Monday, June 26, 2006

the frustrations of medicine

Last week (Wednesday or Thursday, I can't remember) my mom's fiance, R, had to be taken to the hospital. He was very disoriented and confused, almost in a coma type state. He is diabetic and his blood sugar was high, but apparently that wasn't causing the problem.

It has taken until yesterday for them to figure out that he has some kind of brain tumor. That is all the information we have. And because R and my mom aren't married yet, and there isn't any paperwork stating she should be told everything, getting information is tough. R is still very confused about everything, so when the Dr. tells him stuff, it may not get to my mom in it's full and complete form.

We are hoping for the results on the MRI tomorrow. Although we aren't sure how we will get them because by the time my mom gets off work the Dr. has gone home and the nurses can't tell her anything. ARGH!

On a lighter note...R isn't much for following rules. On Sunday my mom went to visit him and he had already had his dinner. Well, with the state of hospital food he was still hungry. He got up, got dressed and proceeded to tell my mom he was going to get something to eat. My mom told him he couldn't just walk out of the hospital (the cafeteria was closed), his only response was "you think?" He did in fact walk out of the hospital and walk over to Denny's to have dinner with my mom. Then proceeded to talk back into the hospital, return to his room and ask the nurse for a new gown because they had taken his away.

And I always wondered how hospitals could loose patients...Now we know.

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