Monday, July 31, 2006

Revenge taken a step too far

About a week ago I stumbled onto a blog by a woman who was seeking revenge on her cheating husband (I am sure many of you have read her blog, if you haven't I'm not passing it on).

It started out kind of fun and entertaining, but then got down right mean and nasty. I feel for the woman. Her life was torn apart. But to seek revenge to the degree that she did is a bit unacceptable in my book. She went as far as doing a couple of things that I believe are illegal. She pulled the in-laws into the mix, that is where I started to not feel so bad for this lady. The in-laws didn't have anything to do with the husband's cheating ways. Why hurt them? She got co-workers and clients involved by sending them emails in the husband's name. Why get these innocent people involved?

She just got so carried away and hurtful that it went from funny to downright scary.

In life we all hurt our share of people we love and who love us. Sometimes it's intentional, most of the time it's not. I just hope that we are all more forgiving/understanding/willing to let it go than this woman was.

Not saying she needs to forgive him. Take him to cleaners in divorce court (I don't think she lives in a "no-fault" state). But don't drag the world into your rage. You need to take out some revenge...go ahead...but know where to draw the line.

She definitely did not know where to draw the line.


suburban mom said...

Is this that girl emily? isn't it all fake?

Chatty said...

turns out that blog is a hoax. I have the link about it if you want.