Friday, May 18, 2007

I hate that woman...

M's ex is back to making my life miserable.

We have moved into our new home. We are getting ready for a wedding in just under two months. We will be living together for the rest of our lives. And yet next weekend I am going to have to move into a hotel because M's daughter B will be staying the weekend.

Now, I understand the divorce paperwork says we can't live together when he has her, but he offered to stay at the other end of the house in the guest room. But that isn't good enough. I have to stay in a hotel.

She was actually shocked when he said that it would cost her $300 for me to do that. She just assumed I would imposition someone in my family by asking to stay with them. Which I am sure they wouldn't mind, but it is the principal of it. I have a home! Why in the world must I feel homeless. So she found a hotel for $100 a night. Which is what I am willing to pay, so I will be looking for rooms in the $200 range. I figure if I have to stay in a hotel it's going to hurt her, right in the pocketbook.

I know it seems petty and vindictive, but she makes my life a living hell. B isn't getting over the divorce (5 years now) because mom is an enabler. Mom isn't over the divorce so the child can't get over it. I know that the reason B gets so upset over some of the stuff she gets upset about is because she senses mom wants her to be upset over this. The kid can't even make a simple decision, like what kind of ice cream to order (there were only 4 flavors), without someone helping her. I thought we were going to give her an heart attack when we asked her to pick out some possible colors for the bedroom here.

She was upset because M asked how she felt if I came to open house with him. She actually cried when she got home. Mom was on the phone with M today complaining about it. I can't even go anyway, I have an awards ceremony at the school, so it really was a mute point, but she couldn't let it go.

What makes me feel worse is I really don't think M understands how much this stuff upsets me. I tell him how mad it makes me. But I don't think he really gets just how much it hurts. I try being nice the B, I try backing off, nothing works, the kid just isn't going to like me because mom has told her lies about me and her dad, mom doesn't want her to like me. She feels like she is betraying mom if she likes me. I really am on the edge of just giving up. I mean when I got out with M and B I feel like I am the third wheel, not that we are a family of sorts and I don't think this is ever going to change.

And it makes me sad.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

and the curtain rises...

for yet another musical. Bye Bye Birdie opens in a meer 2 hours 20 minutes. I am very excited to have this show behind me.

I have decided that I won't be working on the musical next year (unless, of course, the dread VD says he's not doing it first). I can't work with someone who doesn't think I know what I'm doing.

Anyway, the kids have worked hard and should be very proud of what they have accompished. I know I'm proud of them!

They are my constant reminder of why I really do love my job.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I am mostly in the the new house, although I am living out of boxes, I can't find things I need like my checkbook, the iron, stuff like that. I have been wearing nothing but jeans and t-shirts for weeks because I can't iron anything.

I haven't cooked in two weeks. I want real food for a change. I have been getting home so late from school because of rehearsal I've been eating take out almost every night.

I am about ready to kill the vocal director for my show. We got into it during rehearsal last night because he says there is too much light coming from behind him and the kids can't see his mouth when he directs them (note: he's mouthing the words to them). He wanted me to come up with an instant fix for this. I didn't know what to do, I understand his problem I have 8 lights for the entire show there isn't a thing I can do. I offered to try desklamps pointed at his face, but that wasn't good enough. I guess he thinks I am magic and can pull equipment and hang positions out of my butt. He actually came back to where I was sitting and was going on and on about this. I said I understood but didn't know what he expected me to to do, I have 8 lights for the show.

This went back and forth for a couple of minutes before he said "I understand you understand, that's not the point". What is the fucking point! You didn't do your job and make sure the kids know the music so you have to over conduct for a musical. This isn't a choir concert, they shouldn't have to look at you for cues, they should know them. I shouldn't have to worry about lighting your face because you need the kids to see you mouth the words to them. And I shouldn't have to argue with you about it when I say there are only 8 lights for the show. Give me a few minutes to think of a solution and we won't have any problems.

I really think that he thinks that my job is to make him look good. That the show is about him and what he can do. He said it is a collaboration, he has been to one rehearsal a week until the last 3 weeks. He hasn't helped build a single piece of scenery, yet complains at me that there aren't certain things on the set, or that things are working a certain way.

ARGH!!!!!! I want to slap this man. But I won't, and I probably won't work on the musical next year. That would be a lot less stress on my plate.

Anyway...I hope you are all doing well. I am so disconcected from all of you right now. I don't have my blogroll completely up to date so I can't do my usual reading and my blog list got deleted from my laptop. I will have to wait until this weekend and get my desktop set up.

Take care! and wish me luck!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

wiped out!

I am so tired! We moved most of my stuff out of my townhouse wednesday and the big stuff out of M's rental. There is still a lot that has to happen at the townhouse for it to be ready for my renter and it all has to happen by Sunday! Did I mention my show opens this a week?

The Master Suite, we will be painting, but other than that it is a fantastic room....

An entire wall of built-ins, that's
pretty cool, huh?

We could have a party in this shower!

This is the Great Room....We will be changing the color...quickly!

This is the window seat in my craft room...yes! I get my own craft room. I am so excited. (okay, I can't find the picture of the craft room, but I thought you might enjoy knowing I have a windoe seat!)

Guest Room - can't wait to paint this one!

This is the tree in the garden side of the backyead. I love this side of the yard. It is very English Garden.

Note: this post was started several days ago, and then the madness that is moving began. I have been moving things in a car for the entire day (M left for Nashville for work this morning). There is still stuff at the townhouse. I can't believe that! I have way too much stuff and I'm not exactly sure how that happened.

Anway, I hope you enjoyed the pictures...further updates on the move to come later. I'm very tired and want to go by the townhouse in the morning and do another car load before work. That way my tenant (who I know, that goodness) won't have to deal with as much of my stuff for the next week. When M and I finish taking it all out.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

just a quickie...

WE GOT KEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pictures to follow later today.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

a little of this, that and the other

Barring any more craziness M and I should get keys to the house this afternoon. We can't wait, the champagne has been in the fridge for 3 weeks. Once we get the keys the maddness really begins. We have to move me while I direct a musical that is 6 days from opening and before M leaves for Nashville for work.

My garage door broke, again! I have to miss rehearsal tomorrow for the repair company to come and and fix it. I demanded the home warranty company send someone different this time. Last time I specifically asked the repair guy if I needed a new door to prevent this from happening again and he said no. Well, this is the fourth time th exact same thing has happened in two years, what do you think?

One of my assistant principals doesn't trust my judgement, and I hate the use the girl card (I've done it a lot in the past month) but I really do think it's because we are dealing with tools, technology and all things usually considered man. Here's what happened...M and I were working with the kids to get ready for the musical on Saturday, M went up on the scaffolding to set the lights and it was discovered that the batton (big metal pipe that holds the lights) was coming out of the drywall. We took all the lights down, for safety - one good shake from the earth and the whole thing could have come crashing down. When I explained the situation to the AP he had the nerve to look at me like this was my fault! He also made me explain to him how we got up there and how we got the lights down. It took every fiber in my body not to reach out and slap him upside the head while stating the fact that I have a degree in this, I do this all the time, and that the kids in my program will go up on ladders and use power tools and they will not die! Stupid man!

On a very exciting note...I found my dress for the wedding. I don't think M has found the blog yet so I have posted a picture. I also found the perfect shoes, but haven't taken a picture of them yet...maybe later. Now I just have to lose some more weight! What do you think? (It's a terrible picture, but I love the dress!