Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Although I have lived in California my entire life and my family camped for our vacations while growing up I had NEVER been to Yosemite. In fact, I'm note sure I had ever been mountain camping. We usually camped near water, lakes, rivers, beach, that type of stuff.

M on the other hand grew up going to Yosemite. It's his favorite place to go. So, that is where we spent our first vacation as a married couple.

If you have never been, get online and book a trip! It is a most amazing place.

This is the first view you get of Half Dome as you start to enter the valley. You can actually hike to the top of it. We didn't. Niether one of us is in that kind of shape. But I plan on doing it before it die. Apparently it's only 16 miles round trip, the problem comes into the nature of the trip. It's up hill, or mountain I should say, and the last bit, in which you actually climb the dome is done with pull ropes. We talked to people who did it and it sounds SO cool. That is my next big goal.

Bridalvail falls. We actually climbed in to this area. There is a vista point and from there you can climb boulders to get closer to the falls. I am so glad I did that. It was beautiful. I didn't go as far as M and the kids did. I'm a wimp like that. I had never been bouldering before. M was just happy I did it.

I got to see a bear! This was the best! There were only a couple of things I really wanted to do in Yosemite and one of them was to raft the river. Well, the river was down by the time we went so the rafting was closed. Getting to see a bear completely made up for that. She was in an apple tree in the Curry Village parking lot. Apparently she had been hanging out there all day. I watched her for about an hour. And took tons of pictures. I won't bore you will all of them. Just the one. (Unless you want more, I would be more than happy to share) I was probably only 30-40 feet away from her. The rangers did a good job keeping people a safe distance away while letting us get close enough to get some good pictures and really enjoy the actual wildlife in the park.

I also saw lots of deer and tons and tons fo squirels.

Our closest encounter with wildlife happened our second night in the park. M and I were in our cabin, M had been up late reading the final Harry Potter book. It was hot so we had left the door open until about 12:30. After M finally went to bed, door shut and everything, we hear this scratching noise. I sit up bolt straight in bed, he jumps up and turns on the light, the noise stops. Neither one of us has any idea what it might be. We did know that squirels had been trying to enter our cabin during the day when we were in there with the door open. We thought maybe one got stuck, but couldn't find it.

We turn off the light and try to go back to sleep. A few minutes later we hear the scratching again. Same thing, he turns on the light, I sit up and the noise stops. By this point I say "I'm scared" and he replys with "So am I". (that's my big strong man for you)

We turn off the light and I stay sitting up. I'm going to figure out what this monster that is stalking us really is. I listen intently, finally the scratching starts again. He turns on the light, I carefully get out of bed as to not upset the thing that seems to be scratching in the trashcan. I slowly move the can by the door, poke it with my shoe and look around like the thing could have gotten out of the can without me seeing it.

I wander around the room for a few minutes. Then take the bag out of the can, maybe the monster will be traped in the bag. I open the door to put it outside, bears be damned I wasn't walking to a trashcan with a monster in my hand, when I catch a glint in the can itself. I look closer and find a little, bitty field mouse. Some how this little guy had gotten in the trashcan, under the bag and was stuck. I put the can outside the door, tipped it over and the little guy ran for his life.

Man, we felt pretty silly about it the next day. But damn it, It could have been a bear in the cabin! Well, it could have been!

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Sophia Co. said...

Wow! Beautiful pix! And so much for my theory of climbing up in the tree to stay safe from the bear! Your trip sounds like a blast. I had to call Doug and in share with him. Now I want to go to Yosemite too! Have a great weekend.