Tuesday, August 01, 2006

where or where has my mojo gone...

oh, where oh where could it be. I have the table set up, the tools out, pictures printed, paper selected, ebelishments available, and I can't get going. I want to get my China scrapbook done by Friday (come on, it's do-able, it will only have 300 pictures in it).

I like the way the front page turned out, but can't get it together beyond that. I started with a plan. I even went as far as punching out all the letters for the titles and running them through the sticker machine. Then I added a third color to the book, now some of the titles won't work in the color I punched. Now, I suppose I could just punch them again in the other color, but that would be wasteful. And with as much money has I have been spending I don't want to waste paper or sticker stuff. I could lay all the pages out the same, then the letters would work. But is that boring? It would make the process go by A LOT faster. But then do I look uncreative? ARGH!!!! Why do I like this hobby? It makes me crazy, it has come so far with so much "stuff" I don't feel free to create, I feel paralized by the "stuff." HELP!!!

Here is the cover page, what do you think? Excuse the quality, my scanner would work for the size, so I took a picture.

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