Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My poor puppy

Sunday I had my dad, his wife (C), my sister (K), her husband (M2), my niece (J), my boyfriend (M1), and his daughters (L & B) over for a BBQ. Every thing was great, we grilled the biggest piece of meat I have ever seen (and O-bone roast), and it was yummy! We all had a great time, except Stoli, who just lied on the patio right next to the grill. Now, who has EVER seen a dog lie next to a grill and not seem the least big interested in what was on it. He didn't even what a treat!

Because of this behavior from a normally frantic, crazy, maniac dog I called the vet, who said bring him in. So I did. J, M1 and I went to see Dr. G about a very sad dog. Although by this time he was acting a bit more like himself. Almost $200 later I had some antibiotics and no real information other than he wasn't running a fever and he has slight ear infection. Not to mention this incident helped bring to my attention that I hadn't had to scoop the backyard in several days, not a bad problem to have, except it means I have a sick dog (and who wants that).

Today I found out that poor Stoli has either pancreatitis (spelling here?) or liver disease. Oh, and that they want to run more blood tests, do x-rays and give him another antibiotic. I okayed the antibiotic and the next blood test. I figured that was enough money until I have a chance to actually talk to the vet and not the cute girl who answer the phone and can't answer a question without asking someone.

Tomorrow I will pick up the antibiotic and do so question asking in person tomorrow. From what I could learn online both of these conditions can be treated with drugs and bland diet if caught early enough. I figure the longest he could have been sick is a few days before Sunday. And actually on Saturday L & B were playing with him and he seemed perfectly fine. The obvious symptoms seemed to have shown up on Sunday. Except maybe the "pile" thing, that could be a couple of days longer.

And do you know how hard to it is to tell how much a dog who doesn't eat much to begin with is actually eating? They asked when the last time he eat was, and I can only remember filling the bowl on either Thursday or Friday. He has this thing where he just eats a few bites at a time, so it doesn't matter if I fill the bowl or just put a cup or two in, I might not have to put food in the next day, because the dog just doesn't eat much. It freaks people out when they dog sit for me. He will go 3 - 4 days without appearing to have eaten a bite and then the minute I walk in the door, he eats. He has done this since the day I got him.

Okay, I'm rambling now. I am going to go and check on my buddy, give him his meds and then watch "Must Love Dogs". Ironic timing for that to be on the Netflix list.

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