Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I've been tagged...

Wow, this is a new one for me, I've never been tagged. I am supposed to list seven random facts about me...

1. I love to read. I always have, always will. I will read anything, books, magazines, the back of cereal boxes. I have more books sitting around waiting to be read than any one person should. I am actually on bookstore restriction, I'm not allowed in unless it is a book emergency.

2. I HATE gum. I can't stand it. It's disgusting, it's made from the same stuff they make tires out of. Not to mention the fact that most people can't chew it with their mouths closed. That smacking sound it enough to drive me batty. (it really ranks up there with eating sounds, which I also can't stand). But I love mints!

3. I hate living in Orange County. There is nothing unique here. Disneyland is trying to take over the world (not that I don't love the Mouse, but there is a line). You can very rarely find cool places to go (although I must tell you about Memphis in Costa Mesa). I not so lovingly refer to the OC as the world's largest strip mall, because that is pretty much all you can find. Three new ones just went in in a 3 mile radius of my house, and not a single cool restaurant or shop in the bunch.

4. I love TV. I don't have many shows I am completely addicted to, but the ones I love, I really, really love. Right now on the top of the list Criminal Minds (I went to college with girl who plays Garcia), Grey's Anatomy and the ABC Monday night comedy shows.

5. I am passionate about theatre. I love reading about it, seeing it, creating it. Most of all creating! I love directing, acting, technical work. It is the one thing in which I will completely immerse myself. My students can see it, they don't always get it, but they see it. Doing theatre full-time is the only reason I would leave teaching.

6. I love loud, hard rock and roll. The louder the better. My students can't believe this and are often shocked when they hear about the concerts I attend. I actually won bonus points with one kid because I went and saw Motley Cru and Areosmith. My favorite band is the Violent Femmes, and I will drop almost anything to see them live.

7. I don't understand "html". I can't figure it out. I try and I get frustrated. That is why you will never see actual links on my blog, but you will see "url"s. Not to mention I really really don't have the time to sit down and figure out how to do it.

Now...who's next...

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Saturday, April 21, 2007


It's finally Saturday, I should be moving into my new house...but no! We won't have keys until Monday. It has gotten so bad that Mortgage guy is paying all kinds of stuff out of his pocket for us. Which seems only fair, if it wasn't for him and his company we would have been in the house two weeks ago. Monday, maybe?

Anyway, it's Saturday, I get to spend the day painting and building scenery for the musical. I met with the VD and the principal yesterday. I don't feel that everything got resolved. But, I don't feel like it is weighing so heavily on me. I am just glad that I was able to get some of it off my chest. I still don't like him very much, and I really don't like the way he wants me to run things, or the fact he wants more of a say in things he knows nothing about, but I have to let things go. If I don't let them go I will explode (and my dear, dear Harvey Johnson (character name) is very worried about the exploding drama teacher).

So, it's Saturday, I think I may finish wedding invitations tonight (I dug them out of a packing box). They need to go out in a couple of weeks. they aren't finished, almost but not yet.

Enjoy your Saturday! I know I will mine.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

coming to a head...

I think the saga of the VD is finally going to come to an end.

At open house I had a couple of his "special" singers ask me when they were supposed to come to rehearsal, I thought they ment tech, he said they would talk about it later. Didn't say anything else to me about it.

Today he announced to the cast that he was putting 8 singers in, he was the VD and it was his decision to make. Funny I thought I was the director?

Tomorrow I will have a meeting with him and the principal. Hopefully I can be strong, because we all know I am the world's biggest baby when it comes to confrontation (I know some ladies I would like to be a lot like right now).

I have my list of talking points, which will be revised for tomorrow. And I actually think I am ready for this...Maybe.

I know the kids are up to something, writing a letter or something along those lines. I told the one spearheading the whole thing that I would prefer not to know what is going on. He's afraid he may be included somethings that he isn't supposed to know. (It happens when you are close to kids, when they spend almost every school moment in your presence, they are bound to hear somethings they shouldn't, or you're bound to say something you shouldn't have). I am worried about that. But I really am trying to not get in the middle.

When all is said and done the man will still be an ass. He has insulted me to much that I never want to work with him again. Like a good friend of mine said, "I love him, but he really pisses me off." Although, I'm not so sure I love him, or even like him anymore.

It's nice knowing the kids are on my side, but they shouldn't have to pick sides. I also know there are parents on my side. Who really don't like the way he talks to the kids. He makes them feel bad about they ability.

Okay, I'm ranting again. I must stop. I getting myself all worked up.

Good thought...We signed loan docs yesterday! I have been so busy I haven't had a chance to put in that update! We are hoping to fund tomorrow and get keys tomorrow night. But we also aren't holding our breath. But...we ARE almost a month late. We had to begin the dual app process before Mortgage guy actually produced a loan. But that's okay (not really, but anyway) we have signed and now we wait.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

what is it about men?

Why is it that I feel like every man I talk to is treating me like a "girl"? They act like I don't know what I'm doing, like I can't get things done, and worst of all that because they don't know what's going on it's my fault.

Example 1 - Vocal Director guy - This man is an idiot. We open in 3 weeks (okay 3 1/2 but who's counting). He has had 1 rehearsal a week with the exception of this week, where he had 2. I ask why the piano player hasn't been to rehearsals, except 1, when I/we are paying him more money. VD emails me back that last year we promised to pay 800 and I only paid 300.....then why the hell didn't someone say something to me! I had it in the budget, it just means I put the wrong amount in the envelope (which I am sure had 800 in it). I told him I can't fix what I don't know. I also told him the rehearsal schedule hasn't changed since it went out in February, because he claims he doesn't know what I'm doing. I really, really, really hate this man. And I try not to hate people.

Example 2 - Mortgage guy - He still hasn't come through with a loan. He keeps telling me that he can do this thing where the seller will stay at the table because he won't be able to sell the house to anyone else anyway. I don't want to deal with that kind of court crap, I just want to buy my house and live happily ever after. At the rate this man is going I will be living in a cardboard box. He has single handedly driven me back to the point where I am having daily anxiety attacks. He calls me at the end of the day almost every day to tell me that I need to submit some other document. Now, usually I am at work still when he does this, the issue comes from the fact that all businesses I need to deal with are closed by the time I leave the school, therefore I can't get them to do the things I need. And when I ask a simple question I don't need to know the whole history of why this thing is happening, I just need to know the answer to the question and then to get off the phone before I pull him through the phone lines by his vocal cords!

Example 3 - District Director of Maintenance - this man won't let me order my new lighting and sound system because we are attaching things to the wall and ceiling. He needs to talk to the company I am having do the work to find out exactly how they are doing this. Now, keep in mind I didn't go down to Home Depot and hire a bunch of day laborers, I went to a reputable staging company. A company that does this stuff professionally. A company that knows a hell of a lot more than Director guy does. I don't think he realizes that when I said I have a show opening in 3 weeks I mean I have a show OPENING IN 3 WEEKS AND NO LIGHTS!!!!!!!! Apparently these people think I am magic and can pull a fully staged-fully lighted-fully mic'd show out of my ass. As I tell my kids...I'M NOT MAGIC!!!!!!!

Okay, enough venting...on a happy note H&M finally opened close to me. I can finally spend my gift card, buy lots of cute stuff. Only I am in no mood to shop (blame the stupid men!).

Friday, April 13, 2007


I got the phone call yesterday. We have an approval, with some contingencies...but they seem to be minor stuff. We should be able to order docs today! I have my dual app all ready to go, incase I don't get the call that they've ordered them for us. I am not going to let this go past today without docs being ordered. It is just lame that they are dragging their feet so much.

I'm not making this up, you couldn't get a better loan risk than I am. I have killer credit scores! Debt to income ratio is really low! I know where the problem lies...and M is so glad he divorced her!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

big sigh...

I still don't have a new house. In fact we are very close to losing the new house and a considerable sum of money.

Mortgage guy just isn't coming through for us. And on top of that he isn't giving any indication that he can't get the job done so we know if we need to move on.

Real Estate Agent guy has me doing a dual app with another lender independently. I don't know if that is stinky of me, but I don't want to lose the house or the deposit. The seller is getting a little worried about us at this point. I am looking like a bad risk to him and that is pissing me off. If ever there was a good person to lend money to, it's me. I pay back my loans, on time!

So, the day I took off to care for my frazzled mental faculties will be spent filling out a loan app, finding all the documentation New Loan guy needs and trying to send that off.

Real Estate guy said he would tell Mortgage guy we dual app'ed next week. That way Mortgage guy keeps working on our file. M and I are actually hoping we hear something today.

In fact I have put M in charge of talking to people for the next few days. My brain is fried and I can't keep all the house stuff straight any more.

So, my friends, send me good karma and lots of mojo to deal with what is quickly turing into a real estate fiasco.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

copy cat, copy cat

Sophomores are so dumb. I just graded a paper, or should I say googled a research paper. Every single entry (they had to research 10 topics and write one paragraph on each) was copied directly from the internet.

First tip off...she didn't notate the sources, just put "book", "internet", etc.

Second tip off...links. Links print in blue!

Third tip off...words like "succession", "nomads", discontinuous"

Once again I state Sophomores are idiots!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Things I need to do today... UPDATED

1. Sign loan docs. Not going to happen. The underwriter is seriously in the middle of heavy PMS. She won't release the docs and keeps asking for stupid crap. Like, for example, how many months a year I get paid, what difference does it make, I still make the same amount. Oh, and when did my raise take effect. In September, when school started. I was asked if I ment September of last year...DUH!!! And I'll get another one next September!

2. Call my real estate agent to see if I can get into the house to take pictures. Not getting in. The seller is mad at me, okay actually probably more mad at the lender, but still mad. I was told it would be best to just stay away. In fact he signed an addendum to the escrow stuff to extend, but I have to pay $28 per day to cover interest on his mortgage. Mortgage guy is going to pay it for me, mainly because he knows I'm PISSED! Although I have calmed down.

3. Grade research papers. Yes, I am avoiding this. But it will happen.

4. Finish packing the living room. Doing this one soon.

5. Start packing the craft room. Yep, almost all the scrapbooking stuff is in boxes.

6. Clean the garage, to half can be goodwill and half can be move. Yes! I have started this.

7. Figure out when to bring in movers. (yeah, did you hear because of mortgage guy I now have to hire movers) I can't do this, I don't know when I will be signing loan docs so I don't know when I will fund so I don't know when I will be moving.

8. Decide on paint colors for the great room and the master bedroom. This way I can start to paint the moment I get in the house (you will understand when you see the colors of 3 of the rooms). Just don't even want to think about this one right now.

9. Buy a cashier's check for escrow. Nope, need to wait until I have loan docs.

10. Buy supplies to make green beans for Easter. Not that I am interested in going now. I really don't to have everyone asking about the new house after the loan doc fiasco. Don't feel like it, I'll go tomorrow.

11. Did I mention I really really want to sign my loan docs.ARGH!

Thursday, April 05, 2007


Mortgage guy did not come through for me. As of today, the day we are supposed to have closed escrow I still don't have loan docs. We won't fund until Monday, won't record until Monday (and that's if we are lucky) and won't get keys until Tuesday (that's if we're lucky).

I told him that I go back to work on Monday. I got back to work hard on Monday, my show opens in 4 weeks and we are so far from ready it kills me. I begin working my 14 hour days on Monday. M leaves for Vegas for a week on Thursday. Now, I have to move by myself and get the townhouse ready for the renter by meself and this is all screwed up because mortgage guy didn't do what he was supposed to.

My real estate agent told me if I didn't have loan docs by Monday I wouldn't close. I told mortgage guy this, who told me it wasn't true. Well, apparently it is.

People keep telling me that it will close when it closes and there isn't anything I can do about it. Yet, they don't seem to understand that I will be moving between the hours of 7:00pm and 5:00am because between the hours of 7:00am and 7:00pm I will be at the school teaching classes and directing a play. I don't have time for people to screw up on timelines.

I am already so stressed I am having a meltdown and will be worthless the entire weekend. So much for a happy easter.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Somebody needs to get their act together before I end up killing someone!

I am trying to deal with everything with grace and tact (I'm trying to take a lesson from someone whom I greatly admire), but I am loosing it!

I got the stuff off to mortgage guy this morning. Everything except the document that shows where the downpayment for the house is coming from. I was all over the website for the mortgage company, no place on the site had a statement showing the draw on the equity line.

So, I email mortage guy and tell him this information. I email at about 7:30 in the morning.

I call mortgage guy at 2:00 pm and ask him if he has everything, he says yes. I begin to relax expecting a call anytime to sign loan docs.

I call mortgage guy back at 3:30 because when I called at 2:00 I had students hammering lids on paint cans and couldn't focus. This second phone call is to see what our time line looks like. I am then informed that he in fact doesn't have everything.

He has just looked at the email that states that I didn't have the document with the equity draw.

Now, if you are mortgage person trying to close a loan the day before escrow is supposed to close don't you think you would read EVERY email the client sent very carefully. Espcially when you are awaiting documents. He didn't read that email until after I talked to him at 2:00! Then was testy with me when I called him on the fact that he told me had everything when I talked to him at 2:00.

We are not going to close tomorrow. I am going to get angry "demand to perform" things from the seller and there isn't anything I can do about it. We probably won't close until next week. Next week when I have gone back to work and back to rehearsals. Next week when M leaves for yet another show in Vegas.

I'm telling you, all I want to do right now is curl up in a ball and cry.

I want to track down the seller and tell him I am doing everything I possibly can to get this closed on time and that it is the mortgage/lender who is holding things up.

I really, really just want to close escrow and be done with this!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

oh my gosh!

I spoke with mortgage guy at 11:30 am, why in the world did he wait until 3:10 to tell me exactly what he needed from me to finish for the loan docs.
Everything he needs I could have gotten had I known before 3:10!!!!!
Between 3:10 and 5:00 I ran around like a crazy person...pick up copies of M's last two paychecks from his office (to avoid driving in traffic for the real ones), race to my district office to get a copy of my most recent paystub because I didn't pick it up on Friday, not knowing I would need it. Apparently the loan people think I have quit my job in the past 30 days! IDIOTS!
Then it was home to find the tax returns I know I sent, that they can't find, and don'tcha think someone would have noticed they were missing before today!
Oh, and the tax forms that M picked up from me today so he can comlete his 2006 taxes...they need new copies of those! ARGH!!!!! I just sent those to them 3 weeks ago!
I think I am cursed, I think someone wants to keep me out of this house, I think someone reall wants to be slapped!
I'm not stressed, not one bit...I need a glass of wine.

Monday, April 02, 2007

dumb people

I am so tired of dumb people. It seems like almost everyone I encounter lately is dumb. The latest dumb people...the people who told me my new house would be tented today! Tented today with the tent coming off on Wednesday, and escrow closing and funding on Thursday.

Oh, and let us not forget the person who told me that if I didn't get my loan docs signed today my loan wouldn't close and fund in time. I still haven't seen loan docs!

While I'm at it let's add the lady at a certain HOME improvement store whom I had to tell 3 different times that I have a stand alone shower that I want new doors for, not a shower/tub combination. Not the mention the number of times I had to explain that I had already talked to a contractor and knew that a new shower surround wounldn't fit through the door of the bathroom, and that I didn't want to tile the shower, I just want to resurface it. (In this case I think it's the fact that I have blond hair and boobs and know what I'm talking about, it confuses people).

Let me tell you...stupidity should be painful. Actual physical PAIN!