Thursday, July 20, 2006

in the great sceme of things

I think mom trumps daughter in the realm of funeral. Today was R's funeral and although the service was nice there were some things just plain PISSED ME OFF. First, K (R's daughter) didn't tell the minister officiating that there were two sons! Second, she didn't tell the minister there was a fiance! My family was so offended, at first M told me not to say anything to the minster (he knows how I can be when it comes to my mom), but when other people mentioned it after I had to say something. I was nice, I just walked up to him and said..."excuse me, I just wanted to let you know that R was engaged to be my mom!" He didn't even know. He appoligized and then said he would recognize her at the grave side service. I am so glad I didn that because in the car, my mom said she was a little hurt that she hadn't been mentioned. She wanted everyone to know that R had plans for his future.

I talked to R's mom and sister, they are both very upset with K's behavior. So are at least one niece and nefew of R's. They think K and the boys should be giving more to my mom. In fact his mom feels they should give everything to her and let her decide who gets what. At the after reception K was already talking about how she was going to spend the money she was getting from this. Her exact words "I'm fortunate enough to have come into this I'm going to law school." She was fortunate enough to have her father die! It's just sick! Here we all are grieving the loss of a great man and all she can do is talk about the money. I could go on and on about the little things that she did to make this day even harder....but I won't. But to give you an indication of her...someone stoped the minister and mentioned that R had two sons and one was there...the minister appreciated the information K and her "best friend" rolled their eyes. Keep in mind this is just one in the long line of things today that said she is only focused on the dollar signs.

Could someone please come and slap this girl!

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