Saturday, April 07, 2007

copy cat, copy cat

Sophomores are so dumb. I just graded a paper, or should I say googled a research paper. Every single entry (they had to research 10 topics and write one paragraph on each) was copied directly from the internet.

First tip off...she didn't notate the sources, just put "book", "internet", etc.

Second tip off...links. Links print in blue!

Third tip off...words like "succession", "nomads", discontinuous"

Once again I state Sophomores are idiots!


Chatty said...

We had a student do that. He bragged and bragged that his essay was twenty pages in length. Hey, dumbass, this is the 8th grade and it's only supposed to be five paragraphs. He still, to this day, contends he didn't copy it, even though we have the encarta page with the same wording. Who knew that encarta copied their information from the essays of eighth graders? Oy

h&b said...

It must be so hard to monitor these things now ( unless they are so transparent ?! ).

It would also be hard to resist the temptation of plagurism, when there's so much out there. At an impressionable age, with information overload, it would be hard to sometimes discern what is yours, and what is something you read and 'adopted' ??!?!

I think I would hate to go back to school now. I think the bar has probably been raised so much higher due to the internet, yes ?

Although I suppose it's no different to those kids up the road that had Encyclopedia Britanica...