Thursday, January 24, 2008

a bit of a whine...

Why is it okay for M and B to walk in the house and immediately turn off the very fun cooking show I was listening to while balancing the checkbook (which is a whole other reason to whine) and begin to play annoying games? Why? Why is that okay!!!!! It wouldn't be okay for me to do it. And can I just say that Wii billards has the most annoying music of all, it's the same little tune, over and over and over and get the picture.

Okay, enough whining, on to better things.

I am trying a new recipe, posole. M likes it, I'm a bit scared of it. To me it resembles something I have seen the cat leave on the floor. I'm not even sure if I will taste it. I'll let you know later. I might be eating PB&J.

And now for something completely positive. My dear bloggy friend Sophia put forth a challenge to list 10 things positive about myself. This will be a hard today, since most days I feel like I suck, so here we go...

1. I am a good and loyal friend.
2. I am a pretty good cook
3. I am a good director of plays
4. I have a fabulous raport with my students
5. I am responsible
6. I am creative
7. I am a wonderful Aunt
8. I am the hostest with the mostest
9. I can make pretty stained/leaded glass stuff
10. I am a strong reader (now I'm stretching)

Man that was hard! Now you do it!

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