Monday, December 15, 2008

Just another day in paradise?

I have returned from a fabulous trip to New York. I learned a lot, saw some great theatre and had the opportunity to reconnect with great friends. The weather was cold, it rained for two days and the city was crowded beyond belief. But man did we have fun.

This morning I am back at work, dealing with teenagers. I have already yelled at both my English classes. They don't seem to understand that when asked to please stop talking, it doesn't mean to finish your conversation and then stop. Theatre 1 complained very vigorously about how hard the new scenes are going to be and said they took a vote to use scripts of the same level of the last ones. I had to explain that it wasn't a democracy, they were living in my queendom for period 3. Looking forward to advanced students who will want to know all about the trip to New York.

On a very happy note...I forgot today is a minimum day. I only have to deal with students until 12:15 today. Although, I do have a cast meeting, department meetings and rehearsal this afternon. It is better than teaching until 3:00.

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