything by James Patterson
Lord of the Flies by William Golding
White Oleander
The English Patient
The Thomas Harris books
The Crimson Petal and the White
To Kill a Mockingbird
Bee Season

These are just a few that come to mind.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Monday, December 05, 2005

Things about students that make me angry

1. Students who assume they don't have to work in class.
2. Students who ask for extra time and then never turn their work in.
3. Students who don't take responsibility.
4. Students who refuse to use time wisely.
5. Students who don't pay attention (ever).

Sunday, December 04, 2005


It truely is the season. I attended my first holiday party of the season last night. My sweetie's company party. Held at Lucky Strike bowling alley, it was the perfect venue for this crowd. It was fun to see everyone and catch up. Many of the people I hadn't seen since I worked for them for two weeks a couple of years ago.

I love the holiday season. Everyone is so happy and the time spent with family and frends is wonderful. I love the music, the food, the special Starbucks drinks that are only available this time of year (oh yeah!!!!Peppermint Mochas ROCK).

I am one of the crazy people who ventured out on "Black Friday" in preparation for this holiday season and was able to complete my Christmas Shopping, and now I don't have to revisit the malls, unless I am in the mood for a good laugh, as others are running around like crazy people. If you haven't ever been shopping on this day I highly recommend it, but don't do the mall...Target is the place to be. I went to two different Target stores and had much luck buying the things I needed, the stores were clean and the staff happy to help.

So as you prepare to celebrate your holiday, whatever they may be, I wish you much happiness, peace and love.


Friday, December 02, 2005

Happy Things

5 Things that make me happy...

1. A good book
2. A good bottle of wine
3. A letter/phone call from an old friend
4. A student's face when they "get it"
5. A new pair of shoes

Thursday, December 01, 2005

It's spread...

What can I say...a month ago my mom was healthy, then we found out she has breast cancer, a week ago she had a masectomy and the lymph nodes removed, today I found out that there is cancer in the nodes. What does this mean? Is she going to be okay? Why is this happening to my mom?

The nodes have been sent to the oncologist. Now we wait...but for how long? And while they are off doing their tests is she slowly dieing? Did they get it all? With some chemo is she going to be okay?

I'm scared. I feel the need to cry but don't have the time or place. I feel that I have to be not only the responsible one, but now also the strong one. I have to hold it together for my sisters when they find out. Even my dad cried when she was finally out of surgery (and they've been divorced for 11 years). I can't be the one to fall apart. I need to be the one who holds it all together. When all I want to do is curl up in a little ball and hide from the reality that this may be really bad.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Most of us spent 4 years trying to get out of high school...I continue to spend each and every day loving being there. I was recently reminded that I have been teaching for 11 years. YIKES! At first I felt old, but then I felt many people can say they have spent that much time doing something they truely enjoy.

I have been asked how I can spend that much time with teenagers, or how I can put up with the public education system...all I can say is that where else do you get to go and get paid for playing. I get to talk about literature, watch plays, watch young performers grow. It is am amazing way to make a living.

Many people feel that our education system is the downfall of society. But what are those people doing to improve it? Nothing! They complain, pull their kids out of the schools but don't offer any suggestions as to what they feel will help make things better.

I love what I do! I love my students! I love being a teacher!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Happy Birthday Marines!

On November 10, 1775 an organization was developed that today continues to protect our great nation. As you go through your day remember those who have served in the Marine Corps and thank those who have protected our freedoms.

Remember to wear RED on Friday's to show those who continue to fight, serve and give their lives for what many feel entitled to that we love and support them.

A Message From The Commandant of the Marine Corps'2005 Birthday Message

On November 10th, 1775, the Second Continental Congress resolved to raise two battalions of Continental Marines marking the birth of our United States Marine Corps. As Major General Lejeune’s message reminds us, the ensuing generations of Marines would come to signify all that is highest in warfighting excellence and military virtue. Each November as Marines the world over celebrate the birth of our Corps, we pay tribute to that long line of “Soldiers of the Sea” and the illustrious legacy they have handed down to us.

This past year has been one of continuous combat operations overseas and distinguished service here at home—a year of challenges that have brought out the very best in our Corps. In Iraq and Afghanistan, Marine courage and mastery of complex and chaotic environments have truly made a difference in the lives of millions. Marine compassion and flexibility provided humanitarian assistance to thousands in the wake of the South East Asian tsunami, and here at home, Marines with AAVs, helicopters, and sometimes with their bare hands saved hundreds of our own fellow Americans in the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Across the full spectrum of operations, you have showcased that Marines create stability in an unstable world, and have reinforced our Corps’ reputation for setting the standard of excellence.

The sense of honor, courage, and patriotism that epitomized those who answered that first call to arms two hundred and thirty years ago is still indelibly imprinted on our ranks today. In commemorating our anniversary, let us strengthen our ties to the past by paying homage to those who have gone before us. As we honor the sacrifices of our wounded and fallen comrades, our commitment to one another remains unshakable. We take special pride in the actions of the Marines now serving in harm’s way, and rededicate ourselves to the service of our Nation and our Corps.

Happy Birthday, Marines. Semper Fidelis, and Keep Attacking!

M. W. Hagee
General, U.S. Marine Corps

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A weekend in Wine Country

Spent the weekend in Temecula for the Fall Harvest Celebration. We had a great time. Although overall the wines were a bit disappointing. We did however find two new wineries, both have only been open for about a month. This was some amazing wine. If you have the opportunity to visit this wine country I suggest you go to Foote Print (on Glen Oaks) and Doffo. They are both off the beaten path but worth looking for.

So, next time you are in So Cal and want a weekend of ultimate relaxation, head to Temecula, you won't be disappointed.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Fireworks, Flame and Old Fogies...

I had the opportunity to see the Rolling Stones, and man can those guys ROCK!!!!! The show was amazing, and they sound as good as they always have. The set was incredible, no wonder they had to charge an arm and a leg for tickets, it was huge.

If you haven't had the chance to experience this band it! As one of my students said..."you never know when they will break up or die."

Saturday, October 15, 2005


Okay, maybe I am over reacting with this, but I just checked out my boyfriend's myspace, and he has himself listed as single and all his friends all HOT girls (with the execption of his daughter). Should I be upset? I know we have our problems, but I don't bill myself as single and make friends with a bunch of hot guys!

I think he set this up almost a year ago, we have been together for about 4 years. Maybe I should give him what he wants and let him be single...maybe I am being a nut case and shouldn't worry. Should I tell him, he is the one who gave me the myspace address...maybe he wants to see if I get upset...I should just kill him and be done with it.

Friday, October 07, 2005

What to do?

I have been dating the same man for almost 5 years, we are both divorced and he has two kids, two different moms. Needless to say lots of bagage! It is very obvious that his youngest daughter does not like me (nor does her mom, I am satan in their eyes). This makes my life very hard. I actually try best I can to get along with this child, but it does no good. I feel like my being in this man's life is hindering his relationship with his daughter. He refused to see it that way, but because of this I think it makes it even worse.

I have seriously begun to question the viability of this relationship. Having been together this long it is almost as hard as a dicision as getting divorced the first time. But I don't feel happy a lot of the time, he doesn't seem happy especially lately, and I know this particular daughter is not happy.

It is definately time to do some serious soul searching...

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Internal Conflict....

I have an internal conflict...I hate decisions and this one is a biggy!

I have just finished my masters work and am waiting to find out of my portfolio has been approved. In the meantime, I must decided if I want to graduate in a hotel in Texas in January, or wait and graduate in Bloomington, Indiana. The Indiana graduation will most likely be at Indiana University, which would be very cool.

Now for the conflict. I am supposed to go to China this summer. There are two weeks I can chose from. Week one returns the day before I would need to be in Indiana. The second week leaves two days before, therefore I would be in China.
So, do I race myself crazy to get from China to Indiana in July or do I graduate in Texas, or do I skip China and go to Indiana? What a mess.

It may seem trival to some, but graduating at a hotel just bothers me. I feel like it cheapens my degree, even though I know how much work I put into it. But than again, I really want to go to China and may not ever get the chance again.

What to do, what to do!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Not so many years ago...

After completing the last post I began thinking about my plans for the day and realized that on this date, not so many years ago, the United States of America took a tremendous blow as terrorists attacked our great country. We have come back the a vengence, we are strong and for the most part united. It sadens me when I think about the importance of our country standing as one and then I hear people accusing others of not acting in a timely enough fashion to various things.

We need to stop blaming and take responsibility for our actions and for what happens. It isn't anyones fault we were attacked, could it have been prevented? Maybe...but it wasn't, let's move one. Could things have been done better in New Orleans? Maybe...but they weren't, let's move one. We need to stay united as a country. We are after all the UNITED States of America. If we stand united we are strong and mights. When we fights amongst ourselves and blame and namecall we open ourselfs to disaster.

Please everyone, support all who need the support, the government who is trying to act in everyone's best interest, for the soldiers who are fighting to help those who can't help themselves, and for our neighbors that they are well, safe and generous in their support when needed.

It's underway...

The new school year is underway, and things are going along at break neck speed already. The first auditions of the year are on Thursday. I selected a relatively small show because I am still working on building th program and students aren't used to my rigorous rehearsal schedules, well, it looks like I might have over 50 kids audition for a cast of 9. I told them I would select a second show and we would do two fall plays (yes, I am crazy).

Outside of the school things are going great, went and saw Big Bad Voodoo Daddy last night, what a great show! If you haven't ever seen them live, or heard their music get out there and check it out. I think the best part was that you can tell they are really having a good time. I love watching peopel who love to perform.

On a somber note, please offer your prays, good karma and general well-wished to the surviors of Huricane Katrina. As we all know so many people lost everything, but they aren't the only ones...many animals had to be left behind, send thoughts for them also. If you can send money to one of the many organizations helping, if you can't afford money, manybe there are somethigns in your closet that you don't need that you can donate. Be kind and generous, remember most of us are lucky enough to not have been effected.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

All State, the DMV and a headache...

So, about a week ago I get a call from my insurance company that I haven't paid my premium. Rather confused I called back and said "yes I did, a week ago." I was then informed that no, I hadn't because they didn't have my check. I then replied that I would call back the next day because I had to look into this situation, and being at work on lunch just didn't make that possible at the time.

Upon reaching home I looked into the check registery and yes, I did send a check, I called my bank and all the other checks written on the same day had posted, so...I called the insurance company the next day, payed my premium by credit card (to avoid having the policy dropped, remember that, it's important later on in the story), then called my credit union and did a stop payment on the check ($10 charge).

Flash forward to TODAY (a week later), I get a call from the insurance company. My payment posted too late and my policy has been dropped. Dropped from a company that has held my insurance for over 20 years (now that's a scarey story in and of itself). I have been driving around for over a week with no car insurance and they just called me TODAY!!!!!

So, I race to Office Depot (I mean why would I have a fax at my house?), and pay $5.00 to send paperwork to the insurance company, this is after paying $2.00 to receive the fax. Just when I think all is good with the world I get a phone call, the registration I sent was expired. Now those who know me know that this type of thing doesn't happen, I don't let things expire on accident, I'm just too organized. So, now I am late for a meeting with some friends and I have no insurance and no way to fix it...the DMV is closed!

I now have to go to the DMV tomorrow and pay $16 for a new registration card, because I can't find mine anywhere! This is something I would not misplace. So something really fishy had to have been going on in my life with this thing came.

And now, I have to temp all day tomorrow (at a job I mentally finshed last week, I am tired of being the spa company phone girl), then race to the DMV to get a new registration card, then race to Office Depot in an effort to get this thing faxed before the office closes and I spend yet another day without car insurance. Because you know what will happen, Murphy's Law dictates that I will get pulled over for something, with no valid registration and no insurance. Kiss my good drive discount goodbye.

Because this situation is something I could not control I have decided to blame it all on the democrats...because I can't control them either.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Things People Do...

Okay, now people, I think we all need to get over ourselves and just let others be who they are. I recently read a post on another board about someone not buying furniture from a company because they sponor the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy show. And my first that was...WHAT? I think there are alot more damaging things these people could be boycotting than a company that sponsors a show that helps straight men find a bit of style, it's not a conversion show!

On the same note, I ran into to an email on the evils of Harry Potter! It's just a book people, and a pretty good book at that. JK Rowling is not trying to convert people to the "Dark Side." It's fiction. What is funny about this one, these people haven't even read the book. Okay, if you read the book and you don't like it, it's not your style, taste or whatever, fine...but don't slam what you know nothing about.

Now, something I have noticed is that the people who tend to do this the most...extreme right wing religous folk. Okay, I admit it, I have more a Republican/conservative bent (don't tell the teaching or theatre communities, I'd be laughed out), but I keep it in check. I don't fly off the handle when it comes to having an open mind about things I don't agree with. I don't even do much Emotional slamming (that is what Larry Elder and I loving call the democrats), even when I know how WRONG they are. Each to their own.

So, what is my point here...GET OVER YOURSELVES. Just because you don't agree with it, if you like the table at the place that sponsors the Queer Eye show, buy the gosh darn table, it's a table for goodness sake. It isn't a reflection of your personal beliefs. If you want to boycot something boycott ignorance, stupidity and intollerance.

Monday, July 18, 2005


Yesterday was the 50th birthday of the Happiest Place on Earth. I must say that I have many fond memories of Disneyland, both from visiting as a child and an adult and from working many long hours during college . Even with all the politics, complaints and headaches I can truly say that Walt's vision is still alive today and with this great celebration shinning stronger than ever.

When I arrived at the Park at 1:00 am on Sunday morning to get in line to be a part of the festivities (and there were already 3000 people in front of me) I had no idea what to expect...grumpy, tired people? Nope, everyone was in great sprits and even cheered on the employees at they arrived for their shifts. Once inside everything was the same, the guests were treated better than ever as Cast Members lined Main Street welcoming us all home. Reminding us that Walt wanted everyone to feel at home, welcome and loved at this magical place.

Sometimes in the bustle of the crowds that can gather at the Park we forget what it is all about, that Walt wanted to creat a place where dreams really do come true...and they do!

Happy Birthday Disneyland! Thank you Walt!

Saturday, July 09, 2005


I love mail! Email, snail mail, even junk mail. I love sending mail and I love getting mail. Now, the only thing that bothers me about mail is that most of the people I send mail to, do not send mail back. Why is it when someone sends me a note they expect me to reply in the first 2 seconds of reading the note, but when I send a note, I should not and can not expect a reply from the receiver of said note. I consider myself a good friend, I am always here when people need me, willing to help out in any way I can...but heaven forbid I call and ask for help fsom some of these people. I understand people live busy lives, so do I, but hey! if you call and need to rant about your latest breakup, the least you could do is meet for coffee and and listen to me talk about my theatre program for a few minutes once in a while.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

What are they thinking...

I just finished reading an article in California Educator about the No Child Left Behind legislation and the effect it is having on the Arts in our schools. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't one of California's top industries entertainment? Then why does the state insist on cutting funding, all but eliminating the arts in our schools. In my district elementary music has been taken away, schools that are underperforming on those crazy tests have had their elective programs taken away and counselors are telling students that once they take the one year required for college they can't take an arts class again because they need to focus on AP classes and things like that.

Have these people forgetten that for some of these kids the arts are the thing keeping them in school? Has all the research on the effect of the arts on student achievement in what is considered to be the "core" just passed these people by? Did they miss the part of NCLB that states that the arts ARE core? Goodness! what is a drama teacher to do?

We are creating a society of people who can take tests but can't feel with their souls.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Oh, a-camping we will go...

I don't know if anyone out there goes camping, but it is a pretty big tradition with my family (at least part of the family). We get together and go to the same campgrounds year after year. We love it. I just returned from our most recent outting and a great time was had by all. Got to love camping on the beach! The weather was fairly cooperative, sunny but windly (typical for this particular location). The kids had a wonderful time looking for rocks to paint and playing with a metal detector, of course they thought that every bottle cap and rusty tent spike was a treasure.

As much as I love camping and sitting by the campfire I spent a great deal of time wondering why we put ourselves through such an experience. Just think about it for a second, we all work work for the things we have, homes, cars, comfortable beds...why do we then go out and live in a canvas "house," sleep on the ground, and cook with limited resources, hike to the restrooms, pay to take very short showers and tend with dirt *everywhere*, not to mention the squirles, crows and bugs, and insist that is relaxing. Are we crazy people?

Monday, June 27, 2005


Went to the theatre yesterday, saw Wicked. If you haven't had the opportunity to see it, try and get tickets! It was very enjoyable, music is great, the set is amazing and the actress who plays Elphaba is AMAZING!!!!

But here is my question...why do people take small children to the theatre and then proceed to let them talk, wander about, and try to explain a complex story all during the performance. As a "theatre" person this is a huge pet peev. When did people stop following general etiquette? When did it become all about the "me"?

Oh, yeah, and when did it become okay to take off your shoes and put your feet on the chair in front of you (with your toes right next to some poor patrons head)? ARGH! We need to teach a course in Theatre Etiquette before selling tickets to a play.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

A small fallacy...

the reality is that I don't consider myself a "drama teacher" but rather a Theatre Educator. I know it's a semantics thing, but it works for me and that's all that matters.

Why start a blog? I don't know, it just seemed like the thing to do this morning. I often don't have much creative or interesting to say, but sometimes I do have a soapbox to stand on. So, here we go, off into the world of theatre, education and anything else that strikes my fancy.