Saturday, July 09, 2005


I love mail! Email, snail mail, even junk mail. I love sending mail and I love getting mail. Now, the only thing that bothers me about mail is that most of the people I send mail to, do not send mail back. Why is it when someone sends me a note they expect me to reply in the first 2 seconds of reading the note, but when I send a note, I should not and can not expect a reply from the receiver of said note. I consider myself a good friend, I am always here when people need me, willing to help out in any way I can...but heaven forbid I call and ask for help fsom some of these people. I understand people live busy lives, so do I, but hey! if you call and need to rant about your latest breakup, the least you could do is meet for coffee and and listen to me talk about my theatre program for a few minutes once in a while.

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