Thursday, March 23, 2006

why do they lie?

Do they not think the sub will tell me what they say and do? I had to miss my period 4 class yesterday to go to a community service performance with other students...and my lovely period 4 class told the sub they didn't have to do an assignment I left because they do it while they are reading! The dorks already read the chapter I wanted the work done on! I told them the day before that they had to do it. Do they think they won't have to do the work now? What in the world were they thinking!

To make things worse I had to write 3 referals upon my return for behavior. One for a student who the last three times I have been out of class has been a pain in the sub's tooshie. I emailed him mom, he quickly denied any wrong doing...who would have guessed! Now I have to have a parent meeting to discuss his behavior (this won't be the first time). I know this kids parents are looking to send him to a private boarding school because of his behavior. I have a feeling this might just be the thing to send them over the edge.

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Blondie said...

I finally managed to find your blog, after stumbling upon a number of broken links. This whole "emailing the student's mom" was on another blog that I read and I just find it so weird!!! I guess it's the best method of communication in today's world, but I still find it straaaaaaaaaaaange!