Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Poor Buddy

On Monday the poor baby had to go the the doggie emergency room. He had a lot of vomiting and needed to be seen on the quick. After lots of time and lots of money it was determined that he needed x-rays and barium to figure out if there a blockage of somekind.

By 10:30 the next day it and two vets later it was determined that the problem could have been scraps from the molding he ate. But nobody will commit for sure. He was given some drugs and a bland diet and seems to be feeling fine as of 7:00 this morning when I left for work.

It should be noted that the picture actually has nothing to do with the incident in question, it is a photo of the poor boy covered in double stick tape. Since he can climb out of the indoor dog-run it was suggested that we line it with double stick tape since they don't like the way it feels. Well, apparently he tried to climb over, got covered in tape, ran outside rolled in the dirt to get the tape off, then came back in covered in tape and dirt and climbed out of the run.

Crazy puppy.

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