Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Things a getting better....

I just talked to Stoli's vet-tech (not the actual vet) and the blood tests are finally back and they are normal. So that is a good thing, it means most likely no tumor and since the didn't tell me he needed x-rays that tells me they think it's something else.

Today I will pick up a slew of other pills to feed him and some perscripttion dog food. Hopefully this will fix everything. The Vet told the tech that Stoli is losing protein through his kidney, this has happened to Stoli before and is apparently something Huskeys are prone to. I know it is pretty much my fault, I spoiled him over the holidays and fed him way too many table scraps and let the house guests get away with doing it as well. Normally I'm pretty good with treating table scraps and bones like special treats for him, during Christmas and New Year's I let fly and he got everything. I guess the vet bill is part of my punishment (the other part is all the worry for poor Stoli-dog).

I can say his energy is getting a bit better. He still wants to just lie down and sleep, but when he's up he enjoys his walks and today wanted to play the "chase-me-around-the-yard" game (me chase him, not the other way around). He hasn't done that in a few days. So, for that I say YIPPY!!!!!

Another thing that is getting better...the stack of papers on my desk is shrinking. With the semester coming to an end that is a very, very good thing. Now, I must get back to my grading and being productive.

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Bug said...

Awe poor pooch! I hope the little man heals up quick!

Good luck with that pile of papers ;)