Wednesday, April 11, 2007

big sigh...

I still don't have a new house. In fact we are very close to losing the new house and a considerable sum of money.

Mortgage guy just isn't coming through for us. And on top of that he isn't giving any indication that he can't get the job done so we know if we need to move on.

Real Estate Agent guy has me doing a dual app with another lender independently. I don't know if that is stinky of me, but I don't want to lose the house or the deposit. The seller is getting a little worried about us at this point. I am looking like a bad risk to him and that is pissing me off. If ever there was a good person to lend money to, it's me. I pay back my loans, on time!

So, the day I took off to care for my frazzled mental faculties will be spent filling out a loan app, finding all the documentation New Loan guy needs and trying to send that off.

Real Estate guy said he would tell Mortgage guy we dual app'ed next week. That way Mortgage guy keeps working on our file. M and I are actually hoping we hear something today.

In fact I have put M in charge of talking to people for the next few days. My brain is fried and I can't keep all the house stuff straight any more.

So, my friends, send me good karma and lots of mojo to deal with what is quickly turing into a real estate fiasco.

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Brooklyn said...

Want me to kick his butt????