Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The end of yet another year...

As I begin to look back on the last year I am amazed at how little I actually remember, a true sign that my life moves much too fast and I am not stopping to enjoy it. As a goal for myself, I commit to enjoying life more, taking the time to relize I am enjoying it. I often race race race, and forget to stop and look.

This Christmas season has proven to been absolutely grand! Stephanie and the kids coming into town to surprise Mom was probably the highlight for me. I don't like not seeing my baby sister, or her babies throughout the year. She sends lots of photos, but it just isn't the same. The surprise went off without a hitch for the most part...both Michael and I managed to miss the "money" shot when it came to taking the pictures, my camera got flipped into movie mode and we don't know what happened with the video camera. Although having the pictures would have been great (what a scrapbook layout that would have been), the memories are what are truely important.

The surprises and joy continued as Rocky and Mom became engaged...she said she wouldn't remarry. I am so happy she has found someone she wants to spend her life with. She and Rocky have so much in common and share a wonderfully special love. Rocky has set some rules down for her though...she has to retire in 5 years with him (she's very upset by this, as you can imagine :) ).

Other things that made this Christmas great...Robert and Jenn came in from Colorado and surprised everyone, even Stephanie who lives in the same general area in Colorado. We also found out Shawna and Scott are expected baby number 3. Hailey and Lauren seem happy to be getting a baby brother or sister.

I hope everyone had a holiday as special as the one had here.

I wish you all a joyous New Year filled with magic and wonder.

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