Friday, July 01, 2005

Oh, a-camping we will go...

I don't know if anyone out there goes camping, but it is a pretty big tradition with my family (at least part of the family). We get together and go to the same campgrounds year after year. We love it. I just returned from our most recent outting and a great time was had by all. Got to love camping on the beach! The weather was fairly cooperative, sunny but windly (typical for this particular location). The kids had a wonderful time looking for rocks to paint and playing with a metal detector, of course they thought that every bottle cap and rusty tent spike was a treasure.

As much as I love camping and sitting by the campfire I spent a great deal of time wondering why we put ourselves through such an experience. Just think about it for a second, we all work work for the things we have, homes, cars, comfortable beds...why do we then go out and live in a canvas "house," sleep on the ground, and cook with limited resources, hike to the restrooms, pay to take very short showers and tend with dirt *everywhere*, not to mention the squirles, crows and bugs, and insist that is relaxing. Are we crazy people?

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