Thursday, June 29, 2006

good friends, margaritas and carnitas

Last night I had my best friend (C) and her husband (D) over for dinner with M and I. Since C an I do the exact same thing for a living we never get to see each other during the school year. Drama teachers are crazy busy that way. The last two days we have hour long phone conversations, which has been great, but considering we live less than 5 minutes from each other it doesn't make sense that we don't get together.

So, I had made my first attempt at making carnitas (which turned out very good), and knowing M and I couldn't eat all if it, I invited C and D for dinner. And much to my pleasure they were able to come.

We had a wonderful time sitting on the back patio, trying to keep Stoli out of our faces while we ate and chatted for a couple of hours. Spending this time with C & D reminded me how much I really enjoy them, as individuals and as a couple. D is the first husband of a friend were when I call to talk to her, if she isn't home he and I will talk for a good 20 minutes before I ask to have her call me.

I have know C since college. We hit it off pretty quickly and became friends right away. For the most part during that time it was a pretty casual friendship, as we got further into the direct study of Theatre Education we became closer and closer (there were only 4 Theatre Ed majors in the department). We had a lot of classes together. In fact there are a couple that I could not have passed without her help as a study buddy. And there are times where she couln't have gotten by without me knowing when all the tests and assignments were, I always had penciles and paper.

We have continued to grow our friendship over the years. She was the maid of honor in my wedding and my main support system during my divorce. She has reasured me in times of doubt regarding my decisions and helped me see how much the marriage was killing my spirit in the end. She has pointed out how much of a stronger person I am now and how I had lost myself for a long time. Through everything she hasn't pushed, but rather pointed out the facts of various situations. She is always the first person I call in a crisis and in when I have happy news.

She is passionate and insightful. She feels deeply and strongly. She is talented and artistic. She is funny, caring and understanding.

I am so thankful that I have C in my life. I can only hope that I have been as good of a friend to her as she has been to me.

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Bonanza Jellybean said...

A good friend is great that way. And you said margaritas... yum.