Thursday, January 03, 2008


This year I got a couple of way cool toys. Those who know me know I hate, hate, HATE video games. I just don't find them any fun. That is until my mom managed to buy me and each of my sisters one of these...

The Wii is the best thing EVER! I never thought I would say that about a gaming system. That fact that this doesn't have to be a sit-on-your-butt-shoot-em-up game. I love playing bowling and tennis. I can't wait for our second set of controllers to come in that way M and I can box against each other.

I am completely addicted to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix game. The controllers work as your wand and you can cast spells, solve puzzles and explore Hogwarts. So much fun. My next purchase of a game will be one that my sister rented from the video store, Marble Mania. It's like that old game where you would put the marble on the box and then control it with knobs on the four sides to get the marble through the maze. In the Wii version you go through different mazes and different levels, so much fun.

If you are looking to buy a gaming system for your family I highly recommend this one. It is so much more interactive. I don't think we have laughed as hard together as we did while playing the Marble Mania game.

Then with the eminent death of my cell phone, M and I decided we would go and look at new phones even though I wasn't eligible for an upgrade until June. AT&T store was having a big sale. So, I ended up with this...

It is way more phone than I actually need, but we figure I could grow into it. I have Internet, a camera, GPS (if I want to pay a little extra), bluetooth. I have a better phone than my techno-geek husband. It's lots of fun, and I can actually make a phone call in under 5 minutes now (yes, the first few times it did take that long for me to figure it out).

Anybody else get any cool toys this year?

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Friglet said...

Don't you love the Wii?! It's so fun. :)

Is that a Blackberry Curve? Do you love it? I think they look like great phones.