Monday, December 29, 2008


I finally sat down to back up all my pictures on my desktop. I've been putting it off for 5 years. So, there are 5 years of pictures plus scans of family pictures for the last 30 some-odd years. I leave the room for 15 minutes, come back and the computer has frozen. No big deal it does it frequently. One of the reasons I was backing up today, so I could start taking pictures off the hard drive. Do my usual to there is a problem. All I get is the Compaq red screen and a high pitched beep. I don't know if this is a crash or what, all I know is it isn't good.

My sister says to unplug and walk away for a while. I am trying not to meltdown about it. My dear, dear husband says he will look at it when he gets home from Costco. The man is sweet, but knows nothing about PCs. I am tempted to just call the Geek Squad.

Someone, just please tell me that my photos will be saved. There is a lot of other important stuff on there, the only thing I care about are the photos. JUST SAVE THE PHOTOS!!!!!

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