Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Theft in the Drama Department....

For months I have been fundraising for my Theatre program with no problems. In the last week money and supplies have been stolen out of my room two different times.

On Thursday when I came in to drop off lesson plans for Friday I needed to get change out of the cash box to get some water and discovered all of the paper money was gone (about $40).

Today, the bag of lollipops on my desk is almost empty, yesterday it was almost full. And the money is gone from the cash box again (about $5). I am really frustrated. I have had candy and money sitting on my desk for months without a problem, now all of a sudden....I can't believe it. It is either the kids from the program who eat lunch in the room or it is the night custodians. I don't want to believe it is the guy who cleans my room, but he does often have kids helping, I think it might be them.

So, now it is time to lock down in the Theatre Department!

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