Sunday, June 25, 2006

Good fun

Today C and I went to the Pantages in LA to see Joseph. I really enjoyed myself. I had not had the opportunity to see this show in the past so it was all new to me.

I am not sure if this was a traditional interpretation of Webber's work, but man was it fun. I must now own the CD, because I'm a theatre lover and must own the CD to every musical I have ever seen (except Rent, that is the biggest piece of crap ever, but that's another story).

If you don't know the play is the story of Joseph (duh!), but it has a lot of fun music and interesting costumes. It was really cool, the finale' was called "Joseph Megamix" and it was a super uptempo mix of every major song in the show and highlighted all the performers doing what they did best. I high recommend seeing Joseph if you should get the chance.

The only sad part of my day...I lost one of my favorite anklets. It was on my leg when C and left from lunch and gone by intermission. We traced back our steps but it's gone. I loved this anklet, just because it was cute, it had special meaning. M bought it for me on one of our trips to Temecula. Now, those who really know me would say "everything you own is special to you" and I would have to agree. But that's why giving me presents is so much fun...I love them, I charish them, I hold them dear to my heart and when they get damaged, lost, broken...I get upset. The item was special because you thought of me and bought me the item.

I called M and told him I lost it and that I was sad. He said to not be sad, that it gave him an excuse to buy me another something special. Oh, just another reason why I love this man.

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suburban mom said...

I saw it years ago and loved it.