Tuesday, July 26, 2005

All State, the DMV and a headache...

So, about a week ago I get a call from my insurance company that I haven't paid my premium. Rather confused I called back and said "yes I did, a week ago." I was then informed that no, I hadn't because they didn't have my check. I then replied that I would call back the next day because I had to look into this situation, and being at work on lunch just didn't make that possible at the time.

Upon reaching home I looked into the check registery and yes, I did send a check, I called my bank and all the other checks written on the same day had posted, so...I called the insurance company the next day, payed my premium by credit card (to avoid having the policy dropped, remember that, it's important later on in the story), then called my credit union and did a stop payment on the check ($10 charge).

Flash forward to TODAY (a week later), I get a call from the insurance company. My payment posted too late and my policy has been dropped. Dropped from a company that has held my insurance for over 20 years (now that's a scarey story in and of itself). I have been driving around for over a week with no car insurance and they just called me TODAY!!!!!

So, I race to Office Depot (I mean why would I have a fax at my house?), and pay $5.00 to send paperwork to the insurance company, this is after paying $2.00 to receive the fax. Just when I think all is good with the world I get a phone call, the registration I sent was expired. Now those who know me know that this type of thing doesn't happen, I don't let things expire on accident, I'm just too organized. So, now I am late for a meeting with some friends and I have no insurance and no way to fix it...the DMV is closed!

I now have to go to the DMV tomorrow and pay $16 for a new registration card, because I can't find mine anywhere! This is something I would not misplace. So something really fishy had to have been going on in my life with this thing came.

And now, I have to temp all day tomorrow (at a job I mentally finshed last week, I am tired of being the spa company phone girl), then race to the DMV to get a new registration card, then race to Office Depot in an effort to get this thing faxed before the office closes and I spend yet another day without car insurance. Because you know what will happen, Murphy's Law dictates that I will get pulled over for something, with no valid registration and no insurance. Kiss my good drive discount goodbye.

Because this situation is something I could not control I have decided to blame it all on the democrats...because I can't control them either.

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