Tuesday, July 05, 2005

What are they thinking...

I just finished reading an article in California Educator about the No Child Left Behind legislation and the effect it is having on the Arts in our schools. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't one of California's top industries entertainment? Then why does the state insist on cutting funding, all but eliminating the arts in our schools. In my district elementary music has been taken away, schools that are underperforming on those crazy tests have had their elective programs taken away and counselors are telling students that once they take the one year required for college they can't take an arts class again because they need to focus on AP classes and things like that.

Have these people forgetten that for some of these kids the arts are the thing keeping them in school? Has all the research on the effect of the arts on student achievement in what is considered to be the "core" just passed these people by? Did they miss the part of NCLB that states that the arts ARE core? Goodness! what is a drama teacher to do?

We are creating a society of people who can take tests but can't feel with their souls.

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