Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wedding Checklist Update

I have been franticlly working on the wedding checklist that I posted a few days ago.

Here is the update...

1. Wine tags - I bought the paper and ribbon to make them. Now I just have to schedule the wine tag making party.

2. M&Ms - Ordered! M took care of this one for me. We still need to order the bowls from the rental company.

3. Guest book - I have the paper for this, I just need to cut it down to size and find pens that will write well on the handmade paper.

5. B and L's clothes - Haven't even thought about when to do this. Hopefully next week.

6. Flowers - I talked to a wholesale florist on Wednesday. I can get real flowers for the exact same price of the silks from them. The only problem is they aren't open on the weekend and I don't have anyplace to store them for 2 days. I am waiting for a phone call to let me know if I can pick them up on Saturday morning, while the owner is in the office working on the books. If I don't hear back tomorrow then I will call them.

7. Wine Lables - Still to need to touch up the wine lable and talk to the neighbor.

Now for things I forgot I still need to do...

8. Champagne - The winery doesn't make a champagne, but said we can bring in enough for a toast, 1 bottle per table. As a tribute to my mom's fiance who passed away last July (it will be exactly a year the day before the wedding) we are ordering his favorite champagne. We aren't going to say anything about it, we are just going to do it and people who knew him will know. I am hoping this doesn't upset my mom.

9. Wine bottles - I have 20 wine bottles that I have to soak and remove lables so I can put the centerpiece lables on.

10. Final count - I have to begin to call my guests to find out if they are coming to the wedding. I thought the online RSVP would be great! And in a way it has been. I can export the guest list and find out who is coming and who isn't. The problem seems to be that people are too freakin' lazy to get on their computers and do it. Then there are the people who are too dumb to figure out how and just email me (which is actually better than those who just tell us at really random times that they are either coming or not coming, we just tell them to go to the website and do the RSVP).

11. C-listers - We are now in the process of beginning to invite our C-listers. We have to pay for 100 people anyway, so we might as well invite those who really want to come. As long as we get closer to the 100 than we are right now I'll be happy.

As we get closer to the wedding I keep thinking of things I need to get done. And I leave to go camping for a week on Monday. I won't be able to get anything done during that week. So this weekend has to be super productive for me.

Wish me luck, because I know this list of 11 things isn't everything.

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