Thursday, August 24, 2006


So, I have the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer coming up in 3 weeks. I was very excited about the training when it all started, but then I had the unfortunate incident with the ladder and had to stop walking. That is where my motivation train was derailed.

I haven't really trained all summer! Don't ask what I did all summer, although I know I was busy with travel and family issues, I really don't know where the summer went.

Realizing that the walk is 3 weeks away I have started training. Small for now, 2-3 miles a day. That is until today...I got less than a half mile away from the house and my ankle was screaming with pain. Not the usual shin pain that I just work through, this was my ankle and I have no wordly idea why. I turned around and figured if it still hurt really bad when I hit my street I would just go home, but hopefully it would stop and I could continue my walk in the other direction. I was hard pressed to make it to my house.

The pain is starting to ease. But I'm the hell am I going to be able to walk 40 miles in two days with three weeks of training? Am I being delusional? Do you think it's possible that I will be able to get enough training in to make it? I think I have between 8 and 10 hours to finish the first day (26 miles), maybe longer. Or did the lack of motivation after I was released to walk again doom my efforts?

I figure I will try to walk again later today when it starts to cool down and see how the ankle feels. I was really looking forward to the 3 miles today (kind of scarey, huh?)

Hey, if you want to donate to my walk fund log on to and look up participant number 661411. You donation would do so much to help those suffering with Breast Cancer as well as help to find a cure.

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