Thursday, December 29, 2005


This Christmas I learned a valuable lesson...never say you want something in front of a ten-year-old. While in a pet store with Michael and his girls I made the rather large mistake of saying I wanted a reptile...I am now the proud owner of a lepard gecko named Herb.

Now, I really don't have a problem with owning Herb, he's a baby and rather cute. My problem is the cage of crickets that now live in my kitchen. We all have the critters that we dislike...mine happen to include crickets, and Herb being the picky eater that he is won't eat the freeze-dried crickets, he wants the live ones. The live ones which have to be coated in a special vitamine powder before he eats them. This is all rather gross to me. I think the kid at Petco thought it was pretty funny how wigged out I was at buying bugs.

This is Herb...isn't he cute. In this picture he is sitting on my 8-year-0ld niece's hand, so it is a pretty good indication of how small he is; only about two inches. He should only get to be about eight inches long and live for about 30 years according to the book the pet store gave me.

So, there you go, the new addition to my home, bugs and all.

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