Wednesday, June 13, 2012

quick catch up...

I've been so incredibly busy I completely forgot this even existed for a while...and now it seems like a place of refuge for my exhausted brain.  Last fall I entered into a doctoral program, the terminal degree. As I progress through I find myself learning so much and changing my perceptions of teaching, but I also find myself questioning my place in the teaching world.  I listening to others talk and their understanding of education is astounding.  BUT (and there's always a but), their use of the jargon drives me nuts.  I know the words pedagogy and marginalia, but don't use them and often feel that people that do are trying to show how smart they are.  It also makes me feel very inadequate, which may be what they are shooting for, boosting their egos by pushing down others.  I love education, I love learning, I look forward to having those 3 letters after my name, but can I shift my thinking enough where I sound and feel like I'm supposed to be a part of this program?

Am I worthy of the program?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

How indulgent...

It's been a long time, a very, very long time. I find my interest in maintaining a blog comes and goes, I tend to journal more on paper than in a public forum (not that this is all that public, considering nobody reads it). I also find that I am not the eloquent writer that most bloggers are, but sometimes I still feel compelled to share, how indulgent of me, I know.

I truly do strive to be a better a writer and express myself in a way that is interesting and compelling. So, I continue to write, I continue to try, and I continue to improve.