Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Home again, home again...

that's where I am. Vacation was, well, vacation. I really enjoyed the time spent with M's sister's family, they are great people. The time with the girls on the other hand, not so much. B managed to get out of going to the Canada portion of the "FAMILY" vacation by calling her mom and telling her she wanted to stay with her cousin. L managed to upset me by wasting money (M managed to do that as well). I'm sorry, but if someone else is paying your way don't sit on your but and do nothing because you're "hot" or "tired". But that is all fodder for another post in which I complain about nobody in this family being concerned with the difference between outflow and income (and it isn't going in the right direction).

I won't post all the details right now, I would much rather talk about what an amazing family M's sister has...Keep in mind I met K for the first time when she was only about 5 or 6. Seeing her with a family is actually a little strange.

K got pregnant when she as 16 and had C right before her senior year of high school. She managed to graduate, still taking AP and honors classes. When C was about 6 K married D. I actually had the privilege of attending the wedding. They are the coolest couple. K even wrote "wedding vows" for the kids to become brother and sister (D has a daughter about the same age as C). Since getting married they have had T and most recently baby P and D has legally adopted C. (It's beginning to look like alphabet soup here).

Being able to watch this family interact was so much fun. K is an amazing mom to these kids and has the patience of a saint. I don't know how she does it, there were times when I would have flipped my lid. Even more amazing is the fabulous relationship she has with D's daughter, E. As a stepmom I understand how hard that can be and K has it down. E even calls her mom.

K's family has completely embraced me as part of the family, which I know can be hard as the second wife. I felt so comfortable at their home (which is saying a lot, because I HATE to stay at other people's houses). I feel so lucky to have become part of this family. Not only to I have a fab husband (yeah, even though he makes me mad sometimes I still think he's pretty nifty), but I have an awesome extended family. I don't think I could as for more.

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