Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I am mostly in the the new house, although I am living out of boxes, I can't find things I need like my checkbook, the iron, stuff like that. I have been wearing nothing but jeans and t-shirts for weeks because I can't iron anything.

I haven't cooked in two weeks. I want real food for a change. I have been getting home so late from school because of rehearsal I've been eating take out almost every night.

I am about ready to kill the vocal director for my show. We got into it during rehearsal last night because he says there is too much light coming from behind him and the kids can't see his mouth when he directs them (note: he's mouthing the words to them). He wanted me to come up with an instant fix for this. I didn't know what to do, I understand his problem I have 8 lights for the entire show there isn't a thing I can do. I offered to try desklamps pointed at his face, but that wasn't good enough. I guess he thinks I am magic and can pull equipment and hang positions out of my butt. He actually came back to where I was sitting and was going on and on about this. I said I understood but didn't know what he expected me to to do, I have 8 lights for the show.

This went back and forth for a couple of minutes before he said "I understand you understand, that's not the point". What is the fucking point! You didn't do your job and make sure the kids know the music so you have to over conduct for a musical. This isn't a choir concert, they shouldn't have to look at you for cues, they should know them. I shouldn't have to worry about lighting your face because you need the kids to see you mouth the words to them. And I shouldn't have to argue with you about it when I say there are only 8 lights for the show. Give me a few minutes to think of a solution and we won't have any problems.

I really think that he thinks that my job is to make him look good. That the show is about him and what he can do. He said it is a collaboration, he has been to one rehearsal a week until the last 3 weeks. He hasn't helped build a single piece of scenery, yet complains at me that there aren't certain things on the set, or that things are working a certain way.

ARGH!!!!!! I want to slap this man. But I won't, and I probably won't work on the musical next year. That would be a lot less stress on my plate.

Anyway...I hope you are all doing well. I am so disconcected from all of you right now. I don't have my blogroll completely up to date so I can't do my usual reading and my blog list got deleted from my laptop. I will have to wait until this weekend and get my desktop set up.

Take care! and wish me luck!

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