Wednesday, June 28, 2006

and the medical chaos continues

Stoli - the new blood work came back. Apparently the antibotics are doing the trick because they didn't say anything about having the very expensive ultrasound and biopsy done. The Dr just wants to continue the first antibiotic and put him on a special perscription diet and retest in a month. That makes me feel a lot better about delaying the expensive stuff.

R - My mom's fiance has finally come home, although he has to see a nuerosurgeon this week. There still isn't really any word on what type of brain tumor he has and he is still pretty confused because of the presure being put on his brain. We are all hoping for the best and that when this is all over we get the old R back, because he really is a great guy.

Mom - her final round of the "T" chemo has really knocked her down. She is feeling more tired than ever. But the chemo is done, she will finish out 52 treatments of Herceptin and have radiation, then sometime after that we should know if they killed every last cancer cell in her body. We are all staying very positive about this.

My turn - went to have my leg checked, it was supposed to be the last time. The scab came off yesterday. Now, this was not your normal scab offing...I didn't pick at it, it hadn't been flaking off for days, I just tried putting some neosporin on it and the scab just slid right off, in one piece. So, when I went to the doctor for the appointment it looked a bit raw, but felt fine. The Dr (or should I say PA) is concerned because it should be healed by now, it's been two months. She says it doesn't matter how bad the stitches were done, it should be finshed healing by now. We took a culture of what she assumed was puss (I know kind of gross) and sent it out for testing. I got back next Monday to see why I'm not healed. My feeling on this, I'm not healed because my body isn't finished healing.

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Bonanza Jellybean said...

That's A LOT to have going on, and I wish you the best getting through it. And the best to everyone else.

And your knee? Might very well have an infection. Let them culture 'til their petri dishes break, because that stuff can spread and be BIG TROUBLE. trust me.