Monday, February 11, 2008

Stoli-Dog update...

Today Stoli went in for his 3 week checkup and another urinalisis. Unfortunately things did not go well. In the past 4-5 day Stoli has completely stopped eating (with the exception of the few things I gave him that I wasn't supposed to). Also, his eye, the one with the scratch, has turned blood red.

The vet said there is something "metabolical" going on there. He recommended that Stoli see an opthamologist. That's not all, then we moved on to the not eating and the 5lb weight loss in the last 3 weeks. The vet said it felt like there is fluid in Stoli's abdomin.

Stoli is staying at the vet tonight in order to have x-rays and such tomorrow morning. It is looking more and more like he does actually have some type of cancer. The vet even went as far as to say that if it has sread past the spleen he wouldn't recommend surgery.

I about lost it on my way home. I feel terrible because I didn't love on Stoli enough before I left the vet. He was antsy and as soon as the tech took him he was off and running, ready to explore the rest of the building.
I feel like there is something more I could have done to take better care of him.

So, needless to say I'm going to be a wreck tomorrow waiting for the vet to call me and let me know what is going on. I know he's only a dog, but keep him in your thoughts. He's my buddy and I really want him to be okay.

Update: I got the call from the vet this looks like he has a tumor on his spleen that has metastasized to his heart. I am getting ready to go bring him home. I will get more information then. But it's not looking good for my sweet boy. Now comes one of the hardest decisions ever, how far do we go.

Update 2: It's confirmed. The radiologist gave the same prognosis. We are going to lose our sweet thing. I have him at school with me right now and he is loving all the attention. Tomorrow he will probably stay home because I don't want to burden the Ag teacher, who was so kind as to let me bring him in for half a day today. I will probably bring him in on Tuesday since it will be a super late day. And we will go from there.

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