Saturday, June 24, 2006

Call me petty...

So, last week I get an email from my former in-laws, they want to make a donation to my Avon walk fund. That's great, it's nice to see they still care a bit. They opt to mail me a check and have me send it to Avon as opposed to donating online. That's fine, online money dealings freak some people out, no biggie.

Well, I got the check today. It is a very small check (which is not the issue). It is just a check. Yep, just a check, no note saying "Hi, here's the check we said we would send. Love, R & S". N0, "Hi, here's the check. Hope your mom is doing well." No, "Here's your damn money. Thanks for leaving our son, you stupid bitch". Nothing. If they want to hate me that's fine, but include a note with your check. It's a nice thing to do!

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Chatty said...

LOL, then send a note back. two words. thank you. nothing else. People are so fracking weird!