Friday, December 30, 2005


On Christmas a syst was discovered on my sweet Stoli's eyelid. I finally make the vet appointment and took him to have it checked. And now I am going to have to have it removed. Apparently if the dog has a syst on his eyelid it can cause eye infection, and we wouldn't want that.

I don't mind taking care of things like this for the dog, but he just had major surgery in August to remove a tumor from his shoulder (it was nothing, except an $800 bill). I was looking forward to being out of debit in 2006, and now I have to pay to have major surgery on the dog again. Because this one is on his eye, it could cost anywhere up to $1000. Now I see why my neighbors keep telling me to get pet insurance. This is crazy.

I guess I shouldn't complain that least Stoli is healthy, other than a syst on his eye.

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