Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Is it just me...

or is waiting two weeks to tell someone if they got a job unprofessional?

Two weeks ago I interviewed for th activities director position at my school. I know I'm nuts, but I think I can do a good job. Only three people interviewed. I have been asked on an almost daily basis if I have heard anything.

Yesterday I was told that the principal was talking to people. I never got a phone call about the position.

Today I ask my biggest competition if she has heard anything. She said P had talked to her and looked shocked that I hadn't heard anything. She said that's not cool, I agree.

I then went to the front office and told P's secretary that I have started to hear rumors and wanted to know if P was ever going to talk to me about the position. She said he was off site and then had a parent meeting after that. If he could fit me in she would let me know.

If I didn't get it, fine! I am most upset because I have been left hanging. I feel like this shows a complete lack of respect for me and what I do. Like my time isn't worth anything. I am trying to plan things for the summer and don't want to overcommit in the event I do get the job and need to do stuff for that.

I have already decided that if I don't get it I'm not interviewing again if it opens up in the future.

So, is it just me or is it just a little unprofessional to leave someone hanging.

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sunny said...

I agree, it is big time unprofessional for them to leave you hanging!

Something similar happened to me at my school this past spring. I was passed up for the position and never notified --- so I was left dangling and ended up hearing through the grapevine.

I think the lesson to take from this is to not take it personally. It's far less a reflection of our abilities or qualifications, and much more a reflection of their lack of basic manners. IMO.