Wednesday, August 16, 2006

no....I don't wanna go.....

Yikes, only one week left before I have to head back to school! Not that I don't love my job, not that I don't love my students, not that I don't love directing plays...I just don't wanna go back yet.

I feel like this summer has been a whirl-wind of a ride. Between lots of travel (not all of it fun), a death in the family, and the dentist visit from hell, it seems like I haven't done anything productive.

I still need to buy clothes to start the year, finish planning theatre for first quarter, start planning for my new 10th graders, do my background work on the two fall productions, read stuff for the musical, and my room, let's not even talk about the state of my classroom. I stuck my head in today while at a meeting...wholey cow! The custodians waxed my floor, fab! They have not put the desks/tables back down on th floor, they are still on my stage. I can't do anything! But I love my newly waxed floor!

I suppose I shouldn't be here rambling...I should be getting ready for the real estate appraiser to come on Friday. With the state my house is in, he won't get past the front door! GRRR!

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Chatty said...

No kidding. I am sure once it starts I will be ok, but I get sad that the season of summer ends.