Thursday, December 18, 2008

oh my heck...melt down ahead

A student approached me and asked what was wrong...I about took off his head. I'm having a melt down. It dawned on me today that people think that I have 6 hours in the day that they don't. That has got to be the only explaination as to why people keep asking me to do things.

In the next two days I must complete the following:

1. come up with certificate categories for the annual gingerbread house contest (more on that in another post)
2. finish the afgan I'm making for my grandmother
3. decorate for the staff holiday breakfast
4. pick up one more secret santa gift
5. add something to my best work friend's gift
6. create a book report type activity for my sophomores
7. grade 3 months worth of English papers

In the next 4 days I must:

1. make 4 photo albums (two that must ship)
2. ship the 3 gifts that need to be shipped (see above)
3. send out the holiday newsletter or Christmas cards
4. make sure M writes the holiday newsletter

In the next week I must:

1. shampoo the carpet in my house
2. clean the craft room
3. make 2 gifts
4. finish buying stocking gifts
5. paint the entryway
6. do backyard recon from the puppy destruction
7. menu plan for Christmas Eve
8. clean for the family party on Christmas Eve
9. take the puppies to the groomers

So, needless to say, I'm just a tad busy.

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