Monday, October 13, 2008


M threw a surprise birthday party for me on Saturday night. It was a lot of fun and really nice of him. I feel a little bad because I was mad at first, I had told him I didn't want a party. I knew something was up when I caught him making 3 tubs of sour cream dip.

My mom, K and I went shopping during the day and when we came home all the neighbors, friends and family were in the house. He went through a lot of trouble to make this a very special birthday and I really do appreciate it. I got over being mad really fast. I think one of the best parts was the fact that my cousin and her family changed their family vacation plans in order to make it to the party. They were planning on being in town earlier in the week, but when they found out about the party shifted things so they could come. I thought that was really nice of them.

I was impressed with who M was able to get to come. Since he doesn't really know my work friends he had the one he does know invite others, he asked my best drama teacher friend to invite anyone she could think of. It was great. And even though he said gifts not necessary, I was treated very well on this milestone of a day (I'm not telling so don't ask). Although, I think perhaps I might drink a little too much, I was given many, many bottles of wine and a bottle of vodka. I'm not sure if they are trying to tell me something. My coolest gift...a Cricut. Those of you in the scrapebooking world will know what that is. I now have my very own electronic die cut machine. It is way cool. I do feel a little guilty that M spent so much money on it. I better make good use of it.

I have a wonderful husband. B helped with the party and I was told by a couple of different people how sweet she was. She never talks to any of my friends or family when they are around her, so maybe we have hit a turning point. Maybe my not caring about it anymore (or at least not letting her know) is making a difference. Now that she can see that I'm not going to let it bother me. I hope this is a change that continues and we see lots of improvement because she has a whole new side of the family who would love to get to know her.

So, now I am one year older, hopefully a little bit wise and very very happy.

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OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

A Very Happy Happy Birthday---though belatedly....It sounds like you had one terrific party! Isn't that wonderful!
So glad you came by----It is good to see you, once again!