Thursday, March 30, 2006

Gotta Dance....

I FOUND A CHOREOGRAPHER!!!!!! Did I even mention I needed a choreographer? Well, I did now I have one, in fact I have two who are interested. For a month I try to find one, now I have to tell one of them I don't need them for the show. Yuck! I hate doing that.

But the good news...I have a choreographer, and it is going to piss off the vocal director. HEHEHE. He looks at the musical as a choir show, not a musical (that I think I have mentioned before).

I am looking forward to getting the kids dancing...not to mention they can't wait to be dancing.

On the set construction front...we are almost done. Although I have created some set dressing that will probably get me killed if not seriously maimed. (I'll post pictures when we're done).

The kids are having a blast, I'm trying not to stress, and almost all my leads are on a choir tour...shows goin' great.

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