Monday, December 29, 2008


I finally sat down to back up all my pictures on my desktop. I've been putting it off for 5 years. So, there are 5 years of pictures plus scans of family pictures for the last 30 some-odd years. I leave the room for 15 minutes, come back and the computer has frozen. No big deal it does it frequently. One of the reasons I was backing up today, so I could start taking pictures off the hard drive. Do my usual to there is a problem. All I get is the Compaq red screen and a high pitched beep. I don't know if this is a crash or what, all I know is it isn't good.

My sister says to unplug and walk away for a while. I am trying not to meltdown about it. My dear, dear husband says he will look at it when he gets home from Costco. The man is sweet, but knows nothing about PCs. I am tempted to just call the Geek Squad.

Someone, just please tell me that my photos will be saved. There is a lot of other important stuff on there, the only thing I care about are the photos. JUST SAVE THE PHOTOS!!!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

oh my heck...melt down ahead

A student approached me and asked what was wrong...I about took off his head. I'm having a melt down. It dawned on me today that people think that I have 6 hours in the day that they don't. That has got to be the only explaination as to why people keep asking me to do things.

In the next two days I must complete the following:

1. come up with certificate categories for the annual gingerbread house contest (more on that in another post)
2. finish the afgan I'm making for my grandmother
3. decorate for the staff holiday breakfast
4. pick up one more secret santa gift
5. add something to my best work friend's gift
6. create a book report type activity for my sophomores
7. grade 3 months worth of English papers

In the next 4 days I must:

1. make 4 photo albums (two that must ship)
2. ship the 3 gifts that need to be shipped (see above)
3. send out the holiday newsletter or Christmas cards
4. make sure M writes the holiday newsletter

In the next week I must:

1. shampoo the carpet in my house
2. clean the craft room
3. make 2 gifts
4. finish buying stocking gifts
5. paint the entryway
6. do backyard recon from the puppy destruction
7. menu plan for Christmas Eve
8. clean for the family party on Christmas Eve
9. take the puppies to the groomers

So, needless to say, I'm just a tad busy.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

feeling a little grinchy

I am just not feeling the Christmas spirit. B and D have done it again. This is two years in a row (actually it's been going on for 6 years) that they have made the holiday season miserable. B has decided she doesn't want to go to my families Christmas party. M asked her if she was still coming on Christmas Eve since my family was going to be there, she at first said I don't know, but when he told her that if she was wanting to cut them out of her life he would tell them to return the gifts they bought her. That changed her tune, all of sudden she didn't want to cut them out, she would be there Christmas Eve. Of course now I don't want her there.
My family is trying so hard to make her feel like part of the family and comfortable and welcome and all she can do is spit in their faces. I am so tired of trying to foster some sort of relationship with her. I just want to call it quits and be done with it. I know doing that would upset M, but right now I don't care. I hate to say it but this nonsense maybe be the death of a great relationship.
I don't want it to effect my relationship with M, but when he is so miserable because B doesn't want to come around, doesn't want to be an active part of our family (we are like Disneyland to her, she comes, we plan something and spend money on her and she goes away to her "real" home). I just feel like his relationship with her would be so much better if I just wasn't around. I know that between now and Christmas anytime he has B, I plan on being someplace else. It will just be better that way, I am in a state of mind regarding her that I might just say something I would regret later.
Has anyone else gone through this? Does it ever get better? Easier?
On a brighter note...L is arriving the day after Christmas. That should be fun, that's the step-daughter I get along with. A couple of days after she arrives her best friend is coming. I'm excited, I have planned a few things for me and the 18-year-olds. I think we will have a good time, and as mean as it sounds I'm not taking B with us.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Just another day in paradise?

I have returned from a fabulous trip to New York. I learned a lot, saw some great theatre and had the opportunity to reconnect with great friends. The weather was cold, it rained for two days and the city was crowded beyond belief. But man did we have fun.

This morning I am back at work, dealing with teenagers. I have already yelled at both my English classes. They don't seem to understand that when asked to please stop talking, it doesn't mean to finish your conversation and then stop. Theatre 1 complained very vigorously about how hard the new scenes are going to be and said they took a vote to use scripts of the same level of the last ones. I had to explain that it wasn't a democracy, they were living in my queendom for period 3. Looking forward to advanced students who will want to know all about the trip to New York.

On a very happy note...I forgot today is a minimum day. I only have to deal with students until 12:15 today. Although, I do have a cast meeting, department meetings and rehearsal this afternon. It is better than teaching until 3:00.

Monday, December 08, 2008

a heart breaking moment

I had to take a day to ponder on this otherwise this post would be very angry and even more hurtful.

It has all hit the fan again with B after we thought things were getting better. Yesterday we were supposed to go hear her sing at her church and see a display of nativity scenes. I was really looking forward to going, I like nativity scenes, I like listening to choirs sing and it was the first time I was going to attend an event for B (even though her dad and I have been together for years).

M talked to B on Sunday afternoon and discovered that BB (birth b#@#$) was going to be holding a seat for him with her family. He reminded B that I was coming and that she should let her mom know. B gave the phone to her mom, who when told I was coming said "No". From there it turned really, really bad. BB hung up on M, he called back to talk to B but had to leave a message, B called him back after a few minutes.

At this point he asked B if she wanted me to go or not. The only way I wasn't going to go was if she said she didn't want me to. She said she didn't want me to, it would cause trouble. M asked about trouble for who, she said just trouble, so he decided he wouldn't go either. She then proceeded to tell him that her and her mom needed their space, that he wasn't there for her when he and her mom were together and he isn't there for her now. He stressed to her how he is always trying to get extra time with her and that her mom doesn't let him. (she makes sure he only gets the minimum of 6 hours the divorce papers say)

M ended up going but not sitting with BB and her family and he did not stay when it was over. He said B looked on the verge of tears the entire time. He is so finished with all of this. He goes out of his way to do things for B. He went and did lighting for one of her school dances, he is lined up to do 4 more dances for her thoughout the year (she's part of leadership). This means he is pulling out favors from people at this office to borrow equipment to make what B wants happen. This is the dad who "isn't there for her."

I was even dragged into the meat of the argument, apparently I disrespect her everytime I go to her house with M to pick up B. I never get out of the car, I don't even look at her if I can help it. She says she gets dirty looks whenever she drops off or picks up B from us. I don't even see her, she refuses to get out of the car.

I am at my wits end. I try to be supportive, I try to be understanding. But this CHILD treats her father like he's dirt anytime she doesn't get what she wants and I can't take it anymore! And don't know what to do. ARGH!!!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

If only...

I could kill sophomores without any legal reporcussions. Because I can name almost 40 who deserve to die right now.

I have never encountered a group who can go from being good kids to wholey terrors in 30 seconds. They don't listen, they don't work and try to take a sub's word over my own. If they would stop their side conversations long enough they would know and understand what we are doing, my throat wouldn't hurt from having to talk over them to get their attention and I wouldn't feel like I'm about to snap at any moment.

Oh, and to all you substitue teachers out there, don't augment my lesson plans, no matter how weak you feel they are. I don't want to grade the stupid crossword puzzle that you gave them because you thought it would be fun. Don't correct my theatre students when they know what they are doing because they have been doing it for a week.

All these things combined does not leave me feeling well about leaving them for 3 days next week while I'm at a conference. This should be fun. I really should check and see which sub is in my room....hopefully it is the retired marine, he ROCKS!!!!!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Poor Buddy

On Monday the poor baby had to go the the doggie emergency room. He had a lot of vomiting and needed to be seen on the quick. After lots of time and lots of money it was determined that he needed x-rays and barium to figure out if there a blockage of somekind.

By 10:30 the next day it and two vets later it was determined that the problem could have been scraps from the molding he ate. But nobody will commit for sure. He was given some drugs and a bland diet and seems to be feeling fine as of 7:00 this morning when I left for work.

It should be noted that the picture actually has nothing to do with the incident in question, it is a photo of the poor boy covered in double stick tape. Since he can climb out of the indoor dog-run it was suggested that we line it with double stick tape since they don't like the way it feels. Well, apparently he tried to climb over, got covered in tape, ran outside rolled in the dirt to get the tape off, then came back in covered in tape and dirt and climbed out of the run.

Crazy puppy.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's been a long time...

since I last posted. My home Dell doesn't think the cookies are turned on so I can't post from it (until today that is, it seems to be okay with blogger today). My old Compac makes M mad when I use it because I have the new Dell. My work Dell, well it's at work and I'm just way too busy there.

Well, I will just skip to the chase...The play was fab, the kids were great, I'm already rehearsing the next show and selecting the one after that.

We are now on Thanksgiving break and boy do I need it!!!!!

The next 5 days will be filled with cleaning, decorating, family and friends. I am very excited.

To get the day really going a list of a few of the things I plan on getting done today...

1. Get my hair cut touched up, the back is just growing out too quickly
2. Go to the bank
3. Clean the house
4. Decorate for Christmas
5. Paint the entry way (the great room/kitchen got painted last year and I have just never finished the job)
6. Finish my Christmas shopping
7. Make a couple gifts for Christmas
8. Send out the E-vite for our Christmas Eve family party
9. Clean the craft room so I can get crafty
10. Send a gift that should have gone out MONTHS ago

The picture is of the puppies showing each other some puppy-love. I LOVE this picture.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Why is it that the Democrats can say what ever they want about the Republicans but heaven forbid a Republican say anything negative about a Democrat?

Remember to go out and get your vote on today! It's too important to let it slide.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


I have belonged to a website called Hungry Girl for about a year. The site is great, they send out emails with good food choices and nutritional states on things you may not think about looking up.
Today I decided to try one of the recipes that came in an email (motivated by the fact my sister gave me the Hungry Girl cookbook for my birthday).

Here is my review and the recipe....

Broccoli Cheese Soup

1 tray Green Giant just for one Broccoli and Cheese Sauce
1 wedge Laughing Cow original light swiss cheese
1/2 cup plain soy milk
salt and pepper to taste

Cook the broccoli and cheese according to the directions. Peel back the film and stir, adding in the laughing cow wedge (cut it up). Replace film and cook for another 45 seconds and stir. Allow to cool for a minute or two then put in the blender (I used my food processor) with the soy milk. Blend until you like it, reheat and enjoy.

I thought it was a little bland at first, but add some salt and pepper and it is way yummy. Especially if you are trying to watch the fat and calories, but LOVE broccoli cheese soup.

You can make this for as many as you want. I like the fact most HG recipes are for 1. M doesn't always like the same things I do when I am dieting, so it makes cooking a lot easier.

I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hi Ho, Hi Ho...

oh crap! Do you ever feel like you work and work and work and work and nothing seems to get done?

Welcome to my world.

I am to the point where I feel guilty if I do something for myself instead of for work. I can't see my desk and don't feel like I am serving my kids the way I should.

I would post a picture of my desk, but I am a bit embarrassed by the state of it.

Here are the 6 most important things on my to do list:
1. Get grades done
2. Prep my observation lesson (next Thursday)
3. Get the poster information for the fall play to the graphic design teacher
4. Call the costumer
5. Find a new restaurant for the faculty/staff to have dinner at before the homecoming game (my first choice has apparently gone out of business)
6. Finish updating my department goals and align them to the Content Standards (yes, theatre has content standards)

Good Grief...time to run to a meeting...will it never end?

Monday, October 13, 2008


M threw a surprise birthday party for me on Saturday night. It was a lot of fun and really nice of him. I feel a little bad because I was mad at first, I had told him I didn't want a party. I knew something was up when I caught him making 3 tubs of sour cream dip.

My mom, K and I went shopping during the day and when we came home all the neighbors, friends and family were in the house. He went through a lot of trouble to make this a very special birthday and I really do appreciate it. I got over being mad really fast. I think one of the best parts was the fact that my cousin and her family changed their family vacation plans in order to make it to the party. They were planning on being in town earlier in the week, but when they found out about the party shifted things so they could come. I thought that was really nice of them.

I was impressed with who M was able to get to come. Since he doesn't really know my work friends he had the one he does know invite others, he asked my best drama teacher friend to invite anyone she could think of. It was great. And even though he said gifts not necessary, I was treated very well on this milestone of a day (I'm not telling so don't ask). Although, I think perhaps I might drink a little too much, I was given many, many bottles of wine and a bottle of vodka. I'm not sure if they are trying to tell me something. My coolest gift...a Cricut. Those of you in the scrapebooking world will know what that is. I now have my very own electronic die cut machine. It is way cool. I do feel a little guilty that M spent so much money on it. I better make good use of it.

I have a wonderful husband. B helped with the party and I was told by a couple of different people how sweet she was. She never talks to any of my friends or family when they are around her, so maybe we have hit a turning point. Maybe my not caring about it anymore (or at least not letting her know) is making a difference. Now that she can see that I'm not going to let it bother me. I hope this is a change that continues and we see lots of improvement because she has a whole new side of the family who would love to get to know her.

So, now I am one year older, hopefully a little bit wise and very very happy.

Monday, October 06, 2008

My Program is Imploding...

I don't understand. I have a great group of kids, I am doing things they say they want to do, I am knocking myself out trying to make things great for them and still they insist on letting little things make them quit the program.

I don't know if it is becoming too incestuous and not enough new kids. I don't know if I'm putting too much pressure on certain kids or what. I have never seen this happen before in a theatre program and I am at a total loss as to what to do.

I love my job, I love my kids, I love theatre, but right now I am ready to give it all up and just teach English until I can find something else. Not really what I want to do, but it might be my only alternative to being miserable.

I am also going to not argue with kids who tell me they want to drop the class. I can't continue to fight with them. I think that is what they want, for me to beg them to stay. It's not going to happen. One of my best kids is trying to transfer. Before she came in I was told it was because she was mad about what happened on Friday in class while I was gone, when she came in she told me it was because she needed to work on other credits. I think she is lieing to my face, which pisses me off more than anything.

Somehow, since coming to this district I can't make a theatre program thrive, I did great at my last district and now, I am like the kiss of death for a program. It really is weighing heavy on me right now. I have some big decisions to make.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

She's Amazing...

My sister, K, has been overweight for almost as long as I can remember. She is a beautiful girl, but just always heavy, very heavy, which caused me to worry about her health and wellness. Nobody in the family ever really said anything to her about it, that would just be rude.

She had done several periods of time with WW and was very successful, but always gained it all back, plus some extra. I think the gain back was because her husband wasn't that supportive. I think he was threatened by her weightloss and feared she would leave him.

About a year ago, K, decided she had had enough of being fat (I'm not being mean, she was fat, and she knows it). She started on WW again and this time made a total life change commitment. At this point she has lost well over 100lbs, looks fabulous and just plain glows. She has incorporated so many changes in her life and has made exercise a real part of that life.

Her husband still isn't that supportive. He is definately proud of her and likes a lot of the changes he sees. But he keeps talking about being afraid that she won't be able to go back to "eating normal". Obviously what he considers normal wasn't working for her and made her overweight. He is upset that if they go out with friends she won't have a drink because she doesn't want to waist the "points", which is actually kind of funny because she has never really been a drinker and most of the times wouldn't have a drink anyway.

I am so proud of K for what she has accomplished, she is my inspriation (not to mention I was always the skinny one and now she is. Who ever said a little sisterly competition wasn't a good thing?). Because of her success I am not much more successful with my weight loss and getting fit.

And now, may I present the before and after pictures of my amazing sister. Enjoy and let her be your inspriation too, she's as beautiful on the outside as she has always been on the inside.



Thursday, September 25, 2008

Shin Splints Hurt

A bunch. After the foot pain I got from the Avon walk as healed I am now dealing with shin splints that won't. Every time I think it's getting better, it doesn't. It really is messing up my workout routine. When I wake up with a swollen leg and pain I really don't want to go and work out. Even walking the dogs is hard right now.

I ice and ice and ice. I try to keep it elevated when I am home. But still I am in pain. I really don't want to go back to the doctor. I don't want to spend another $15 copay to hear that I have shin splints and need to ice it. I figure I will give it one more week. If it still hurts I will fork out the money.

On a lighter note...Rehearsals for the fall production are underway. The kids are excited, I'm excited and I think we are going to have an amazing show.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Fact or Fiction?

I have been doing a lot of research on pit bulls. I have two pit bull mix puppies. I want to know everything I can about pit bulls and puppies and how to make sure my dogs are healthy, happy and safe. But of course now I am so confused...

There are so many differing opinions, keep the dogs apart, always! If they get along, let them play together but keep them apart when I'm gone. If they are about the same age and get along and I walk them together and feed them together they will be fine together when I'm are gone.

I don't know what to believe now.

I have several neighbors with multiple dogs and they tell me to just let the dogs be together. That they will be fine.

I have talked with a friend I consider to be somewhat of a pit bull expert and he says they should be fine because they are about the same age and get along very well.

I often consider knowledge to be power, but right now I'm thinking too much knowledge may not be a good thing.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I got the call...

that nobody with a family member stationed over-seas ever wants to get.

My sister called today to tell me that MT was wounded. Fortunately, it is minor. His truck (or maybe Humvee) hit an IED (roadside bomb) and flipped. He broke his shoulder/clavicle thing and got some pretty good bumps and scrapes, but is going to be fine.

When S talked to him all he knew was he was being flown to the hospital in Germany. He will call later with details as to surgery and such.

The only other injury was the medic who was with them, he broke a vertebrae. He will also be fine. Everyone else was pretty banged up, but no fatalities.

Anyone who knows me well, knows I have an issue with the all powerful and don't go in for prayer, but for those of you who do, could you please pass some on to my sister and her family for piece while they wait to hear what is going on. And for MT that his injuries are really as minor as they say. AND for all of our men and women who are fighting a war that many don't agree with, but are still willing to give their lives for our freedoms and the privilege of saying you don't agree. (I love our soldiers!)

Monday, September 15, 2008

This, that and a whole lot of other...

This post will be filled with all kind of apparently random stuff...I haven't been able to log in to blogger for several weeks. I have finally just decided to download Firefox and all seems to be working now (damn IE). So, here is the past month in a nutshell...

1. The puppy formally know as BJ is now known as Fender and is a playful happy member of the family. He and Bella get along famously. They play hard and love even harder. Everyday when I get home from work I get the puppy attack, it's a full frontal onslaught of of puppy tongue, which is always great fun.

He is still having some housetraining issues and does not like the fact he is crated every night, but we have to do it. Not to mention he tore a whole in one of the sofa pillows and we aren't sure if we are going to be able to replace it yet.

2. School is well underway. So far so good, I think. The drama kids are fun, like always. The sophomores are...well...sophomores. I think the worst sign is the that when we were in the library today having a booktalk with the library assistant to help the kids pick out books, a kid laughed at the book that was about a girl who gets raped and then finds out she has HIV. When I asked him why that was funny his response was that he didn't know, it was just funny. Kinda scarey.

3. Avon Walk for Breast Cancer was this weekend. Once again it was a great experience. I didn't make it the entire 39.3 miles, I have an inflamed tendon in my right foot and it hurts...bad. But I keep telling myself and everyone else who feels sorry me, it won't need chemo so it was all worth it.

4. Today we saw the first signs of aggression in Bella. As we went into the dog park she was going to say "hello" to another dog on lease outside, like we always do when she snarled and lunged toward the dog. We opted to take her in anyway, and before we could get Fender into the park she was nipping at another dog across the park. I had to run over, I felt so bad, fortunately the owner said everything was fine. She knows Bella, so I think she knows that that behavior is unusual for her. After that she was fine, even with the second dog that she nipped at. A little later there was the start of a fight between her and another dog. Another owner we know sort of took responsibility for that one. He said he was trying to get them to stop eating the grass/dirt when both dogs were heading for the same clump and they started. Turns out it the second dog of same owner. So, this poor woman, both her dogs with issues with Bella tonight. I felt so bad. I don't know what was up with Bella tonight and I hope we don't see it again. Nobody seemed really bothered by it, I think they all know Bella well enough and know that we keep her in pretty good check and that she is in reality a really big love bug. But I can tell you, I won't be taking both dogs by myself again any time soon, just in case. This is going to be a two human opperation.

Okay, I think that is most of the information I needed to get out. Like I said, I have been trying to post, Blogger issues abounded, but Firefox to the rescue.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

what were we thinking...

We were thinking that this face...

would end up in a shelter if we didn't take him in.

Meet BJ. He is a 4.5 month old pit bull mix who is now turning my life upside down. He isn't house broken, isn't crate trained, hasn't been neutered, growls at the cats, climbs out of the pen and is very much a PUPPY. Apparently he was an appartment dog who was allowed to run the house.

He is also a complete and total love bug. He likes to snuggle and give kisses and just love on his people.

He and Bella seem to get along pretty well. Although his little puppy teeth are tearing the crap out of her. He plays super rough, so much so I'm afraid of taking him to dog park.

BJ came to us because a friend of M's sent out an email about a friend of her's who needed to find a home for BJ because the appartment that allowed pets that they had lined up fell through. If they didn't find him a home he would be in a shelter. That thought just killed me because I know that in alot of shelters they don't up pit bulls up for adoption, they put them down, no matter what their disposition.

Right now as cute as he is and and sweet as he is I'm not sure I want to keep him, but I also don't want to see him go to a shelter. I feel bad because I either have to crate him and put Bella in her pen, or I have to nail a board over the dog door and put them both in the backyard when I leave for the day. He can't be left free in the house because he isn't house trained, not to mention we don't even leave Bella free in the house.

I'm also a little nervous about having two pit bulls. Although, I know that other people have done it. I guess that comes from the girl at the rescue we got Bella from scared the tar out of me when I asked her about getting a second one not long after we got Bella.

We want her to have a buddy for when I go back to work, but I don't want her lifestyle to completely change. I want her to still be able to come in during the day and lay in her bed. I want to feel like she isn't going to be hurt by another dog while I am gone at work.

I don't know what to do. I am so torn. If we give him back he goes to a shelter and I won't know what happens to him. I would love to find someone I know to take him because is going to be a great dog. But then again I have already started bonding with him and him with me.

Anyone have any advice or suggestions? I could use all the help I can get.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

lack of focus...

Have you ever had one of those days (weeks, months, years) where you just can't get your focus straight? I have a two page to do list to take care of before I leave for San Diego tomorrow.Most of the stuff has been on the list for a week and I can't seem to get my focus to get it done. I putter here, I putter there, but nothing is getting done. All I want to do is sit on the sofa and watch TV or sit in front of the computer and play games.

I'm not sure how to get back on track, but if I don't I'm up a creek without a paddle come Monday morning when I get to my conference.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Home again, home again...

that's where I am. Vacation was, well, vacation. I really enjoyed the time spent with M's sister's family, they are great people. The time with the girls on the other hand, not so much. B managed to get out of going to the Canada portion of the "FAMILY" vacation by calling her mom and telling her she wanted to stay with her cousin. L managed to upset me by wasting money (M managed to do that as well). I'm sorry, but if someone else is paying your way don't sit on your but and do nothing because you're "hot" or "tired". But that is all fodder for another post in which I complain about nobody in this family being concerned with the difference between outflow and income (and it isn't going in the right direction).

I won't post all the details right now, I would much rather talk about what an amazing family M's sister has...Keep in mind I met K for the first time when she was only about 5 or 6. Seeing her with a family is actually a little strange.

K got pregnant when she as 16 and had C right before her senior year of high school. She managed to graduate, still taking AP and honors classes. When C was about 6 K married D. I actually had the privilege of attending the wedding. They are the coolest couple. K even wrote "wedding vows" for the kids to become brother and sister (D has a daughter about the same age as C). Since getting married they have had T and most recently baby P and D has legally adopted C. (It's beginning to look like alphabet soup here).

Being able to watch this family interact was so much fun. K is an amazing mom to these kids and has the patience of a saint. I don't know how she does it, there were times when I would have flipped my lid. Even more amazing is the fabulous relationship she has with D's daughter, E. As a stepmom I understand how hard that can be and K has it down. E even calls her mom.

K's family has completely embraced me as part of the family, which I know can be hard as the second wife. I felt so comfortable at their home (which is saying a lot, because I HATE to stay at other people's houses). I feel so lucky to have become part of this family. Not only to I have a fab husband (yeah, even though he makes me mad sometimes I still think he's pretty nifty), but I have an awesome extended family. I don't think I could as for more.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A bit of this, a bit of that and a little ARGH!!!

I have enjoyed my first full week off work despite the fact that I have had to spend the evenings at the school dealing with an outside group that has rented the theatre. They were nice for the most part, at least nicer than they were last time they used the space. My kids learned a lot, mainly because I actually left the school for a couple hours at a time and they had to deal with the show on their own.

Anyway, the show closed last night. The kids were told they were being given shirts, no shirts ever appeared (they did receive gift cards to In and Out Hamburger). When the director of the group was thanking everyone for their help, I was thanked for loaning them set pieces. The ever present, ever so much of an a#$, vocal director was thanked for loaning them audio equipment. Yes, you read that right, loaning them audio equipment. Last time I checked the audio equipment was the theatre department's and the wireless mics (which are crap) were his. This just irritated me, the kids were pissed. They also didn't get a public thank you. They worked their butts off for a week, in the sweltering heat (we don't have AC in the theatre), for $10. I might be hard pressed to get them to work the shows for this group next year. They enjoy it, but they feel really used. I won't say anything because I don't want to sound petty, at least not out in my "real" world.

Okay, that was the ARGH~! Now on to this and that...

M has been gone for 12 days, he returns home just in time for us to head out for vacation. I really don't want to go. We are going through another rough patch with B and her feelings toward me and my marrying her dad. I don't want to leave the puppy (I will have to post some pictures...she's HUGE!). I just want to stay here and enjoy my summer and not run around like a crazy person. Wow, how many people say they don't want to go on vacation? Am I really crazy.

I have upped my traning for the Avon Walk, it is less than 90 days away and my longest walks are only at 3mi. Probably because I walk with the dog and I don't think she can walk that far and I certainly can't carry her back to the car if she loses her pep. If you would like to make a donation to my walker fund you can do that at , I'm walker number 871001. It would be greatly appreciated.

One of my favorite blogs to read has several pictures of the lovely blogger herself. This got me thinking...I'm never in any pictures. It could be because I am 50lbs overweight and I subconsciously avoid the camera, but would never know I was at most of my family functions. I am usually behind the camera. This summer I say remedy this...I will lose the 50lbs (that way I know that's not the reason and I might actually like the pictures I'm in) and I will make sure to have pictures taken of me. I did this when in China, I don't know why I don't do it all the time. I also forget to take pictures a lot of the time. This would explain the lack of pictures in my blog and why I seem to have lost my scrappy mojo. (although I am beginning to feel crafy this summer).

I have a TON of things to do before we leave tomorrow...I can't believe most of it isn't done yet. I think I will blame it on the's been too hot to do almost anything. Here is a low down of what will happen before I leave for the airport tomorrow at 5:00 am.

1. finish laundry
2. pack
3. create a dog run inside the house for the puppy
4. go to the petstore
5. type detailed instructions on how to care for pets
6. get keys made for the various housesitters to take care of pets
7. pick up audio and lighting equipment from the school to prevent it being stolen during the summer.
8. finish cleaning the house
9. buy a swimsuit (not like I haven't had TONS of time to do this)
10. clean out the fridge (I don't want to come home to anything stinky)
11. meet with the house sitters so they know how to walk the puppy
12. create lock-up checklist to prevent OCD panic at airport
13. go to the bank to deposit tax check
14. pay bills to avoid them being late while I am gone

I guess that really isn't that much. I think I might actually make it. If I actually get moving....

Sunday, June 15, 2008

it's finally over...

The school year has ended. My last day was on Thursday, Bella spent the day getting loved on by all my teacher friends while I tried to get checked out for summer. I have spent the last couple of days trying to get things squared away for a summer learning institute I am planning on attending (they have only been nagging me to come for 3 years) and trying to get the house ready to go on vacation (I hate leaving a dirty house).

I can definately tell the school year needed to catch up with me. Yesterday I took a 2 1/2 hour nap. Mind you I do not do naps well. It usually takes me about 3 hours to recover from taking one. Then I fell asleep on the sofa watching TV at about 8:30 and slept until almost 7:00 this morning. I guess my body was ready for some good rest. Now I am ready to hit the summer feet first.

I will spend the next week cleaning, packing and relaxing during the day and the spend the evenings at the school with an outside theatre company who is renting my space (that means they are also renting the lights and sound equipement, which I don't let anybody not in my department run). It should be interesting to say the least (I thought their last show stunk up the place). I will spent most of the time in my class prepping for next year, might as well make good use of my time.

Now I am off to hit the treadmill and take Bella for her mile walk. I hope everyone is enjoying the fab's FINALLY feeling pretty good here in ol' So Cal.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Is it just me...

or is waiting two weeks to tell someone if they got a job unprofessional?

Two weeks ago I interviewed for th activities director position at my school. I know I'm nuts, but I think I can do a good job. Only three people interviewed. I have been asked on an almost daily basis if I have heard anything.

Yesterday I was told that the principal was talking to people. I never got a phone call about the position.

Today I ask my biggest competition if she has heard anything. She said P had talked to her and looked shocked that I hadn't heard anything. She said that's not cool, I agree.

I then went to the front office and told P's secretary that I have started to hear rumors and wanted to know if P was ever going to talk to me about the position. She said he was off site and then had a parent meeting after that. If he could fit me in she would let me know.

If I didn't get it, fine! I am most upset because I have been left hanging. I feel like this shows a complete lack of respect for me and what I do. Like my time isn't worth anything. I am trying to plan things for the summer and don't want to overcommit in the event I do get the job and need to do stuff for that.

I have already decided that if I don't get it I'm not interviewing again if it opens up in the future.

So, is it just me or is it just a little unprofessional to leave someone hanging.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

A good day...

Last Saturday we decided it was time for Bella to go Dog Beach. It was beautiful and we all had a wonderful time.

It was a gorgeous day.

Bella made lots of new friends who wanted to tumble with her.

Our friend Luke was kind enough to teach Bella how to dig in the sand.

In addition to all her doggie friends, Bella made a few new human friends as well.

By the end of the day everyone was ready for a nap

Sunday, March 16, 2008

a little of this and that

Several things that have been running through my mind...

1. Why does B have to be such a, well...B#$@? She is only 13 and can just get under my skin. Last night we went out and I said hi when she got into the car, she ignored me. It put me in a bad mood for the rest of the night, even though I tried to fight that. I finally said something to Michael and said I was sorry for being cranky. After we dropped her off he said something was wrong with her but she wouldn't say.

2. Why does D have to be such a B@%#@? It could explain #1, but this woman is a nut job. B had a ton of stuff to do for some church activity yesterday, yet D had to squeeze in a movie before M picked up B for visitation. We are pretty sure it was because she knew we would go see Horton Hears a Who! She wanted to make sure she got to take B to see it. The woman does things like this ALL THE TIME!

3. Why do my drama students want to do all kinds of cool stuff and then flake out on me? They talk me into planning play trips, festival trips and all kinds of other stuff and then I have to fight with kids to get them to follow through. It is killing me.

4. Why does Bella want to wake up at 4:00am and then go back to sleep at 6:00am? Since I am the "pack leader" I am the one who gets up with her and fends off the puppy attack until she is ready to go back to sleep. She is sweet and lovable, but those little bitty teeth...OUCH! She is actually doing really well with the little bit of training I have been trying.

Now for something a little more fun...

Here's a list of the AFI's Top 100 Films of all Time. Highlight the movies you have seen and then at the end add 3 that you think should be on the list.

2. CASABLANCA (1941)

6. THE WIZARD OF OZ (1939)
7. THE GRADUATE (1967)

10. SINGIN' IN THE RAIN (1952)

14. SOME LIKE IT HOT (1959)
15. STAR WARS (1977)
16. ALL ABOUT EVE (1950)
18. PSYCHO (1960)
19. CHINATOWN (1974)

22. 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY (1968)
24. RAGING BULL (1980)
26. DR. STRANGELOVE (1964)

31. ANNIE HALL (1977)
33. HIGH NOON (1952)

41. WEST SIDE STORY (1961)
42. REAR WINDOW (1954)
43. KING KONG (1933)


47. TAXI DRIVER (1976)
48. JAWS (1975)

53. AMADEUS (1984)
56. M*A*S*H (1970)
57. THE THIRD MAN (1949)
58. FANTASIA (1940)
61. VERTIGO (1958)
62. TOOTSIE (1982)
63. STAGECOACH (1939)

66. NETWORK (1976)
69. SHANE (1953)
71. FORREST GUMP (1994)
72. BEN-HUR (1959)

74. THE GOLD RUSH (1925)
76. CITY LIGHTS (1931)
78. ROCKY (1976)
79. THE DEER HUNTER (1978)

80. THE WILD BUNCH (1969)
81. MODERN TIMES (1936)
82. GIANT (1956)
83. PLATOON (1986)

84. FARGO (1996)
85. DUCK SOUP (1933)
88. EASY RIDER (1969)
89. PATTON (1970)
90. THE JAZZ SINGER (1927)

91. MY FAIR LADY (1964)
92. A PLACE IN THE SUN (1951)
93. THE APARTMENT (1960)
94. GOODFELLAS (1990)
95. PULP FICTION (1994)
96. THE SEARCHERS (1956)
98. UNFORGIVEN (1992)

My Picks:

1. Princess Bride

2. Breakfast at Tiffany

3. The English Patient (I think I might have been the only person on the planet to absolutely LOVE this movie, the book is great as well).

Monday, February 25, 2008

I'd like you to meet...


Bella is the newest addition to our happy family. She was adopted on Saturday from Friends of Orange County Homeless Animals and is just the sweetest thing EVER!

She is believed to be some sort of Pit Bull mix. We think she actually looks a bit more like a boxer mix, but what do we know. We are enjoying all the fun stuff and can't wait until she sleeps through the night. Her screaming just makes me so sad.

At about 6 weeks old we have a lot to look forward to and many years of being a happy family.

She is doing great and is actually already learning that we want her potty outside and that if she runs to the back door we will let her out (and that's after only 2 days).

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pitty Party...

Yep, that's what I'm having, a pitty party. I sat today and watch the 50 or more kids who take choir perform for our cultural arts week - choir day (my kids get Friday) and I wondered why my program is floundering. Do I expect too much of them? Do I drive them away? What is going on?

I struggle to get kids into my classes, I struggle to get kids to audition for shows, I struggle to get kids to work on tech crews. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

The kids seem to like me, but they just won't commit. It's killing me. I feel my spirit and my passion fading. I am tired of hearing the kids get excited about the things I propose and then completely blow it off when the time for action comes.

They wanted a play trip, I have done most of the leg work, everything except order the tickets. I told them I needed the money this week. No money has come in so far and I will not order tickets without money in hand. They want to go to a competition, I have gotten the request approved and even got the principal to pay for my busses, not a single kid has paid their fee or told me what material they want to perform.

Maybe I'm getting jaded. Maybe I'm just tired. But as of right now I am considering other career options. I want to be excited to come to work, I want to be excited about the next project, I don't want to worry about where I'm going to find the kids to be in the next show.

Monday, February 18, 2008

goodbye old friend...

Friday night at about 8:00pm Michael and I arrived home from dinner and grocery shopping and had the make the very difficult decision that it was Stoli's time. We rushed him to the emergency vet clinic where we said our final good-byes.
Stoli was the coolest dog ever. He loved to play "chase-me-around-the-yard", loved to go on long walks and was great with everyone he met.
I am so sad that I had to let him go, but he was ready and I am glad that it was a short time since we found out we would be losing him. I don't know what I would have done if it had taken months.
Stoli got to spend his last month going on lots of extra walks (even in the freezing cold rain), and spending time in the house (he had been previously banished because of a cat issue). And his last week he got to go for tons of car rides, just because I wanted to take him with me, he spent time at the school where he got to go after the bunnies (no harm came to any bunnies, he just wanted to check them out) and play with my drama kids. This was one loved doggie.
Final good-byes are always hard...but we all know that Stoli is in a better place. And he knows that he was well loved and will always be missed.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Stoli-Dog update...

Today Stoli went in for his 3 week checkup and another urinalisis. Unfortunately things did not go well. In the past 4-5 day Stoli has completely stopped eating (with the exception of the few things I gave him that I wasn't supposed to). Also, his eye, the one with the scratch, has turned blood red.

The vet said there is something "metabolical" going on there. He recommended that Stoli see an opthamologist. That's not all, then we moved on to the not eating and the 5lb weight loss in the last 3 weeks. The vet said it felt like there is fluid in Stoli's abdomin.

Stoli is staying at the vet tonight in order to have x-rays and such tomorrow morning. It is looking more and more like he does actually have some type of cancer. The vet even went as far as to say that if it has sread past the spleen he wouldn't recommend surgery.

I about lost it on my way home. I feel terrible because I didn't love on Stoli enough before I left the vet. He was antsy and as soon as the tech took him he was off and running, ready to explore the rest of the building.
I feel like there is something more I could have done to take better care of him.

So, needless to say I'm going to be a wreck tomorrow waiting for the vet to call me and let me know what is going on. I know he's only a dog, but keep him in your thoughts. He's my buddy and I really want him to be okay.

Update: I got the call from the vet this looks like he has a tumor on his spleen that has metastasized to his heart. I am getting ready to go bring him home. I will get more information then. But it's not looking good for my sweet boy. Now comes one of the hardest decisions ever, how far do we go.

Update 2: It's confirmed. The radiologist gave the same prognosis. We are going to lose our sweet thing. I have him at school with me right now and he is loving all the attention. Tomorrow he will probably stay home because I don't want to burden the Ag teacher, who was so kind as to let me bring him in for half a day today. I will probably bring him in on Tuesday since it will be a super late day. And we will go from there.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

a call for help...

Each year the high school participates in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's annual penny drive (in fact we have been the top money raising school for something like 8 of the past 10 years). This year I want my theatre department to play a larger part in the fund raising efforts. To do this we are putting together what I am calling the Cancer Project.

The Cancer Project will be a performance piece that includes poetry, scenes and monologues dealing with cancer. All of the performances will be bookended with stats and information regarding cancer that might take people by surprise.

What I am asking for is submissions. I would like for anyone who has been effected by cancer, cancer of any kind, We are choosing not to just focus on Lymphoma or Leukemia, to submit your story or your writings.

We will also be putting up pictures of survivors and those who fought the battle but did not survive in the lobby as a tribute to why we are doing the project. If you would like to submit a photo with their information (i.e. name, type of cancer, year diagnosed, years surviving or (sadly) the year they passed) let me know. I would love to share our tribute with your loved one.

By the way, all the profit from the production will be donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We are hoping to raise $2000 on this project.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

poetry and such

Tonight I sit in my classroom while TMR is in it's final performance of Bye Bye Birdie. I will be glad when this is over, I just want to go home at a reasonable hour. I would much rather get nothing done at home than nothing done at school.

I sit in my room looking at my English text books knowing I should be picking out some poetry for Monday. I look at the scale drawing my tech class did and know they need to be graded for Monday. I look at the presentation board I wanted to get done 2 nights ago and still haven't started (I'm having a bit of a creativity-jam and can't come up with anything to do on it).

You would think with spending 5 nights here until 10:00 pm I would be so caught up. But I sit thinking "I have to figure out what I'm doing on Monday".

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Trust me I do this all the time...

I have spent the past week at school late every night and not because I'm in a production, but because the dread VD organized a local group called the Music Room into renting my theatre. I call it mine because I use it the most and really care about the space. My kids are running the lights and sound because it is my new equipment in there and I really don't anybody to screw it up.

I don't mind doing these things. What I do mind is when the director of said production group talks down to me or talks down to my kids. I also mind when the VD lets these people do whatever they want in my space with my stuff. At this time both of spot lights are down because they weren't bright enough, some strange man has patched into the back of my sound board so he can illegally videotape the show, they are using all kinds of my stuff without asking (including the blocking of some girl into standing on my sofa, now I don't come to their facility and stand on their furniture). It's just nutty!

The one advantage to all this chaos is that my kids are getting to see how another director works. They say they like be better. It was nice. It is also giving me some time to try and catch up (you can see I'm doing a good job at that one). So, in an effort to be the productive teacher/director I am here is a list of what I will get done tonight...

1. grade papers from today
2. make fliers for our first ever Thespian Inductions
3. prep for tomorrow's lesson on Dadaism (makes for a really fun poetry project)
4. update the list of students who owe me money
5. figure out what the heck I'm going to do with my tech kids tomorrow
6. design my display board for the upcoming ROP Career Fair

That should take me right up to about 10:00pm when all should be done. Then it's home to get some sleep and do it all again tomorrow night.

I know that I don't know my new equipment as well as I should but I do happen to teach 4 different preps, direct shows, run the staff club, participate on the school site council, am a union rep and cook for my husband. I'm sorry if I can't spent hours on end in the theatre just learning the equipment. And even if I don't know it as well as I should, I know a hell of a lot.

Friday, February 01, 2008

tag, you're it...

I've been tagged with a book meme so here we go...

First the rules:

1. Pick up the nearest book of at least 123 pages.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

The nearest book is The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris

"No witnesses. The victim found in West Virginia remained unidendtified. West Virginia."

Not very interesting or thought provoking, but it was the nearest book.

Now for five people...Sophia, Chatty, Lou, Carrie and Dinkin Mess.

Have fun!

Monday, January 28, 2008

can you say procrastination...

I sure can. I should be grading papers right now. Grades are due Wednesday and I still have about 25 essays to grade. I guess if they were actually good it wouldn't be so bad...but as the essays are written by 10th graders, they stink.

Instead of grading I cooked dinner, cooked dinner for tomorrow, made lunch for tomorrow, talked to the dog (who is doing better) and looked for a good recipe for potato soup (which I didn't find).

I won't be staying up late to grade, I would like to get up early and get in work out and if I stay up past 10pm there is no way I'm getting up at 4am.

Things are really starting to ramp up again around here. I mean they were slow for a whole 4 days (which is why I couldn't grade papers, I was enjoying the not having to be at a rehearsal).

5 Upcoming events:
1. Student directed one-acts
2. Cancer project
3. Thespian Inductions
4. Massive testing
5. Auditions for the show I'm interested in doing

5 Things I have to do Tuesday
1. finish grades
2. scrub kitchen counters
3. laundry
4. start taxes
5. clean craft room

5 People I need to call or email on Tuesday
1. Grandma G
2. Mom
3. my sister K
4. my sister S
5. C

5 places I need to go
1. Target
2. Trader Joe's
3. Michael's

Okay, I guess I only have 3 places to go tomorrow. And with that I'm off to grade a few papers before I head to bed.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

a bit of a whine...

Why is it okay for M and B to walk in the house and immediately turn off the very fun cooking show I was listening to while balancing the checkbook (which is a whole other reason to whine) and begin to play annoying games? Why? Why is that okay!!!!! It wouldn't be okay for me to do it. And can I just say that Wii billards has the most annoying music of all, it's the same little tune, over and over and over and get the picture.

Okay, enough whining, on to better things.

I am trying a new recipe, posole. M likes it, I'm a bit scared of it. To me it resembles something I have seen the cat leave on the floor. I'm not even sure if I will taste it. I'll let you know later. I might be eating PB&J.

And now for something completely positive. My dear bloggy friend Sophia put forth a challenge to list 10 things positive about myself. This will be a hard today, since most days I feel like I suck, so here we go...

1. I am a good and loyal friend.
2. I am a pretty good cook
3. I am a good director of plays
4. I have a fabulous raport with my students
5. I am responsible
6. I am creative
7. I am a wonderful Aunt
8. I am the hostest with the mostest
9. I can make pretty stained/leaded glass stuff
10. I am a strong reader (now I'm stretching)

Man that was hard! Now you do it!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

On a mission to save second base...

As several of you know three years ago my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since then I spend each year training and fundraising for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. Nothing has changed this year except for my walker number. I plan on raising $3000 this year. I know that sounds like a lot, but the funds go for such a worthy cause. Did you know that every three minutes another man or woman is diagnosed with breast cancer (yes, men can get it too). That is just astonishing to me.

When my mom was diagnosed I made the commitment to not sit back and just watch this disease destroy so many vibrant people. I made the commitment to get involved in any way I can.

So, here is my shameless plea for support... My walker number is 871001, please go to and check out my walker page (which is still under construction). Follow my progress and please by all means make a donation.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Things a getting better....

I just talked to Stoli's vet-tech (not the actual vet) and the blood tests are finally back and they are normal. So that is a good thing, it means most likely no tumor and since the didn't tell me he needed x-rays that tells me they think it's something else.

Today I will pick up a slew of other pills to feed him and some perscripttion dog food. Hopefully this will fix everything. The Vet told the tech that Stoli is losing protein through his kidney, this has happened to Stoli before and is apparently something Huskeys are prone to. I know it is pretty much my fault, I spoiled him over the holidays and fed him way too many table scraps and let the house guests get away with doing it as well. Normally I'm pretty good with treating table scraps and bones like special treats for him, during Christmas and New Year's I let fly and he got everything. I guess the vet bill is part of my punishment (the other part is all the worry for poor Stoli-dog).

I can say his energy is getting a bit better. He still wants to just lie down and sleep, but when he's up he enjoys his walks and today wanted to play the "chase-me-around-the-yard" game (me chase him, not the other way around). He hasn't done that in a few days. So, for that I say YIPPY!!!!!

Another thing that is getting better...the stack of papers on my desk is shrinking. With the semester coming to an end that is a very, very good thing. Now, I must get back to my grading and being productive.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Have you ever...

tried to get a "free catch" urine sample from a dog? Let me tell you it is not an easy task. In fact I was a little mortified as I walked through the park with the dog and a cup. I was pretty sure people thought I was nuts. Now that I think about it, what in the world are people, other than dog walkers, doing in the park at 7:15am. So, there I am, dog on lease, cup in hand, every time he started to lift his leg, I dove in for the catch, he would jump back and look at me like I had lost my mind. It was pretty funny to see would be my guess. It was like some sort of nutty tug-o-war.

The entire free catch experience was brought on because the vet found blood in the urine sample taken during the exam. Now, get this, they said that it could have been because of the collection process, yet we have to pay to have the tests done again. M dropped off the sample and instead of saying something he just paid it. I don't see why if the sample was bad because of their collection process I should have to pay to have the tests run AGAIN!!! We are now into this for $300 and still don't know what is wrong with Stoli.

I can say that he appears to be feeling better. When I called on Saturday for the test results they thought it might be cysts, so possibly not a tumor. So that is good. He is on antibiotics and is eating a different diet (we aren't a canned food kind of dog family and he is loving this special treat).

So, with that said, I don't have much new information other than, he seems to be feeling better, he is enjoying sleeping in the house, although it might end soon. I have encountered what appears to be pee in my library and in the hallway - and it definitely is more pee than would come out of a cat. If Stoli would just figure out how to use the dog door everything would be fine. He seems to be scared of it, big wussy dog.

Friday, January 11, 2008

poor Stoli...

I have had to take the day off work today in order to take Stoli to the vet. His is very lethargic and one of his eyes is all milky and goopy. I am so worried about him. I suppose I could have taken him to an emergency vet, but feel more comfortable taking him to his regular doctor-buddy. Not to mention that he has a history of liver disease, the regular vet has all those records.

So, I am anxiously waiting for the time to drive to the vet. I guess the only good thing coming from it is that I'm cleaning in order to stop clock-watching.

I'll post an update as soon as I get back.

Update: Stoli has a scratch on his left eye, which explains why it is so goopy. That is easily treated with ointment. The lathargic behavior, now that is another story...The vet said his tummy is "doughy" and the other vet said the same thing. This could possibly mean some type of tumor on his spleen. I am waiting for blood work to come back. If the red blood count is low then we have to do x-rays. The vet also warned that typically these type of tumors are already malignant by the time they are discovered. That was not what I wanted to hear.

Now the hard part for M and I, we have to decide where to draw the line on how much we are willing to spend. Husky's can live 12 -14 years, Stoli is about 9. He was a pound puppy so we aren't sure exactly, the pound thought we was about 3 when I adopted him and I've had him for almost 6 years. It at this point that I tell eveyone who has a pet to buy pet insurance. I always thought it was silly, and then Stoli had illness about 2 years ago and I toyed with the idea, but never got around to it. Well, I wish someone had sent me that "to-it" because I could really use it now. So for the love of your pets, spend the $30 a month. It could save a lot in the long run.

I will keep everyone posted on Stoli (I call for blood results tomorrow).

Friday, January 04, 2008

a bit of creativity...

I have had my scrapbook mojo on for the past couple of days. I have completed 2 2-page layouts to finish Christmas 2005 (yes, I'm a bit behind) and a 1-page layout. I normally don't do 1-pagers, it messes with the continuity of my album, but I have a few other pictures suited for a 1-page so I went with it.

I am not entirely happy with the way this page turned out. The swirlies just aren't working for me. When they were just in ink they needed more, and the glitter is a bit much. I wish I could have found my gold paint pen, that would be been perfect. Oh is what it is and I love the picture.

The picture is of my nephew, W, on his birthday in 2005. He had just turned 1 and was just dead tired from all the family stuff that had been going on. That was the year we brought in my sister from Colorado as a surprise for my mom.

Thursday, January 03, 2008


This year I got a couple of way cool toys. Those who know me know I hate, hate, HATE video games. I just don't find them any fun. That is until my mom managed to buy me and each of my sisters one of these...

The Wii is the best thing EVER! I never thought I would say that about a gaming system. That fact that this doesn't have to be a sit-on-your-butt-shoot-em-up game. I love playing bowling and tennis. I can't wait for our second set of controllers to come in that way M and I can box against each other.

I am completely addicted to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix game. The controllers work as your wand and you can cast spells, solve puzzles and explore Hogwarts. So much fun. My next purchase of a game will be one that my sister rented from the video store, Marble Mania. It's like that old game where you would put the marble on the box and then control it with knobs on the four sides to get the marble through the maze. In the Wii version you go through different mazes and different levels, so much fun.

If you are looking to buy a gaming system for your family I highly recommend this one. It is so much more interactive. I don't think we have laughed as hard together as we did while playing the Marble Mania game.

Then with the eminent death of my cell phone, M and I decided we would go and look at new phones even though I wasn't eligible for an upgrade until June. AT&T store was having a big sale. So, I ended up with this...

It is way more phone than I actually need, but we figure I could grow into it. I have Internet, a camera, GPS (if I want to pay a little extra), bluetooth. I have a better phone than my techno-geek husband. It's lots of fun, and I can actually make a phone call in under 5 minutes now (yes, the first few times it did take that long for me to figure it out).

Anybody else get any cool toys this year?